Chapter 21 The Perfect Grandma

Last time, Abby had her adult birthday and I totally forgot. To make it up to her mix 3 drinks at the same event for her aspiration we threw a party and invited the hot bartender she met a few chapters back. Maverick crashed the party and Abby found out that Mr. Muscles is married. Little Raelynn joined the family and Tayler was finally able to feel that motherly bond she longed for.


Speaking of Mr. Muscles wife, I happened to catch her at the park. Let’s just say I’ve been saving a cowplant berry for sims like her! I am seriously considering having Gabe plant one of the many we have stockpiled but I’ve been too nervous to actually plant.

Back at the house we have Maeve Nicolette Plastic helping Lacey with her homework. Nicolette clearly takes after her mother and mirrors her inappropriate fashion choices.

Amaya has been working round the clock to get that last mental skill she needs for the Whiz Kid aspiration. She cut things super close but she managed to complete it just before her birthday.

Amaya “Never fear, the birthday girl is here!!”

It appears that someone else is also here, uninvited I might add. I find it very interesting she shows up on the day of Amaya’s birth and now here she is right on cue for her birthday.

Amaya “I wish to roll Ambitious!”

Amaya didn’t have to think very hard before deciding on her wish. Being the oldest and having the exemplar trait would pretty much guarantee her the heirship on her young adult birthday.

Tayler was front and center to watch her eldest blow out her candles. She is still getting the hang of things when it comes to parenting but she has been trying to be more involved and connect with the children.

Amaya “I am NOT pleased! What’s the point of making a birthday wish if it doesn’t come true? And this outfit?”

With Amaya out of the room changing into something more fitting to her tastes, Tayler seized the opportunity to give her mother a piece of her mind.

Tayler “It’s YOUR fault she rolled that trait!”

Candace “That was totally random dear, you know that!”

Tayler “Oh I know you mother! I wouldn’t put bribing Pinstar to rig Amaya’s roll past you.”

Candace “I assure you I did no such thing!”

Tayler “I can’t believe this! Materialistic? My Amaya? I demand a re roll!”

Candace “What’s done is done and besides, I’m proud to see my grandchild taking after her grandma.”

Tayler “Oh I’m sure you are! And why the hell are you even here again?”

Candace “Like it or not, I am Amaya’s grandmother and I have every right to see her age up.”

Tayler “You showed no interest in your own children so I find it very hard to believe you care about your grandchildren!”

Candace “I may not have been mother of the year but sims change dear.”

Tayler “It would take an act of the Creator to make me believe you’ve changed!”

The argument was cut short when Amaya’s makeover was complete and she was ready for some cake. Amaya looks a lot like her mother but I see the Starsze genes in there too. She has her father’s eyes and the Starsze cheeks.

Candace “So what do you think about your shiny new trait?”

Amaya “Well, I suppose it actually fits me. I plan to take over as head of the family someday so as heiress I deserve to be surrounded by nice things!”

Candace “You would make a fine heiress my dear. I sure hope you don’t forget about your poor old grandma though. I’m getting up there in years and I could fall and break a hip at any moment. I bet I would sit there for days in pain and agony before anyone noticed.”

Amaya “Oh Gram, don’t talk like that! Don’t worry I would never let that happen to you!”

Candace “Thank goodness I have you darling!”

Candace “Well hello there little one! I’m banking on your oldest sister winning the heirship but I suppose I should play the part of perfect loving Grandma with all of you just in case! Let’s just hope I don’t kick the bucket before your generation takes over.”

Candace continues her sucking up by helping Amaya with her homework.

Amaya got a job in retail and started brushing up on her charisma skill. Selling clothing isn’t exactly her dream job but she wants to work hard to earn the money she will need for furnishing the house with the best décor when she takes over.

Balancing school and a job turned out to be a lot harder than she thought. She comes home exhausted and still needs to finish her  homework.

Gabe “I’m worried, I think you’re taking on too much for your age. We have plenty of money you don’t need to work until you graduate.”

Amaya “Don’t be such a worry wart, I want to make my own money and besides this is good practice for when I become a doctor. I’ll need to work long hours so I might as well prepare myself.”

Gabe “I think you’ll be an amazing doctor but for now you should be enjoying your youth. A girl your age should be out shopping at the mall and gossiping about all the cute boys not running herself ragged.”

Amaya “Daddy! This is what I want to do and I can handle it!”

