Chapter 11 They All Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

I apologize it has taken me so long to post this. I got really sick and I am finally interested in sitting at the computer again. I have also been super tired and most of my simming is late at night so the kiddos don’t drive me crazy! I could have written this yesterday of course but I downloaded bejeweled 3 off Origin when it was free and I was on a mission to beat quest mode. I am  pleased to announce my victory!

Jumping right back in, last chapter Logan tormented a hooker in the park, Abby was rebuffed by Chris Wilder, Gabe met Tayler Burdette, Maverick boozed it up, and Gabe had his adult birthday party.  A lot of events for one sentence! The next generation will be taking over very soon but the heir will not be known until we see what Abby rolls at her next birthday. (I don’t think I mentioned, but the party was another silver because Abby couldn’t make a roast chicken. I am really starting to think my game likes messing with me!) If she rolls ambitious she takes the heirship. If not, Gabe as the eldest will take the reins and lead us into the next generation.

Before I get started on the update I have a very sad announcement to make. Hirondelle, you may have noticed Jenny was missing from the last birthday party. When I went to invite her she wasn’t in the list of available guests. I searched and searched and it looks like Jenny has become the latest victim of disappearing townie syndrome. Sadly this is the last pic I have of Jenny, it’s like she knew what was coming. I will be setting up a Go Fund Me page for donations in hopes that we can find a cure. It’s too late for Jenny but hopefully we can save others from this fate.

Jenny, you came so close to co founding this Legacy and you totally rock that banana dress! You will be missed.

We will now return to our regularly scheduled program in which another Legacy birthday is taking place.

Logan “No, I won’t do it. I refuse!”

Mya “Aging isn’t optional darling. If you don’t blow out your candles it’s still going to happen.”

Gabe “Please don’t mind my parents Tayler, they grow on you I promise.”

Maverick “Ahhhh, a fully stocked bar!”

It looks like poor Mya is having second thoughts herself. She’s looking at that cake like it’s going to jump up and bite her face off!

Mya “I can’t look, how bad is it?”

Logan apparently decided he was going to age up on his own terms and blew out his candles before I could take a pic. It also looks like Abby and Mav are three sheets to the wind already!

Abby “For He’s a jolly good fellow!”

Logan “I think my back is out, immediate assistance required!”

Maverick “I’ll have another round please bartender!”

Abby “Yeah lady, keep em  flowin!”

Abby “So, you come here often?”

Maverick “As a matter of fact I do!”

Abby “I happen to be a regular too, I don’t know how I didn’t notice someone as handsome as you before.”

Maverick “Must be the suit!”

Abby “How about one more drinkey-poo and then we can go hang out somewhere more private? “

Maverick “Gulp, y-yes please!”

Abby “You’re hot, I’m definitely hot we should totally make out!”

Maverick “It’s happening! I can’t believe this is finally happening!”

Gabe “Don’t mind me, just cleaning up over here!”

Maverick “Way to block man, geez!”

Abby “Holy llamas, what have I done? I-I don’t feel so well. Heading to bed bye now!”

Gabe “And my big brother job here is done!”

Logan “Curse this old man bladder! I’ll just have to stop here and see if I can use the bathroom.”

Logan “Much better! Now to just leave them a parting gift!”

Logan “Would you look at this mess? What kind of filthy people live here?”

It appears that Logan has gone slightly senile in his advanced age.

Logan “Excuse me, but have you seen how disgusting your bathroom is? You should really clean it once in a while!”

Logan “Oh there you are Mya, I was so worried!”

Mya “Worried about what dear?”

Logan “The end is coming!”

Mya “The end of what?”

Logan “Only of all life as we know it! Just today a bathroom sink tried to kill me! It’s the appliances Mya, they are striking back and they want to take over our planet and make us their slaves!”

Mya “Exactly how many of those have you had?”

Logan “How many of what?”

Mya “Don’t you act smart with me mister! That isn’t your first drink now is it?”

Logan “Drink? I haven’t been drinking! The bar, it must be one of them and it’s trying to frame me!”

Mya “Oh dear…”

Gabe “Thank you for the boost of confidence my little fishies! This is going to be the best date ever and it’s all because of you!”

 I think someone is getting a little too close to his fishy friends but I suppose I can’t blame him as fishing does eat up most of his time. Gabe doesn’t even have a job, he eats, sleeps, and breathes fishing. I am hoping when the new careers come out in December there is something that suits him as there are no career choices that do currently.

Gabe “Tayler! Thank you for coming. Gosh you smell good!”

Gabe “What’s wrong?”

Tayler “Gabriel Starsze is that fish I smell? You told me this date would be perfect.”

Gabe “And it will be, you got here a little early is all. I’ll just finish washing up and we can have dinner.”

Gabe “My sister is quite a cook huh?”

Tayler “I personally would’ve used an extra dash of sage, it really perfects the dish, but this is still very good!”

Gabe “You know what I think is perfect?”

Tayler “What?”

Gabe “You.”

Tayler “You’re too sweet!”

And there is that look again. I can’t get over the way he looks at Tayler, I could take a million pictures of it and they would all make me smile!

Gabe “A perfect rose for my perfect girl. At least I’m hoping you’ll be mine.”

Tayler “How could a girl say no to that?”

The new couple seals the deal with their very first kiss.

Before I end the chapter I have 2 very exciting announcements. Well, exciting to me at least. First, This picture was taken when my Logan topped the Tech Guru career. Great job!

Here he is enjoying the fruit of his labors, the colossal flat screen TV.

