Chapter 21 The Perfect Grandma

Last time, Abby had her adult birthday and I totally forgot. To make it up to her mix 3 drinks at the same event for her aspiration we threw a party and invited the hot bartender she met a few chapters back. Maverick crashed the party and Abby found out that Mr. Muscles is married. Little Raelynn joined the family and Tayler was finally able to feel that motherly bond she longed for.


Speaking of Mr. Muscles wife, I happened to catch her at the park. Let’s just say I’ve been saving a cowplant berry for sims like her! I am seriously considering having Gabe plant one of the many we have stockpiled but I’ve been too nervous to actually plant.

Back at the house we have Maeve Nicolette Plastic helping Lacey with her homework. Nicolette clearly takes after her mother and mirrors her inappropriate fashion choices.

Amaya has been working round the clock to get that last mental skill she needs for the Whiz Kid aspiration. She cut things super close but she managed to complete it just before her birthday.

Amaya “Never fear, the birthday girl is here!!”

It appears that someone else is also here, uninvited I might add. I find it very interesting she shows up on the day of Amaya’s birth and now here she is right on cue for her birthday.

Amaya “I wish to roll Ambitious!”

Amaya didn’t have to think very hard before deciding on her wish. Being the oldest and having the exemplar trait would pretty much guarantee her the heirship on her young adult birthday.

Tayler was front and center to watch her eldest blow out her candles. She is still getting the hang of things when it comes to parenting but she has been trying to be more involved and connect with the children.

Amaya “I am NOT pleased! What’s the point of making a birthday wish if it doesn’t come true? And this outfit?”

With Amaya out of the room changing into something more fitting to her tastes, Tayler seized the opportunity to give her mother a piece of her mind.

Tayler “It’s YOUR fault she rolled that trait!”

Candace “That was totally random dear, you know that!”

Tayler “Oh I know you mother! I wouldn’t put bribing Pinstar to rig Amaya’s roll past you.”

Candace “I assure you I did no such thing!”

Tayler “I can’t believe this! Materialistic? My Amaya? I demand a re roll!”

Candace “What’s done is done and besides, I’m proud to see my grandchild taking after her grandma.”

Tayler “Oh I’m sure you are! And why the hell are you even here again?”

Candace “Like it or not, I am Amaya’s grandmother and I have every right to see her age up.”

Tayler “You showed no interest in your own children so I find it very hard to believe you care about your grandchildren!”

Candace “I may not have been mother of the year but sims change dear.”

Tayler “It would take an act of the Creator to make me believe you’ve changed!”

The argument was cut short when Amaya’s makeover was complete and she was ready for some cake. Amaya looks a lot like her mother but I see the Starsze genes in there too. She has her father’s eyes and the Starsze cheeks.

Candace “So what do you think about your shiny new trait?”

Amaya “Well, I suppose it actually fits me. I plan to take over as head of the family someday so as heiress I deserve to be surrounded by nice things!”

Candace “You would make a fine heiress my dear. I sure hope you don’t forget about your poor old grandma though. I’m getting up there in years and I could fall and break a hip at any moment. I bet I would sit there for days in pain and agony before anyone noticed.”

Amaya “Oh Gram, don’t talk like that! Don’t worry I would never let that happen to you!”

Candace “Thank goodness I have you darling!”

Candace “Well hello there little one! I’m banking on your oldest sister winning the heirship but I suppose I should play the part of perfect loving Grandma with all of you just in case! Let’s just hope I don’t kick the bucket before your generation takes over.”

Candace continues her sucking up by helping Amaya with her homework.

Amaya got a job in retail and started brushing up on her charisma skill. Selling clothing isn’t exactly her dream job but she wants to work hard to earn the money she will need for furnishing the house with the best décor when she takes over.

Balancing school and a job turned out to be a lot harder than she thought. She comes home exhausted and still needs to finish her  homework.

Gabe “I’m worried, I think you’re taking on too much for your age. We have plenty of money you don’t need to work until you graduate.”

Amaya “Don’t be such a worry wart, I want to make my own money and besides this is good practice for when I become a doctor. I’ll need to work long hours so I might as well prepare myself.”

