Tayler “Burdette” Starsze Gen 2 Primary Spouse


  • Cheerful
  • Muser
  • Perfectionist
  • Snob


  • Painter Extraordinaire Not yet completed


Tayler met generation 2 heir, Gabe Starsze at the park. There was an instant connection so it was no surprise when Gabe decided to propose very shortly after his adult birthday. Tayler strives for perfection in all that she does. It doesn’t matter if it’s her latest masterpiece or a simple dinner party, it must be perfect. This is a direct result of a terribly imperfect childhood. Tayler never met her father, she’s not even sure that her mother knows who fathered her children. Tayler spend much of her life locked away in her room so her mother could entertain older men and scam them out of their money. Her mother is extremely materialistic and wanted the fine things in life without having to work for them. Tayler took to painting as an escape and her love of the arts carried over into her adult years. Like her mother, Tayler likes nice things and wants what she has to be better than those around her. The snob trait is one that seems to have passed down among the women in her family.

Tayler’s mother in law, Mya, learned of Tayler’s family history and now feels that she did not marry Gabe out of love. Mya is convinced that Tayler is really in it to reap the benefits of Gabe’s inheritance as heir. If there is any truth to that it remains to be seen.


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