And here he is retiring so he can focus all of his energy on becoming the chief of mischief. He needs to clog a few more drains and max out the mischief skill, so close I can taste it!

Here is Mya finally achieving the freelance botanist aspiration. This one was NOT easy. And yes, Logan likes to do  push ups while his wife gardens, somehow I don’t think that is at all surprising.

Next chapter Abby ages up and the new heir will officially take over. Was her kiss with Mav a drunken mistake or something more? I’m sure we will be seeing more of Tayler. Some of you may have guessed at least 1 of her traits already what are the others? Next chapter may even bring a wedding! Until next time Happy Simming!


Chapter 10 A Day at the Park

Last chapter Abby became a teen and gained the hates children trait. Her new aspiration is Master Chef which I think is perfect for her! During a trip to the pool Abby ran into Chris Wilder and found herself oddly attracted to him and his bad boy vibe. Gabe, knowing the train wreck that would ensue, hired an old wino to distract the couple but the plan backfired. The adults were mostly skilling and working toward promotions so they weren’t doing much that I considered photo worthy. As of the start of this chapter, Logan is only 1 promotion away from topping the tech guru career. He is in the Start Up Entrepreneur branch because I really wanted that huge flat screen TV. He just needs 1 more skill point in mischief to move on to the final milestone. Mya is in the author branch of the writing career and has a couple of promotions to go. Mya needs to evolve 10 excellent plants, so far that count is still 0. I have several very nice plants but they seem to be stuck there. I was able to get her the Green Thumb reward trait but I don’t see any difference so far.

Before we catch up with the family I wanted to share some pics of the house and how far we have come. I’m not loving the layout. I have been just plopping rooms down and not really thinking about the floorplan so from the outside it isn’t anything to brag about but when the next heir takes over I plan to move things around to fix that. I am finding the ability to go “shopping” for designed rooms from inside the game is one of my favorite new features. I admit that I am not the best at interior design so I am loving using the pre made rooms and adding in some of my own touches.

This is the outside. Like I said, I haven’t really thought out the layout and made it look pretty from the outside yet. I have been adding and updating rooms as funds are earned but this will be a priority when I have enough money in reserve. I did change the front deck after taking this pic as for some reason no one could climb the stairs to get in the front door.

View of Mya’s garden

Mya’s new office complete with her career rewards for inspiration.

Logan’s office with focusing décor.

Logan & Mya’s bedroom complete with romantic lighting to put them in the mood.

Abby’s Bedroom

Gabe’s bedroom complete with his angelfish and his greatest catches mounted on the wall.

Main bathroom. We won’t tell Mya I posted it before she had a chance to clean the tub!

Logan & Mya’s private bathroom. I did go in and add some deco items after taking this pic. I do plan to add a breathtaking master bath when I have enough money saved up.

Kitchen/Dining room. I downloaded this room from the gallery and changed very little as I love it so much!

Living Room

Another view of the living room showing the bar area.

This is how the living room looked pre makeover. It’s the only pic I have that shows the entry area in the front so I figured I would still include it.

This is a walls down pic just to give you an idea of the layout. As you can see the house has come a long way in less than 1 full generation! We have made quite a profit on Mya’s produce and Logan is quite successful at hacking in addition to a well paying job. Now that we have had a nice tour of the house let’s catch up with the Starsze family and see what they’ve been up to!

Logan “This used to be such a nice respectable neighborhood.”

Logan “HEY YOU!”

Logan “There is always an out, you don’t have to live like this.”

Charlie “I don’t think I understand where you’re going with this.”

Logan “Oh come on! The tattered clothes, sleeping on a park bench, the pounds and pounds of caked on tacky eye shadow. All tell tale signs of what my mother used to call a woman of ill repute. Of course that’s just a classy name for your run of the mill streetwalker.”

Charlie “I just don’t know where things went wrong!” One day I was my class Valedictorian and the next, well let’s just say I had the misfortune of falling for the wrong guy.”

Logan “Textbook case my dear.”

Charlie “Oh I’m so ashamed! My mother would just roll over in her grave if she knew what I have become!”

 Logan”It’s such a shame to see such a beautiful young woman led down the wrong path.”

Charlie “Y-You think I’m beautiful?”

Logan “Instilling with fake confidence one hooker at a time!”


Abby “Funny bumping into you again! I totally had nooooo clue you would be here. Really, I didn’t I swear!

Chris “Are you feelin alright?”

Abby “Never been better!”

Chris “Ok then, I was just headed to grab a burger so I guess I’ll see you around.”

Abby “What a coincidence! I was in the mood for a burger too, so I guess I’ll join you!”

Abby “So, did you really go joyriding in the principal’s new car?”

Chris “Not my fault the old baldie left the keys in the ignition.”

Abby “Maybe Next time I could ride shotgun,  I could be like, the Bonnie to Your Clyde!”

Chris “This Clyde rides alone, I don’t need no Bonnie!”

Abby “But I just thought that…”

Chris “You can stop the thinkin right there! Last thing I need is another chicken-head clucking around my coop if you know what I mean.”

Chris “Later!”

Poor Abby. It’s like history repeating itself. As with Gabe, Chris was nice as can be and they had an awesome time together at the pool but the next time they saw one another he was a huge jerk. I guess that’s what you get with those bad boys Abs.

In another are of the park someone was all smiles and it isn’t because Abby and Chris appear to have gone down in flames.

Gabe “I know she’s totally cheating but I’ll just play dumb because she’s absolutely adorable!”