Gabe “I think you’ll be an amazing doctor but for now you should be enjoying your youth. A girl your age should be out shopping at the mall and gossiping about all the cute boys not running herself ragged.”

Amaya “Daddy! This is what I want to do and I can handle it!”

Gabe “Ok sweetie, but please promise me you will make some time to enjoy yourself. Life flies by faster than you realize.”

Amaya “Ok daddy, I promise!”

Little Raelynn seems to be colicky just like her older sister Lacey. She doesn’t like to be left in her bassinet and she knows being fussy will get her attention.

Daddy doesn’t mind though, he knows that this will probably be his last little one and he wants to enjoy every moment of every stage of her life.

(To make things more realistic, I did add the risky woo hoo mod but I only have it set to a 5% chance of pregnancy so the small chance of an unplanned baby is there.)

Mommy also enjoys spending time with Raelynn who she affectionately calls her little Rae of sunshine.

Tayler is also making an effort to develop a better relationship with her other children. She has learned that Lacey is quite the jokester.

Lacey “Why did the chewing gum cross the road?

Tayler “I don’t know, why?”

Lacey “Because it was stuck to the chicken’s bum!”

Tayler “Good one! Let me try, umm, what do chicken’s grow on?”

Lacey ” I dunno, what?”

Tayler “Eggplants!”

Tayler “Get it? Egg-plants!”

Lacey “That was so NOT funny mom.”

Another birthday rolls around and the little Rae of sunshine grew up bad to the bone. She’s not evil…yet but she is mean as they come.”

Her first act of meanness, taking out the trash.

Raelynn “Hey! I was actually planning to dump it on the Plastic’s lawn but daddy busted me before I could do it.”

Another mean act in the making?

Raelynn “Yes! I am so excited about this one!”

Drinking your juice in your sister’s bedroom?

Raelynn “No! I’m leaving the dirty cup on her desk! She’s such a neat freak the green smelly cloud she wakes up to will drive her insane!”


Next chapter the family goes on a little camping trip. I’m actually in the middle of playing it but I do know that there is a potential suitor for one of my lovely family members in Granite Falls. I can’t wait to see how that works out! And what is Candice up to? Hopefully I will get lucky and she will kick the bucket before I have to find out! Will I get up the nerve to actually grow a cowplant? Also, Raelynn’s aspiration is also Whiz Kid, 3 times in 1 generation? I really think that more child aspirations need to be added to the game! Amaya’s aspiration is successful Lineage, that one sounds hard because in TS4 it seems the elders don’t live long enough for their children to top a career but I’ll give it a go if she ends up being the heir.


3 thoughts on “Chapter 21 The Perfect Grandma

  1. Hmm, looks like in her older age Tayler’s mom has her eye on being taken care of for the rest of her life by a rich, legacy family! I doubt Tayler would stand for that, but if she sneaked her way into Amaya’s sympathies than she may yet get what she’s looking for. Or perhaps that’s not what she’s looking for at all, but rather something else…something else probably also not good!

    On a happier note, Tayler seems to be doing much better 🙂 I’ve been really hoping that she’d take efforts to get to know her other children as well, and now she’s beginning to do just that ^_^ I also love that she refers to Raelynn as her “little Rae of sunshine.” That’s so adorable! I wonder if she’ll still be referred to as that since she’s “bad to the bone” though XD Hehehe.

    Wow, so many whiz kids! Clearly the Starsze’s are one clever family 😉 Well, that and EA really does need to add more child aspirations, lol. Perhaps they will if they make a family-centered EP, which I really think they might considering the popularity of having such content….especially if it added toddlers! =O


    • I would LOVE a family expansion! I want my toddlers back. It’s so odd seeing them go from baby to instant child. I also think that the teens should look more like teens I could go on forever on this topic! Candice isn’t a spring chicken anymore so she is looking for a new way to live in luxury without having to lift a finger. Raelynn think’s she’s bad but the most I have seen her do so far is yell at a bear. I’m sure I will eat my words when she becomes a teen. Abby is hot headed so she sometimes needs close supervision so I expect the same from my little Rae of Sunshine LOL

      Liked by 1 person

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