Chapter 18 Memory Lane

Good news! I cleaned the dust bunnies from the PC and it isn’t overheating anymore! That’s the only good news you’re going to get in this chapter I’m afraid. Tayler’s talk with Abby and meeting a child Lacey isn’t even going to happen just yet because the events I need to share deserve their own special chapter. Let us begin our walk down memory lane…

Logan Starsze, a young man with chipmunk cheeks and a mischievous streak set out to start a Legacy of his own in Oasis Springs.

He started out with only a few essential belongings placed in the middle of the biggest lot available but that was ok by him. One day a mansion would stand in this very spot and everyone in town would know the Starsze name.

Little did he know he was sitting across from his future wife when he first laid eyes on Mya Ricci at the library.

Her dance moves were horrendous but if you ask Logan this is one of his favorite memories.

Logan & Mya shared their first kiss that very same night and from that moment on they were hooked on each other.

They married in a private ceremony, a knock-knock joke sealing their vows

Not long after getting married they welcomed their first child, a baby boy to the family.

That cheerful boy with the sweet smile would one day grow up and take over the heirship of the Starsze family.

They were doubly blessed again with the birth of their beautiful baby girl, Abigail.

Logan & Abby were as close as brother and sister could possibly be despite being as different as night and day.

Logan loves a good prank and was lucky enough to achieve his lifetime wish of becoming Chief of mischief. Many laughs were had along the way.

His wife, Mya, also achieved her dream of becoming a Freelance Botanist. Her garden will provide fresh fruits and vegetables for the Starsze family for generations to come.

In their twilight years Logan & Mya still looked at one another like a young couple on their honeymoon night.

It is with deep regret that I announce Logan Starsze passed away from old age with his loving daughter by his side.

Two short days later his wife Mya joined him in the afterlife.

She left this world for the next with her family by her side.

They leave behind their daughter, Abigail Starsze

Their son, Gabriel Starsze and his wife Tayler

And granddaughters Amaya and Lacey Starsze

In honor of their beloved founder the family asks that you turn to your nearest sink and beat it into submission with the nearest wrench.


How I will miss my fun loving mischievous Logan and the woman who kept him somewhat grounded. They both achieved so much in just a short generation and the Starsze house won’t be the same without them. Sadly, I will be seeing many more beloved Sims pass throughout the Legacy, but Logan will always be extra special. I have to add, Mya probably would have passed before her husband but she drank her 1 allowed potion of youth. She was 1 promotion away from topping her career and Logan had achieved all of his goals so I let him be free to do as he pleased. Poor Mya passed the night before she would have received that last promotion 😦


7 thoughts on “Chapter 18 Memory Lane

  1. Logan must have spent a lot of time beating sinks into submission; that seems to be the lot of legacy founders. Next time I have to work with the plumbing, I’ll think of him! It seems like he and Mya got to meet their grandchildren?


    • Oh Logan and his sinks lol he did beat his share of plumbing into submission but in his elder years he was sure the plumbing was out to get him so he sabataged every sink in the house. They did get to know Amaya. Lacey they did not get to spend much time with. In TS3 I remember most of my elders saw their grandchildren grow up but in 4 they are lucky to see them get halfway through childhood in a Legacy where only 1 youth potion is allowed. I wonder why that is

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  2. Oh no 😦 As soon as I saw Logan’s face in the first picture, coupled with your warning that your fixed computer was the last bit of good news we’d receive, I knew that he must have passed away and lo and behold 😦

    I absolutely loved Logan, so this really does make me sad! On a brighter note though, this little walk down memory lane was a perfect tribute to your founder. So sad too that Mya went so soon after him, but they were really quite the duo and it is actually difficult imagining one without the other.

    RIP Logan and Mya 😦 They were truly awesome founders!


    • I’m sad too 😦 Logan was my 1st ever Sim in TS4 as well as my Legacy founder. My son sat there watching me make him and gave his input on hoe he should look so that makes him extra special to me! I struggled with how I should address their passing so I’m glad you enjoyed the tribute. I couldn’t just stick it in with other goings on, I felt they deserved a special obituary chapter. I think I may do something similar with all of my heirs to honor them!

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