Gabe and Tayler got to know one another better over a game of chess.

They weren’t quite ready to part ways so they continued their conversation over dinner.

The sun began to set but for Gabe it felt as if time stood still. He had never really expressed interest in romantic relationships but judging by the way he looks at her that may be all about to change.

Maverick “Take that Chris Wilder!”

Maverick “Owwww!”

Meanwhile Abby was having struggles of her own in another area of the gym. Match made in heaven? Hopefully that bump on her head knocked some sense back into her.

Logan “Lesson one, it’s all about feeling the music, just close your eyes and let it flow right through!”

Logan “No no! That’s all wrong. Son, maybe you should sit in that chair and just observe for a minute.”

Logan’s epic moves on display? Must mean it’s time for another birthday party!

Abby, clearly haunted by hamburgers, whipped up a special cake for the occasion.

Hamburgers also remind Gabe of a special someone. I wonder what he’s wishing for 😉

Gabe “And I still look exactly the same!”

I actually think he looks like a blonde John Travolta! Gabe’s adult trait is neat and I noticed immediately it is dominant. He now literally runs around the house cleaning everything the moment it is messed up!

Gabe “What’s wrong Mav? You haven’t left that bar stool all night.”

Maverick “It’s like she sees right through me, I’m forever destined to be friendzoned sigh…”

It appears that Maverick has developed a bit of a drinking problem. I lost count of how many drinks he downed the poor thing.

Next chapter, a big celebration as the founders enter their twilight years. Will Abby ever see Maverick as he sees her or is she forever destined to chase after the bad boys? Is Tayler officially “the one” for Gabe and could she be the next Legacy wife? Abby has 1 roll left to bag the heirship by rolling ambitious. I have also decided that for this generation if she doesn’t win it by way of the exemplar rule as the eldest child Gabe will become the next heir. I do plan on having polls throughout the Legacy but this choice feels right given Abby’s hates children trait. As of the time of this writing she has 1 day until she ages up in game so even I don’t know 100% who will be heading up the next generation. I can’t believe there will only be one more chapter before the next generation officially takes over!

Chapter 9 Trouble With a Capital T

Last chapter Abby completed her childhood aspiration and dumped her lunch tray on the cutest boy in school. Gabe aged up without completing his, at least he gained a fitting trait. His new aspiration of Angling Ace is in progress and I am determined to achieve it and redeem myself. The adults are plugging along with their aspirations but the milestones and promotions are getting much harder to achieve. I am hoping I can achieve them before their elder birthdays as I like to let my Sims live out their glory years on free will, but only of they earn it! For anyone interested I have put up character bio pages that will be updated as events happen 🙂

Maverick “Morning Mrs. S!”

Mya “Go ahead in dear, she’s in there somewhere. Probably making a mess…sigh.”

Abby “I don’t have money to buy you new shoes if that’s why you’re here.”

Maverick “Nah, I wanted to thank you!

Abby “Thank me? Why?”

Maverick “I hated those shoes! My mom said I couldn’t  walk around in old flip flops anymore and I needed respectable shoes. Respectable shoes sure are ugly!.”

Abby “Oh, well in that case you’re welcome!”

Maverick “Mind if I stick around for a little bit?”

Gabe “So this is the boy you dropped your tray on huh?”

Abby “Shut up Gabe!”

Gabe “I’m sure she would love it if you stick around. Just the other day she was saying…”

Abby “Don’t you dare!”

Gabe and Abby are still close friends but now that he’s a teen he can’t help but torture his baby sis just a little bit!

Gabe “I don’t think I’m ready for this! Sure today it’s just hanging out but next thing you know she’s sneaking out the window to go play sucky face in the back seat of some guy’s car. Then I’ll have to go teaching him a lesson and we all know I hate confrontation. What’s a big brother to do?”

Maverick spent the day playing chess with Abby and they quickly became good friends despite the annoying hovering of a certain overprotective big brother.


Abby “Um, dad? I think Gabe is talking to that tree over there.”

Gabe “Open sesame? No? Ok how about abracadabra? Ummmm, Knock Knock?”


Gabe “Sweet!”

Sylvan Glade is absolutely stunning! I really love all the little fluttering fairies and the glowing red eyes. I was a bit disappointed that there weren’t many collectables around but there are rare fish and frogs. Truth be told I wasn’t really after any of that anyway though the fish were a bonus. The trip to Sylvan glade was for one major item that I read could be found here and Gabe is just the sim to get it for me.

He didn’t disappoint!

Gabe “Oh the things I could do with my very own Cowplant!!”

Don’t get too excited yet! I haven’t decided exactly when we will plant this little baby but I wanted to make sure I had the seed in case the mood strikes.

Having a boatload of confetti tossed in my face the moment I roll out of bed isn’t exactly my cup of tea either but yay, birthday!

Abby makes a super secret wish and says goodbye to childhood.

Throughout her childhood Abby gravitated toward the arts, as a teen she decided to take that creativity a step  further and see what sort of concoctions she could come up with in the kitchen. Abby just knew she was destined to become a Master Chef.

She began to notice that being around children made her extremely aggravated. She couldn’t quite put her finger on exactly what it was, to her it seemed like pretty much everything about them was suddenly annoying. The heirship still up for grabs, the thought of carrying on the family line suddenly became a lot more scary as it would mean she would need to have children of her own. She hoped if she were to become the heir that things would be different if the child were her own biological offspring.

Another big change she noticed was in her figure. Her brother ate like a horse and didn’t gain an ounce but for her every bite seemed to add on another pound. Used to being active and fit she asked her parents for a treadmill for her birthday.

