Gabriel Starsze-Gen 2 Heir


  • Cheerful
  • Collector
  • Fertile
  • Neat
  • Outgoing
  • Savant


  • Social Butterfly-Not completed
  • Angling Ace- Completed!
  • The Curator- Not yet complete


Skills Maxed

  • Fishing
  • Handiness

Gabe is the first child born to Logan & Mya Starsze. As a child Gabe wanted to become friends with any and every sim that crossed his path. He was socially driven and always saw the best in everyone. On the outside he was an overexcited happy little chatterbox but underneath he was insecure and his feelings were hurt very easily. Always wanting to please, sometimes this got him into trouble as he did not have the confidence to stand up for himself.

As a teen Gabe became even more outgoing.  He will happily introduce himself to anyone and everyone and strike up a conversation. He is however more selective with close relationships and friendships. Due to the antics of Chris Wilder, a childhood bully, teen Gabe is a bit more hesitant to extend the olive branch and often retreats to his favorite fishing hole to be alone. He doesn’t want to get himself into an awkward social situation so the next best thing is to avoid it altogether.

Gabe’s closest friend and BFF is his sister, Abigail. As children they did pretty much everything together. Gabe knows that Abby is the one person that would never judge him or hurt his feelings.

After much thought, Logan named Gabe the heir of generation 2. Not long after Gabe proposed to his girlfriend, Tayler Burdette. The pair met in the park after one of Gabe’s long fishing outings and bonded over a game of chess and hamburgers.


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