Chapter 20 Sorry I Forgot your Birthday

Last chapter the Starsze’s met their new neighbors, the Plastics. Lacey hit it off with Damien “Plastic” Cavanaugh and they quickly became friends. Tayler opened up to her husband, Gabe, about why she has been acting so withdrawn and he was very supportive just as I knew he would be. Amaya warmed up to her little sister a bit but she sees her as competition rather than a best friend. She plans to be the next Starsze heir and any siblings are a threat to that goal. The heirship in this legacy goes to the oldest if none of the children roll ambitious. I do reserve the right to hold an heir poll but I haven’t told her that yet!

Abby “Enough about what happened last time, tell them what you did!”

Who me? *bats eyelashes*

Abby “This pic you see here is me right after I aged up, and yet something is missing! Does anyone happen to see a party going on or even a simple birthday cake? I sure don’t! That can only mean that a certain creator forgot my birthday!”

In my defense I didn’t get the pop up, my notification wall must’ve been full

Abby “Excuses! Well thank you very much for the nice sad moodlet you have given me!”

Yeah, I was slacking, but I made it up to you!

Abby “You call that making it up to me? I call it a disaster!”

It was the thought that counted! I felt bad for missing Abby’s birthday so I let her throw a little house party instead and I even invited Mr. Muscles!

Abby “That translates to… she wanted to try out her new items and I needed to mix 3 drinks at the same event.”

She makes me sound so selfish, geez!

I got the new glamour party stuff pack just for the really cool buffet table and fountain, I won’t lie. Abby got everything set up before her guests arrived. I only invited a few since Abby doesn’t seem to know all that many living sims, I need to work on that!

Aside from the family, our guests were Mr. Muscles and another girl whose name escapes me. I believe it’s Candy or something similar to Tayler’s mom’s name. This shot also depicts 6 sims eating at the dining table together so a point for me! I thought this point would be easy but for  some reason I always get at least 1 that tries to eat in another room.

Maverick “Oh hi! Are you having a party? My invite must have been lost but don’t fear, I made it just in time!”

Mav was left off the guest list for a reason. I wanted to see if Abby would hit it off with Mr. Muscles and having Mav there would have been awkward. He seems to sense when something is going on and just invites himself right in.

Abby quickly mixed her 3 drinks so she could focus on her party guests, especially Mr. Muscles.

After a couple of cocktails to ease her nerves Abby sat down to get to know Mr Muscles better. All she could think about was his perfect body and how much she would love to have a man like him in her life. After some basic conversation Abby thought she would take it to the next level and enter the flirty zone. Perhaps some mood enhancing decor would have helped but I never think of these things until afterward. She started with the lowest level of the flirty interactions such as complimenting his appearance and then decided to make sure he was single.

Abby “What do you mean you’re married to Margie Pippen? Well, you can’t be too happily married if you left her at home and you’re sitting here with me now can you?”

Mr Muscles “I take great offense to that comment and this conversation is awkward! I think I’ll head over to the card games now!”

Of  course Abby had to join in on the card game and proceeded with her plan to make Muscles jealous by acting flirty with Maverick right in front of him. Unfortunately her fondness for the bartender did not go unnoticed by Mav and he made sure to play very hard to get. He refused to accept any of her flirts which is what I believe led to the awkward classification in their relationship panel. Needless to say things did not go as planned and I don’t think Abby & Muscles will end up being a good match.

Last chapter I promised a little surprise and here it is! You may have noticed Tayler’s baby bump in the picture I posted of 6 Sims at the dining table. Looks like the night of their talk a lot must have happened as they worked to reconnect! This is Tayler promising herself that this time will be different. She is determined to enjoy this pregnancy and get off to a better start when the little one is born.

Gabe “Are you really sure you’re doing ok with this?”

Tayler “Of course, never been better! I have a family now to support me and this time will be different!”

Gabe “Do you mind if I touch?”

Tayler “That would be lovely!”

Gabe “Hello in there little guy! I’m your daddy and we are going to do so much fun stuff together when you’re finally here. I can’t wait to meet you!”

Tayler “Little guy? What if it’s a girl?”

Gabe “This ones a boy, I can just feel it!”

Tayler “I don’t know about that one but I guess we shall see!”

Gabe wouldn’t have to wait long as Tayler went into labor later that night.

Despite already having 2 children Gabe went into total panic mode. It wasn’t just the baby coming but he was also really hoping that Tayler wouldn’t relapse after the birth. She had wanted this time to be different and so far it had been but the real test would be after the baby was born.

With the Get To Work expansion we can now watch our sims give birth at the hospital and I wanted to try it out.

Receptionist “Are you here to be seen?

Tayler “I’m about to pop, what does that tell you?”

Receptionist “Any other symptoms I should note aside from about to pop?”

Tayler “Lady this baby wants out so unless you want me giving birth right here on your shiny new floor I suggest you get the doctor”

The doctor arrived and put Tayler in some new state of the art baby birthing machine.

Tayler “Are you sure this is safe? Honey I don’t think this is safe! What is that thing?”

Doctor “I assure it’s perfectly safe Mrs. Starsze. The birthing oil is dispensed through that container and it helps grease up the baby so it just slides right

Gabe could hardly contain his amusement of hearing the doctor’s description on how the machine worked on top of the fact that his wife looked completely ridiculous.

Luckily the machine worked it’s magic and little Raelynn Starsze was born without complications.

Tayler gently lifted her new daughter from the bassinet and looked deeply into her little eyes.

Happy tears rolled down Tayler’s cheeks as she finally felt that powerful feeling of unconditional love wash over her. Little Raelynn may not have been planned but she turned out to be her mother’s savior.

Amaya “Looks like they’re home with another baby we don’t need. I hope i’s not broken like you were!”

Lacey “It’s just a tiny cute little baby, how bad can it really be?”

Lacey “It’s nice to meet you little Rae! I’m your sister Lacey!”

Lacey “Shhhhh! No, no, no crying! Ok, hush now!”

Lacey “Mom? MOOOOM! Get in here quick! Amaya was right, this baby is broken!”

Looks like we have another little cryer on our hands. Since I refuse to age up the babies until their proper birthday we are in for some more sleepless nights and exhausted parents!


Next time we have 2 birthdays, another interesting trait makes its way into the Legacy and we have an unwanted visitor. The family makes plans for a little bonding trip, will that go well? I don’t even know yet but where things never go how I planned my guess is no!

If anyone can help me with a party issue I would appreciate it! I had to have 4 sims playing games at the same time. I had some on chess and others on the card game all playing but the party meter only registered 2 sims playing. Because of this I got no medal. How do you all get around this requirement? For some reason my game doesn’t seem to think I have the right amount playing games together and it’s getting frustrating!


One thought on “Chapter 20 Sorry I Forgot your Birthday

  1. Oh poor Abby! It looks like finding “Mr. Right” has been a very difficult process so far. Things aren’t going well with either Mav or Mr. Muscles. Hopefully she’ll be able to find someone else–someone with whom things aren’t quite as awkward!

    As for Tayler, I’m so happy to see her relaxed and at ease again. So far it does seem like this pregnancy was much better and she shows no signs as of yet of relapsing. Still, I hope she also connects with the two little girls she already has, otherwise I could see them getting quite jealous that Mom spends time with Raelynn but not with them….

    The look on Lacey’s face on that picture is priceless XD Boo for more broken babies! I’m sure little Raelynn’s birthday can’t come soon enough!


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