Abby “I’m bored, let’s go do something.”

Gabe “Like what?”

Abby “They just opened up a new outdoor pool in Willow Creek, we could go check it out.”

Gabe “But Fern only has about an hour left before giving birth and I just have to see if it’s a girl or boy!”

Abby “Come onnnnnn! Isn’t your real flesh and blood sister more important than a pregnant pixel in your game?”

**Crickets chirp**

Abby “What’s HE doing here?”

Chris Wilder “Damn girl! Look who grew up lookin all  fine!”

Abby “Tee hee! He thinks I’m fine! And when did he get sooooo hot?”

Oh Abby nooooo! He said your hair is funny and you’re eyes are too big, remember?

Against my better judgment, I let Abby do her own thing free from my control for a while. This is Chris Wilder so of course he will start acting like a major jerk and she will go right back to hating him right?

Abby “You have the nicest smile, I don’t think I noticed that before.”

Chris “Girl, you gotta lotta things I KNOW you didn’t have before!”

Chris “Shake it for me baby!”

Abby “He called me baby!”

Abby “Chris? Heeeelp?”

Chris “What the…?”

Chris “What’s wrong wit you man?”

Abby “Defending my honor, that’s hot!”

Drunk Pedo “I wasn’t able to woo her away from him, but thanks for the drink anyway kid!”

Gabe “I said create a distraction, there will be no wooing capiche?”

Drunk Pedo “Can’t blame an old dog for tryin.”

Gabe “This conversation is seriously over!”

Abby “hello brother! Almost ready to go?”

Gabe “For the love of llamas Abby, what were you thinking?”

Abby “Um, excuse me?”

Gabe “That guy is trouble with a capital T!”

Abby “People can change you know!”

Gabe “Not only is he mean, he’s materialistic! I would have hoped you would go for a guy with more desirable traits at least!”

Abby “Who even said I liked him anyway?”

Gabe “With the way you were prancing around here today no one needed to.”

Abby “I was not!”

Gabe “Ok sorry, do you like Chris?”

Abby “Do I like those chiseled muscles and deep puppy dog brown eyes?”

Gabe “More than I wanted to hear, let’s just go home.”

Next chapter, what is going to become of this newfound crush? Will Abby come to her senses? Since Abby aged up Maverick has been banging on the door daily but she hates children so he’s a person non grata until he ages up. Will he try to win Abby’s affections or are they destined to remain just good friends?  Is there a potential romance in the cards for Gabe or is he too obsessed with his fishing pole to even notice the opposite sex? Abby & Gabe each have 1 trait roll left, will either claim the heirship? I am also asking for your opinions. My original rules state of no one rolls ambitious the heirship goes to the oldest. They could still both roll it, in that case it would go to the oldest but I also reserve the right to hold an heir poll in either case. For anyone that wishes to offer their opinion, would you like an heir poll? I think it sounds like fun but while it runs updates may be slightly delayed as I will need to know who my heir is once they both age up.

Chapter 8 That Smell

Last chapter Abby aged up and proved she can hold her own against bully, Chris Wilder. Her confidence gave Gabe a much needed push to speak up and stick up for his little sister. Logan & Mya had their adult birthdays and seem to be feeling the effects of aging despite looking exactly the same. Everyone worked hard on their aspiration points although some are doing much better than others! Does anyone else feel like TS4 puts way too much pressure on the kiddos? Some of the aspiration goals are killer, add the goals for school and the poor things are working themselves to death. Something I have learned is to focus on the daily homework assignment and not push too hard to get an A. The aspirations seem much more beneficial. This first time around has been a learning experience as the Starsze family is the first and only TS4 family I have played. Point total is still a 2 as of the beginning of this chapter.

Abby Starsze may not pick up her own dishes or make her own bed but when it comes to making an artistic vision come to life she’s a natural. Her creativity table is her most prized possession.

The violin she got for her birthday comes in a close second. Abby has spent countless hours practicing. Her parents head for the hills the moment she picks up her bow but her brother cheers and claps for every song.

Abigail and Gabe are two peas in a pod, they do everything together. Most siblings so close in age have their spats but not this dynamic duo.

If you didn’t know any better you would probably think that Abby was the oldest of the two. Abby Starsze is fearless and confident while Gabe is more reserved and tends to be a little unsure of himself. Even at her young age, Abby takes every opportunity she can to boost her brother’s confidence. She knows she could zip across the monkey bars ten times before Gabe crossed once.

But she always lags behind and lets her brother win.

Abby “Daddy?”

Logan “What’s up squirt?”

Abby “Why do you wear sunglasses at the breakfast table?”

Logan “Why don’t you wear sunglasses at the breakfast table?”

Abby “Because it looks silly!”

Logan “Well isn’t that something? That’s exactly why I wear them!”

Abby “Daddy?”

Logan “No you cannot borrow them.”

Abby “Daddy! That’s not what I was gonna say!”

Logan “Oh, then no I will not buy you a pair.”

Abby “DADDD!”

Abby “Whatcha doin?”

Mya “Working on a new book.”

Abby “Cool! Can I read it?”

Mya “After I finish, which won’t happen if I can’t focus.”

Abby “But I’m bored.”

Mya “Do your homework.”

Abby “Finished it already.”

Mya “Pester your brother.”

Abby “Already did that.”

Abby “Soooo, how goes the hibernation?”

Abby “Still sleepin huh? That’s ok, I still love you!”