Gabe “Ok sweetie, but please promise me you will make some time to enjoy yourself. Life flies by faster than you realize.”

Amaya “Ok daddy, I promise!”

Little Raelynn seems to be colicky just like her older sister Lacey. She doesn’t like to be left in her bassinet and she knows being fussy will get her attention.

Daddy doesn’t mind though, he knows that this will probably be his last little one and he wants to enjoy every moment of every stage of her life.

(To make things more realistic, I did add the risky woo hoo mod but I only have it set to a 5% chance of pregnancy so the small chance of an unplanned baby is there.)

Mommy also enjoys spending time with Raelynn who she affectionately calls her little Rae of sunshine.

Tayler is also making an effort to develop a better relationship with her other children. She has learned that Lacey is quite the jokester.

Lacey “Why did the chewing gum cross the road?

Tayler “I don’t know, why?”

Lacey “Because it was stuck to the chicken’s bum!”

Tayler “Good one! Let me try, umm, what do chicken’s grow on?”

Lacey ” I dunno, what?”

Tayler “Eggplants!”

Tayler “Get it? Egg-plants!”

Lacey “That was so NOT funny mom.”

Another birthday rolls around and the little Rae of sunshine grew up bad to the bone. She’s not evil…yet but she is mean as they come.”

Her first act of meanness, taking out the trash.

Raelynn “Hey! I was actually planning to dump it on the Plastic’s lawn but daddy busted me before I could do it.”

Another mean act in the making?

Raelynn “Yes! I am so excited about this one!”

Drinking your juice in your sister’s bedroom?

Raelynn “No! I’m leaving the dirty cup on her desk! She’s such a neat freak the green smelly cloud she wakes up to will drive her insane!”


Next chapter the family goes on a little camping trip. I’m actually in the middle of playing it but I do know that there is a potential suitor for one of my lovely family members in Granite Falls. I can’t wait to see how that works out! And what is Candice up to? Hopefully I will get lucky and she will kick the bucket before I have to find out! Will I get up the nerve to actually grow a cowplant? Also, Raelynn’s aspiration is also Whiz Kid, 3 times in 1 generation? I really think that more child aspirations need to be added to the game! Amaya’s aspiration is successful Lineage, that one sounds hard because in TS4 it seems the elders don’t live long enough for their children to top a career but I’ll give it a go if she ends up being the heir.


Chapter 20 Sorry I Forgot your Birthday

Last chapter the Starsze’s met their new neighbors, the Plastics. Lacey hit it off with Damien “Plastic” Cavanaugh and they quickly became friends. Tayler opened up to her husband, Gabe, about why she has been acting so withdrawn and he was very supportive just as I knew he would be. Amaya warmed up to her little sister a bit but she sees her as competition rather than a best friend. She plans to be the next Starsze heir and any siblings are a threat to that goal. The heirship in this legacy goes to the oldest if none of the children roll ambitious. I do reserve the right to hold an heir poll but I haven’t told her that yet!

Abby “Enough about what happened last time, tell them what you did!”

Who me? *bats eyelashes*

Abby “This pic you see here is me right after I aged up, and yet something is missing! Does anyone happen to see a party going on or even a simple birthday cake? I sure don’t! That can only mean that a certain creator forgot my birthday!”

In my defense I didn’t get the pop up, my notification wall must’ve been full

Abby “Excuses! Well thank you very much for the nice sad moodlet you have given me!”

Yeah, I was slacking, but I made it up to you!

Abby “You call that making it up to me? I call it a disaster!”

It was the thought that counted! I felt bad for missing Abby’s birthday so I let her throw a little house party instead and I even invited Mr. Muscles!

Abby “That translates to… she wanted to try out her new items and I needed to mix 3 drinks at the same event.”

She makes me sound so selfish, geez!

I got the new glamour party stuff pack just for the really cool buffet table and fountain, I won’t lie. Abby got everything set up before her guests arrived. I only invited a few since Abby doesn’t seem to know all that many living sims, I need to work on that!

Aside from the family, our guests were Mr. Muscles and another girl whose name escapes me. I believe it’s Candy or something similar to Tayler’s mom’s name. This shot also depicts 6 sims eating at the dining table together so a point for me! I thought this point would be easy but for  some reason I always get at least 1 that tries to eat in another room.

Maverick “Oh hi! Are you having a party? My invite must have been lost but don’t fear, I made it just in time!”

