Logan Starsze Legacy Founder extraordinaire

The Fate In Our Starsze will document 10 generations of impeccable Sim lineage starting with my founder, Logan Starsze.

About The Founder: My 4 year old son was looking on as I created my first ever Sim in The Sims 4. Since I love him to little bits and pieces I couldn’t resist naming my founder after the little guy.  I stink at making sims in CAS but I did the best that I could to make my founder look as much like his namesake as possible. His pudgy little 4 year old cheeks certainly do not look as adorable on his namesake but they have come to grow on me in game. The last name Starsze is what I got when I translated the word Legacy to Polish and I like it, so it stays. Logan’s personality is also based loosely on the likes of my son, clearly falling in love with the founding generation was instant!

About the Challenge: The rules for the Sims 4 Legacy Challenge can be found here. The challenge is to start out in poverty and push you Sims over 10 generations harder than any sim has ever been pushed before! I will be playing for points using Pinstar’s google score sheet to keep track.

Laws of Succession: I am using equality as the gender law for this Legacy. This means that both male and female children are eligible for the heirship. Bloodline law is strict traditional meaning only a biological child of the heir can carry on the bloodline. My heir law is exemplar. This means that a child born with a pre selected trait shared by the founder will automatically become the next heir. For this challenge that trait is ambitious. If this trait is not rolled then the heirship will default to the first born. Should more than one child roll this trait I reserve the right to default to the oldest or to hold an heir poll.

I think that about sums it up! Feel free to ask any questions you may have and I hope that you enjoy my Legacy as much as I do!


2 thoughts on “Home

  1. For some reason WordPress is not showing me all of my comments Grrr sorry I missed this! My son carefully watched over me as I created Logan it was really cute! He loves to watch me play too He always asks what Logan is up to and for me it helped me to quickly become attached to the family


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