As you can see Abby has quite a bit of spare time on her hands which she’s using to pester family. I’ll show you why in a second but first…..

Do you see this?

I thought TS3 IF dolls were creepy but at least I knew they were alive. I had no clue this seemingly innocent stuffed bear was anything but a stuffed bear!

This right here is what nightmares are made of!

Back on topic, this pic signifies the reason for Abby’s newfound freedom. That’s right, I completed my first TS4 aspiration! Not only does she gain the creatively gifted bonus trait but she earns me Legacy point number 3!! Abby has also maxed the creativity skill.

Abby “Hear that readers? That makes me the favorite so you better remember this moment if there’s an heir poll!”

So far no one has rolled ambitious so it’s anyone’s game! If neither child rolls the trait heirship will either default to the oldest or I reserve the right to put up an heir poll.

Speaking of rolling traits, Mya has just put the finishing touches on Gabe’s birthday cake. They’re growing up so fast I can hardly believe Gabe is going to be a teenager!

Gabe takes a moment to wish for a fitting trait before blowing out his candles.

Now would probably be a good time to admit that I failed at the social butterfly aspiration. We made it to the last milestone but I just couldn’t get enough child/adult friends in time. I am finding having time to build close relationships in this game to be extremely difficult!

Gabe “Eat your heart out ladies!”

Gabe grew into a very dashing young man and gained the outgoing trait which suits him perfectly. Looks like that birthday wish came true!

His new aspiration is Angling Ace, which I am determined to complete because he deserves it.

Gabe’s first official teen action is to repair the toilet. He is going to need to max the handiness skill in order to catch the rare fish found in the Grotto.

With the way appliances seem to break in this house that shouldn’t take long at all!

Gabe aged up first thing in the morning so he was given the day off from school. As has become birthday tradition, a father son outing was planned. Gabe found a little fishing hole in the middle of the park while Logan focused on other pursuits.

Logan “Best prank ever! I am totally made of awesome!”

Logan then proceeded to break every single sink on the lot.

We were on the verge of hitting another aspiration milestone so the fun didn’t end with the sinks!

Logan “Oh, that feels better!”

Elderly Lady (that looks like Jenny but isn’t) “Galloping llamas, what IS that stench?”

Logan “WHO FARTED? It’s ok ma’am, it’s a natural bodily function you don’t need to be embarassed!”

Logan “I’m just so funny I can hardly stand it!”

Abby “Worst day EVER!”

Abby “My life is officially over!”

Gabe “That bad?”

Abby “The cutest boy in the whole school was standing right next to me, like two inches away!”

Gabe “Gasp! That sounds terrible!”

Abby “That’s not the bad part!”

Gabe “Oh, sorry. So what’s the bad part?”

Abby “Well, he said hi to me…”

Gabe “He said hi to you? Does that llama-head need to be taught a lesson?”

Abby “Gaaabe! It’s not funny stop teasing me!”

Gabe “Teasing is what big brothers are for squirt! So what exactly happened that was so bad your life is over?”

Abby “He said hi to me, and I got so nervous I dropped my lunch tray and my food spilled all over his new sneakers!”

Gabe “Ouch, that does sound like a bad day! Could be worse though. Try being out in public with dad while he passed gas in front of everyone at the park and tried blaming it on some poor old lady.”

Abby “He didn’t!”

Gabe “Oh he did! Then he almost gave her husband a heart attack! Went right up to him and zapped him with a joy buzzer. The guy had to have been almost ninety years old!”

Mya “I hear someone had quite a good time at the park today.”

Logan “Ummm, can’t say I know what your talking about. Nope, wasn’t me.”

Mya “Is that so?”

Logan “Wait, did someone call? Whatever they said they’re lying honey!”

Logan “Can I come out now?”

Mya “Say it!”

Logan “I, Logan Starsze, vow to never ever lie to my beautiful and trusting wife again.”

Mya “And?”

Logan “I will behave myself in public and never embarrass my gracious and forgiving wife again.”

Mya “You may come out now.”

In case you are wondering, Mya found out about Logan’s park shenanigans as she was working on her computer while the kids were chatting at the table. Being a reputable author now she’s in the public eye and such antics could result in her becoming the subject of neighborhood gossip.

Ok we all know Mya doesn’t really give a damn about that but she will not have her husband telling her falsehoods. A marriage is based on honesty and trust and Mya really just likes messing with her husband for amusement.

Next chapter, what will Abby’s teen trait/aspiration be? Will she roll ambitious and lead for heirship or will this battle end up fought out in an heir poll? A  surprising turn of events has also occurred in my game, one that I did not plan for but such is life!

Chapter 7 You Are My Sunshine

Last chapter we got acquainted with Gabe and learned that underneath the social butterfly exterior lurks a very sensitive little guy. We also learned that Christopher Wilder is a big old meanie and clearly has issues at home. Mya gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who we will get to know a bit better in this chapter. I also promised a birthday party, which I was totally unprepared for as it was my first TS4 party. So, let’s get started shall we?

The newest little family member quickly stole her daddy’s heart. Little Abigail Starsze already has him wrapped around her tiny finger.

Unfortunately, the rest of my pics of Abby as a baby seem to have gone missing but I assure you she was well cared for and showered with love. I think that I am going to move all of my pics to another folder after each play session from now on until I can figure out why they are disappearing.

