Chapter 16 Childhood Trauma

Welcome back to The Fate in Our Starsze! Last chapter Tayler had an unpleasant encounter with gold-digger Candice, aka her mom. Amaya, the 1st little one of generation 3 was welcomed into the family and Abby found herself at the local watering hole schmoozing it up with Mr. Muscles. It appears that her family has neglected to inform her of Sterling’s demise so the poor thing thinks the age difference was just too much for him.

Little Amaya already has her daddy wrapped around that tiny finger of hers. His heart melts with every sweet smile and he can’t even remember what life was like before she came along.

 Grandpa is also enchanted with his first little grand-princess. As he gazes into her eyes he remembers when his own children were that small. It feels like just yesterday he was a mischievous young boy with a dream of starting a Legacy yet here he is cradling his granddaughter in his arms.

Abby “Alright kid, here’s how it’s gonna go… between the hours of 1 and 1o am there will be none of this crying business. Those are my sleeping hours so all crying should be done while Aunt Abby is at work. If you require a diaper change there are several family members to assist you, but I am not one of them capiche?”

Abby dislikes children but she loves her brother so she’s trying her best to come to terms with the new addition.

Being a new mother was not what Tayler had expected it to be. She thought she would feel somehow complete with Amaya’s arrival and it pained her when she didn’t seem to feel that instant connection that Gabe had with the baby. Gabe blamed it on hormones or a touch of postpartum but it wasn’t any of that. It was fear. She loves her child but the fear was holding her back from truly bonding so instead she disengaged. What did she know about being a mother anyway? Her own mother cared only about money and never the men she shared a bed with or the children she gave birth to. What if her worst fear came true? If she turned out just like her own mother Amaya would loathe her and that was something she just couldn’t bear.

Tayler felt the only time she could truly let go and express herself was in her painting. She spent countless hours at her easel painting the life she wish she could let herself have.

At first Gabe tried to brush things under the rug, pretend he was just being silly and that Tayler just needed a little more time to warm up to being a mother.

But how much time is enough? A little girl needs a mother, not an oversized stuffed bear to guide her through her most impressionable years.

Amaya Starsze grew into a beautiful young lady with her mother’s dark hair and father’s aqua eyes. Some would say she’s an old soul and seems to possess knowledge beyond her years. While most kids her age enjoy the monkey bars or the pirate ship Amaya would much rather be cleaning or studying. I guess you could say she’s an overachiever, a perfectionist without the actual trait. If she’s perfect, if she gets good grades and cleans the house, maybe then mommy will be happy and maybe even give her a hug.

Amaya “Nooooo! Not again! Daaaaadddddyyyyy!”

Gabe “What is it precious?”

Amaya “Just look! Someone smashed my dollhouse again!”

Gabe “Awe, it’s ok. Daddy will fix it.”

Amaya “Who keeps doing this? Why does everyone around here hate me?”

Gabe “Everyone loves you sweetie! Aunt Abby just has a hard time adjusting to having a child in the house. I’ve told you many times, it’s not you. It’s not her fault either, sometimes the trait generator just gives a good Sim a bad roll is all.

Gabe “And you know Grandma loves you! She plays chess with you every day after school.”

Gabe “And papa reads you stories.”

Gabe “And helps you with your homework.”

Amaya “He doesn’t really help me daddy. He always tries to give me the answers, and they’re all wrong! It’s a good thing I already know all that stuff!”

Gabe “You’re a smart girl sweetie, and it’s nice of you to at least let him think he’s helping.”

Amaya “And mommy?”

Gabe “Mommy loves you very much! She has to paint a lot for her aspiration and her work is all. I was lucky to achieve my aspiration when you were just a baby so I have all the time in the world to spend with you.”

Gabe “It’s all fixed! Now we can get back to the adventures of the Buttersworth family.”

Amaya “You’re the best daddy in the whole world, thank you!”

“Stop the Legacy right there!!”


“Something has happened that will only traumatize me pretty much for life and I need to make sure it makes the chapter!”

Ok then, take it away!

“Daddy always tucks me in…ALWAYS! Imagine my horror when bedtime came and he was nowhere in sight! So, I went to look for him and what I found was just unspeakable! I will never be the same, never!”

I tried to look away but I had seen too much!

“I got out of there fast as I could! The only thing more embarrassing than seeing what I saw would be if they knew I saw it!”

“As if all that wasn’t terrible enough, a few days later mommy said she had some news. Mommy never has news, so I knew this could not be good, and it wasn’t! It was the absolute worst news in the entire world! She’s having another baby! How can she even think about having another baby? Needless to say I was not pleased.”

“So that about sums up how my innocence was shattered and my childhood was completely ruined! You can all go back to your Legacy now, I’ll just be hanging out here till my 18th birthday.”


Well, I think I’ll just leave off there then. Next chapter, will we see Amaya again  before she turns 18? How will Tayler handle another baby? The family founders are also getting up there in years, will the Legacy see it’s first family death? I hope not! Also, Amaya’s childhood trait is neat and she has the Whiz Kid aspiration. Both suit her perfectly!

I had nowhere to fit in my shining achievement so I want to share it here before I wrap things up. I have been working on some collections and Gabe finally gave me my first complete set of fishies!!


2 thoughts on “Chapter 16 Childhood Trauma

  1. Awww 😦 Poor Amaya thinking that everyone hates her when just the opposite is true! She’s adorable and it’s no wonder all her family loves to spend time with her….well, except her mother. Gah! I understand the fear and where it comes from, but she’ll never get over it unless she confronts it! Facing your fears really is the best way to overcome them. I hope she learns that before it’s too late…which it is seriously getting to be what with Amaya growing up so fast and another baby on the way! It’s a good thing Amaya has so many loving others in her life, but she needs her mother too! I hope Tayler will see that soon o_o;

    Also, congrats on completing the collection! It looks great 😀


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