Mav was left off the guest list for a reason. I wanted to see if Abby would hit it off with Mr. Muscles and having Mav there would have been awkward. He seems to sense when something is going on and just invites himself right in.

Abby quickly mixed her 3 drinks so she could focus on her party guests, especially Mr. Muscles.

After a couple of cocktails to ease her nerves Abby sat down to get to know Mr Muscles better. All she could think about was his perfect body and how much she would love to have a man like him in her life. After some basic conversation Abby thought she would take it to the next level and enter the flirty zone. Perhaps some mood enhancing decor would have helped but I never think of these things until afterward. She started with the lowest level of the flirty interactions such as complimenting his appearance and then decided to make sure he was single.

Abby “What do you mean you’re married to Margie Pippen? Well, you can’t be too happily married if you left her at home and you’re sitting here with me now can you?”

Mr Muscles “I take great offense to that comment and this conversation is awkward! I think I’ll head over to the card games now!”

Of  course Abby had to join in on the card game and proceeded with her plan to make Muscles jealous by acting flirty with Maverick right in front of him. Unfortunately her fondness for the bartender did not go unnoticed by Mav and he made sure to play very hard to get. He refused to accept any of her flirts which is what I believe led to the awkward classification in their relationship panel. Needless to say things did not go as planned and I don’t think Abby & Muscles will end up being a good match.

Last chapter I promised a little surprise and here it is! You may have noticed Tayler’s baby bump in the picture I posted of 6 Sims at the dining table. Looks like the night of their talk a lot must have happened as they worked to reconnect! This is Tayler promising herself that this time will be different. She is determined to enjoy this pregnancy and get off to a better start when the little one is born.

Gabe “Are you really sure you’re doing ok with this?”

Tayler “Of course, never been better! I have a family now to support me and this time will be different!”

Gabe “Do you mind if I touch?”

Tayler “That would be lovely!”

Gabe “Hello in there little guy! I’m your daddy and we are going to do so much fun stuff together when you’re finally here. I can’t wait to meet you!”

Tayler “Little guy? What if it’s a girl?”

Gabe “This ones a boy, I can just feel it!”

Tayler “I don’t know about that one but I guess we shall see!”

Gabe wouldn’t have to wait long as Tayler went into labor later that night.

Despite already having 2 children Gabe went into total panic mode. It wasn’t just the baby coming but he was also really hoping that Tayler wouldn’t relapse after the birth. She had wanted this time to be different and so far it had been but the real test would be after the baby was born.

With the Get To Work expansion we can now watch our sims give birth at the hospital and I wanted to try it out.

Receptionist “Are you here to be seen?

Tayler “I’m about to pop, what does that tell you?”

Receptionist “Any other symptoms I should note aside from about to pop?”

Tayler “Lady this baby wants out so unless you want me giving birth right here on your shiny new floor I suggest you get the doctor”

The doctor arrived and put Tayler in some new state of the art baby birthing machine.

Tayler “Are you sure this is safe? Honey I don’t think this is safe! What is that thing?”

Doctor “I assure it’s perfectly safe Mrs. Starsze. The birthing oil is dispensed through that container and it helps grease up the baby so it just slides right

Gabe could hardly contain his amusement of hearing the doctor’s description on how the machine worked on top of the fact that his wife looked completely ridiculous.

Luckily the machine worked it’s magic and little Raelynn Starsze was born without complications.

Tayler gently lifted her new daughter from the bassinet and looked deeply into her little eyes.

Happy tears rolled down Tayler’s cheeks as she finally felt that powerful feeling of unconditional love wash over her. Little Raelynn may not have been planned but she turned out to be her mother’s savior.

Amaya “Looks like they’re home with another baby we don’t need. I hope i’s not broken like you were!”

Lacey “It’s just a tiny cute little baby, how bad can it really be?”

Lacey “It’s nice to meet you little Rae! I’m your sister Lacey!”

Lacey “Shhhhh! No, no, no crying! Ok, hush now!”

Lacey “Mom? MOOOOM! Get in here quick! Amaya was right, this baby is broken!”

Looks like we have another little cryer on our hands. Since I refuse to age up the babies until their proper birthday we are in for some more sleepless nights and exhausted parents!


Next time we have 2 birthdays, another interesting trait makes its way into the Legacy and we have an unwanted visitor. The family makes plans for a little bonding trip, will that go well? I don’t even know yet but where things never go how I planned my guess is no!