We are working hard on everyone’s aspirations. Mya’s aren’t as fun to document as Logan’s mischievous pursuits but for formality sake she works on her garden in her very limited spare time. Right now to move onto the final milestone she just needs to reach level 8 in gardening. For some reason she skills deathly slow in this area so it’s taking forever. The green thumb reward costs 4000 points so I am having my doubts that I will be able to buy that anytime soon.

Logan got himself a Voodoo doll and the only binding option we had was Mya.

Logan “Oh my love,  I can now cuddle you from afar!”

Mya “I can’t explain it, but I suddenly feel flirty all over!”

Logan “Ha! That doll is sa-weet!”

Mya “What doll?”

Logan “Oh, uhhh, you of course! That’s my new pet name for you, my sweet little doll.”

Voodoo is all fun and games until someone gets really ticked off. We learned the hard way that the craft of Voodoo should only be used in moderation.

Mya “I am SO angry! I just want to pluck the leaves off these stupid trees!”

Logan “My expression of love has backfired, whatever will I do?”

Logan “I know! I will paint the saddest painting ever painted.”

Our first ever Legacy emotion painting is titled Sad Voodoo for obvious reasons.

Gabe was busy working on his own aspiration and being cute as a button. Talking to Chris on the phone is much safer than in person so phone it is! I really wish I had seen the true Chris before investing so much into their relationship. Gabe needs a BFF and their friendship bar was half full within hours of them meeting but now that he has shown his true colors that meter is dropping into the red quickly.  You’re sister is growing up as we speak little buddy, hopefully she will be the BFF you’ve been dreaming of!

As promised, Abby’s alarming transition into a child was complete before Gabe finished his phone call. I hope poor Logan isn’t scarred for life after seeing this! It’s times like these I really want my toddlers back.

Abby “What are you lookin at?

Abby “Yeah, I know I’m cute!”

Abby rolled the slob trait, which is bound to piss off her neat freak mother. She aspires to be an artistic prodigy.

Christopher Wilder just had to rear his ugly head as Abby was trying to get a jump start on homework before her first day at school. Clearly his parents never taught him how to treat a lady.

Chris “Why is your hair such a funny color?”

Abby “It’s called red and if you don’t know that maybe you need to go back to kindergarten.”

Chris “Your eyes are too big and you dress like a boy!”

Abby “And your tacky tracksuit clashes with your ugly hat!”

Gabe the peacemaker heard the commotion and rushed in to find his friend and little sister engaged in battle.

Chris “You sister is a funny haired big eyed freak!”

Abby “Say it again! Go on I dare ya! I’ll pop you right square in the nose. A broken nose would probably make you look better anyways!”

Gabe “Come on guys, don’t fight!”

Chris “What are you a sissy boy? Come on, tell her what a freak she is!”

Gabe “No Chris, she’s my sister and I won’t let you talk to her that way! It’s time for you to leave…for good!”

Abby “Yeah scram!”

Gabe “Did you see his face when I told him to take a hike?”

Abby “I know, it was soooo funny!”

The siblings had a great time laughing at Christopher Wilder’s expense and quickly became BFF’s. Although Abby could hold her own, her confidence was just the push that Gabe needed to finally find his voice.

Mya “Do you see this floor? Does that girl think this is a pigpen?”

Mya “I don’t even want to know what THAT is!”

Mya “Guests are coming in an hour and she chooses now to destroy my nice clean bathroom?”

Ahh, the joys of having a neat freak and a slob living under the same roof!

Logan “Who’s ready to par-tay?”

It’s party time in the Starsze household! Logan & Mya are both blowing out their candles and will be transitioning into full fledged adults. This is also my first TS4 party so I wasn’t exactly prepared for the tasks. We had no bar or stereo so I found myself selling off fruit in Mya’s inventory to try and go for gold.

Logan went out to greet his guests while Mya put the finishing touches on their birthday cakes.

Logan “Jenny!!! Long time no see! And look, we match! I hope you’re not still angry about me calling your mom a llama and all, I really needed those aspiration points.”

Jenny “Water under the bridge!”

Logan “Right, well let’s head on inside then. My wife and I are going to blow out candles now.”

Jenny “Pffft! I should’ve been your wife.”

Logan “What was that?”

Jenny “I said you seem happy with your life.”

Mya “Something wrong mister pouty pants?”

Logan “Does blowing these things out mean I have to actually act more grown up?”

Mya “Only if you want to.”

Logan “Oh, ok then but you go first!”

Mya blew so hard she went cross-eyed.

Mya “I look fabulous! Not a day over twenty five if I do say so myself!”

Abby “Mooom! Stop you’re embarrassing me!”

Logan “Bravo darling! Just don’t forget I can say you’re technically older than me now.”

Logan “Hummm, what should I wish for?”

Logan “I’m stumped, I really just do not know!”

Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk,
I’m a woman’s man: no time to talk!

Mya “A little help here please?”

Shake it fast

but watch ya self!

Shake it fast

Show me what’cha workin’ wit!

Really Jenny?

Jenny “I’ll show him! This was supposed to be MY Legacy!”

After selling off the fruits in Mya’s inventory I was able to purchase a bar. All party milestones but making drinks had been completed so Mya got to it but apparently I don’t know how to read the party meter correctly and the party ended at a silver medal right after the first drink was made. Next time I WILL get gold of that I assure you!

Logan “That’s it, life’s over I’m officially old.”

Mya “You’re not a shriveled up prune just yet. Not until the next birthday anyway.”

Logan “I’m pretty sure I have a wrinkle forming. Fortunately I’m too poor to have a mid-life crises.”

Mya “You better watch what you’re saying mister! I am officially older than you now.”

Logan “Yup, I can see that new grey hair all the way over here too!”

Mya “If you ever plan to hoo with this old lady again, you better say something to make up for that comment!”

Logan “Oh, I got this!’

Logan  ” You are my Sunshineeee! My Only Sunshinheee!

You make me happyyy when skies are greyyyyy!”

“You’ll never know dearrr!

How much I love youuuu!

Please don’t take my sunshine awayyyyyy!”

Mya “That was um, well it was the cheesiest thing I have ever heard.”

Logan  “But am I redeemed?”

Mya “Yes Mr. Simatra, redeemed. And I love you too.”

I apologize for Logan’s terrible hacking of the song, he really sounds like that I swear!

Next chapter brings Gabe’s teen birthday! What will his new ambition be, and did I actually achieve social butterfly?  More adorable brother/sister bonding and we will dig deeper into what makes Abby tick. I’m sure there will be other goings on as well but I haven’t actually played them yet so it’s a surprise even to me! Until then, Happy Simming!

Chapter 6 A Little Boy Named Gabe

Last chapter little Gabe aged up looking very much like his father. Logan squared off with the mail carrier hoping to distract her from delivering the bills but she ultimately had the last laugh. Mya was secretly turned on by his naughty shenanigans resulting in another pregnancy. Gabe met several new Sims at the park and even made a new friend in Christopher Wilder (ugh, Christopher)

Although the pending arrival of a new family member is highly important and exciting I would like to take some time to focus on another household VIP, a little boy named Gabe. Gabriel Starsze is a boy that loves his mommy. Mommy is always there to remind him to brush his teeth, to never eat sweets before bedtime, and taught him to always look both ways before crossing the street. She is the family anchor and the center of his entire universe. Mommy is the one person he knows he can always count on to keep him safe and help him make the right choices even if he doesn’t always like them.

Not to say he doesn’t test her every chance he gets. A growing boy needs to push the boundaries but with Gabe only just a little.  He would never go as far as to actually go to school in his pajamas, unless his mommy said yes.

Gabe thrives on social interaction. If he could introduce himself to every sim in town, he would. Sometimes there just isn’t anyone around but he has his trusty bear, Barffly, for exactly those occasions.

Gabe is still learning boundaries and limitations. When he has something to say (which is pretty much always) he must say it immediately. There is no inappropriate time or location in the world of Gabe Starsze. Clearly his father thinks otherwise.

If you were to meet Gabe on the street you would think, my what a cheerful child but he sure is a chatterbox! That would be a pretty accurate assumption but there is another side to Gabe that most don’t see. That would be his extremely sensitive side. Gabe absolutely can not handle anyone being upset or displeased.

Even the slightest negative interaction makes Gabe very sad.

After befriending Christopher Wilder at the park the boy became a daily visitor at the Starsze household.


Chris seemed like a perfectly delightful little boy. He always laughed at Gabe’s jokes.

He washed up his own  dishes.

He even took out the trash!

When Chris was found using Logan’s computer without permission and long after Gabe had gone to bed Mya began to think that something was not quite right.

Mya “Chris, did Mr. Starsze say it was alright to use his computer?”

Chris “Ummm, yes ma’am.”

Mya “Are you sure you’re telling me the truth? That computer is for his work, he doesn’t even allow Gabe to use it unless he is supervised.”

Chris “I’m sorry, it won’t happen again I swear!”

Mya “It’s getting very late, you should be getting home before your parents start worrying.”

Chris “Home? Oh please don’t send me home Mrs. Starsze!”

Mya “Why don’t you want to go home darling?”

Chris “I want this to be my home! Didn’t you appreciate the chores I did for you? I could do that all the time if I lived here with you.”

Mya “As wonderful as that sounds, I’m sure your parents would miss you very much. I’ll just give them a call and let them know you’re on your way.”

Chris “FINE! No one appreciates ANYTHING! You’re just like all the rest of them aren’t you?”

With that Chris stormed out the door making sure it slammed loudly behind him.

Logan “What the???

Logan “Just wait till I get my hands on that boy!”

School the next day did not go well for Gabe. A classmate (Probably Chris) was trying to copy his answers on a test. He chose to keep quiet and not tell the teacher but he felt bad about it all day. He didn’t want his peers to think he was a tattle tale and to Gabe being well liked socially was more important than doing “the right thing.”

A visit from Chris did nothing to help his mood. Chris mocked literally everything he said.

Chris even laughed at him, and not in a good way. Gabe laughed along but inside he was heartbroken. He couldn’t suppress his true trait for very long, Christopher Wilder is a very mean Sim.

One thing that Gabe was getting super excited about was the arrival of his new brother or sister. He had none of those fears about the baby taking his place as he knew his parents would still love him very much. The new baby would be just like a best friend that he could play with whenever he wanted. The big event would be happening any day and Mya was more than ready.

Um, Mya?

Mya “That did NOT just happen!”

That is unfortunate.

Mya “Alright baby, mommy is serving your official eviction notice effective immediately!”

Immediately ended up being about 3 hours into Mya’s work shift. At least this time she was sent home.

Mya “Logan did this to me and he will pay!”

Luckily this time around I knew what to do and Mya’s labor was over with minimal huffing & puffing.

The pain of childbirth was quickly forgotten the moment Mya laid her eyes on her beautiful little girl.

Next chapter, the first birthday party of the Legacy! Will we see more of Christopher Wilder? What is the new baby’s name and will she be the BFF Gabe hoped for? I am almost caught up to where I’m at in game so I plan to get it up very soon so I can actually play again 🙂

On a side note, is anyone else having issues with pictures taken in game going missing? I have some pics that I took  that are missing from my screenshot folder. When I go into my  folder to upload everything to photobucket I end up with way less than I thought I had but I assumed it was just me but now I am positive as I had at least 5 shots I took of a particular event and every singe one of them is gone. If this has happened to anyone else and you have figured out what the issue is please let me know.

Chapter 5 The Bedroom Escapades of Mister Irresistible

Last chapter marked the birth of the first baby in the Legacy, Gabriel Starsze. Mya started her career in writing and got her garden started although she doesn’t seem all that interested in it. A small house was built and said house needs a lot of work when we are able to save up some money. It’s not much but it’s home. According to my score sheet I currently have 2 points. I have a point for Mya’s unique primary spouse traits and the second point is the auto point you get for your founder being the first of generation 1.

Logan is still working on completing his aspiration. Today we are conducting a very important experiment. The question, will the mail lady deliver bills if we can manage to push her into a fit of seething rage thus distracting her from mail delivery? I always start out with instill with fake confidence and then move to the more mischievous interactions. As you can see here, our test subject is still smiling as she believes that Logan has paid her a compliment.

In addition to mischievous interactions Logan also needs to be disliked by 3 Sims. To achieve this I decided to go with actual mean interactions. While we all know that Logan has a mischievous side, he isn’t mean in an evil sort of way. He is only going along with these types of interactions for the sake of our experiment and the required aspiration points.

Logan “How did you even  get in here, someone leave your cage open?”

Mail Lady “Look mister, I was only trying to deliver the mail. You invited me in.”

Logan “I don’t appreciate your tone Princess Leia!  Oh, look at the time! You should probably get back to the zoo before you miss feeding hour.”

Mail Lady “Now that was just uncalled for!”

Logan “Girlfriend, you did NOT just point your finger in my face! I think someone needs to cool down!”

Logan “Here, let me help you with that!”

Mail Lady “You sir, are not right in the head!”

Logan “I’m busy now, can I ignore you some other time?”

Logan “I…am…soooooooo mad right now! She thinks she gets the last laugh does she? Well nobody gets the last laugh at Logan Starsze! Putting your stinky bills in my mailbox? Well you’ve got another thing coming!”

Mya “Is that your daddy I hear huffing and puffing? Did that mean old mail lady get the best of him?”

Mya “Mommy better go talk that silly daddy out of rigging the mailbox with a mouse trap. We don’t need any nasty old law suits do we? No, no we don’t!”

Mya “Logan Starsze, you are absolutely NOT going to do anything to our mail carrier!”

Logan “But she…”

Mya “No!”

Logan “And she…”

Mya “Zip it!”

Logan “Yes dear.”

Mya “What are you looking at?”

Logan “You know you find my devious side irresistible in the bedroom. It’s ok, you can admit it.”

Mya “Is that so?”

Logan “So tell me I’m wrong then!”

Logan “Ha! I knew it!”

Mya “Alright, you got me! But only a little irresistible.”

This would be the end result of the bedroom escapades of Mister Irresistible.

Logan “Ok little buddy this is how it’s going to work. Daddy is going to put you in your little bed and you may feel a little bit tingly but don’t be scared it’s all part of growing up ok?”

With those words of wisdom little Gabe transitions into a child. I really don’t know if I will ever get used to seeing a child popping out of the bassinet, it’s just not right!

Gabriel clearly favors his father in the looks department. He has Mya’s eyes but everything else is all Logan. Gabe rolled the cheerful trait with the social butterfly aspiration. I have seen this in other Legacy stories and it looks almost impossible to achieve but I’ll  give it a shot.

As it was Logan’s day off he decided to take his son to the park for the first time. Gabe really wanted to meet someone new and make a friend.

The boys had a great time defending their ship from the treacherous Logan monster.

After making sure Gabe was comfortable playing on his own, Logan set out to complete the last few mischievous interactions he needed to reach the next aspiration milestone. This time around he was careful to keep things light and not cross the line. Gabe was playing nearby and he knew Mya would kill him if he set a bad example.

It appears we have lack of adequate housing in town and homeless drifters are taking refuge on park benches at all hours of the day.

Gabe needed to introduce himself to 10 Sims for the social butterfly aspiration. The homeless guy woke up a one point or another and I’m totally creeped out by the way he is staring at Gabe.

He then proceeded to follow Gabe around the park. I don’t know what you’re after buddy but you will not be getting anywhere near my little monkey! Gabe actually rolled the wish to befriend this guy. Sorry Gabe but no way, not ever!

Eventually the creeper went away and Gabe went to play on the monkey bars with Christopher Wilder….da da daaa! That was my pitiful attempt at music of dread and doom. If you’ve seen the Croods just picture it being said like that cute little pocket monkey when the topic of the end of the world comes up. If you haven’t seen the Croods, please do, it’s adorable! By the end of the outing Logan and Christopher (da da daaa!) were friends and a great time was had by all.

Next chapter, what on earth could be so dreadful about Christopher Wilder? Will the new baby be a boy or girl? Will the social butterfly aspiration attempt be an epic fail? I have played a bit ahead and I am not allowing myself to play until I am all caught up to where I’m at in game. I don’t like getting too far ahead as I tend to forget things that happened so I plan to come up with a play/writing schedule but that can be so hard when you get really into the game and play for hours. I should be allowed to play again in about 2 chapters so I am going to try and get them all out quickly.