If anyone can help me with a party issue I would appreciate it! I had to have 4 sims playing games at the same time. I had some on chess and others on the card game all playing but the party meter only registered 2 sims playing. Because of this I got no medal. How do you all get around this requirement? For some reason my game doesn’t seem to think I have the right amount playing games together and it’s getting frustrating!

Chapter 19 The Plastics

Last time we took a walk down memory lane and said goodbye to our founders. It was a sad day but I learned from my friend, Cathytea, that life can and does go on after death. I doubt there is a Legacy lover out there that doesn’t know the Goofy Love Legacy but if you haven’t read it yet please check the link on my home page. You won’t regret it! The topic of death actually is a touchy one for me as I am playing for points. I have Drew’s score sheet that I update frequently and one of the point getters is death types. Old age is easy, a fire may happen that is beyond my control, but some of them require creator intervention. could I really do that for points?  If anyone can clarify for me, must the deaths just be on my lot or do they have to be family too? If I can get the points using Sims outside the family maybe just maybe I could go for it.


Tayler has been holding back a secret from her husband. Her mother is a childish materialistic gold digger and her wears those traits like a badge of honor. In her younger years she had constant male suitors, all from wealthy upstanding families. Most were in their glory years and easily fell prey to the beautiful younger woman who made them feel young again. After they passed she inherited everything they had and she managed to survive like this, without ever needing a job. With so many men in her life, accidental pregnancies were bound to happen. She saw her children as an inconvenience when it came to finding her next prey as a result they were neglected and left to fend for themselves. As a result Tayler doesn’t know how to be a real mother and has distanced herself from the children that desperately need her. Her fear is turning her into the one person she never wanted to be, her own mother.

Abby was so close to her brother, Gabe, that she remained in the family home even after he was declared the heir. She began noticing a drastic change in his cheery demeanor and it didn’t take her long to pinpoint what was troubling him. The sounds of the late night fights between Gabe and his wife carried through the house and were heard by all. She bit her tongue and fought the urge to butt in but when things weren’t improving she knew she had to at least try and get through to her sister in law.

Abby “Want me to whip you up a cocktail?”

Tayler “Abby, it’s not even noon yet.”

Abby “Well, I hear it’s 5 o’clock in Midnight Hollow so that’s good enough for me! Anyways, I’ve kinda been wanting to talk to you about something, have a minute?”

Tayler “Sure, what’s up?”

Abby “I hate to pry but it seems like you and Gabe aren’t getting along so well lately. I don’t know if you know this but he’s very sensitive and things affect him a lot more than most Sims. It kills me to see him moping around all the time. He really loves you ya know so whatever it is you guys are fighting about, is it really worth it?”

Tayler “He just, doesn’t understand. Everything is all about my hormones, he says it will get better but h-he just doesn’t get it!”

Abby “Are you sure you’re not suffering from post partum?”

Tayler “It’s not that.”

Abby “Well what is it?”

Tayler “Abby thank you for caring, it’s really sweet of you but I just don’t want to talk about it.”

Abby “So you rather keep it bottled up inside and ruin your marriage? Is it worth that? Is it fair to my brother? We are your family Tayler, and family supports one another. There is absolutely nothing you could say that will change how we feel about you, I hope you know that.”

Tayler “If you must know I never had a real family ok? I don’t know what a real family is or does! I raised myself and my little brother while my so called mother was busy shacking up with anyone on their death bed that she thought could add to her bank account! That’s why your mother hated me, she thought I was just like her and I can’t seem to make anyone happy so maybe I am!”

Abby “Oh Tayler no! Don’t say that, you’re nothing like that at all!”

Tayler “The day Amaya was born, my mother showed up. She thought I married into a Legacy family for the money and ever since then I just can’t get her out of my head. When I married Gabe I thought I was finally free but I know now I’ll never be free. She will always be there even just in my head to ruin everything. I can’t even be around my own children, I just know I will ruin them like she did to me. What right do I have even being a mother? I just don’t know how!”

Abby Tayler, you may not have had a family before but you do now. And you have a husband that would move heaven and earth for you if you asked him to. You’re right, you will never be free if you keep this all bottled up inside. It will just eat away at you but if you let him in I promise you will feel a lot better.”

Tayler “Or I could tell him and he will divorce me on the grounds I’m a total nutcase.”

Abby “Does that really sound like something Gabe would do?”

Tayler “No, I guess you’re right. I’ll talk to him. Thank you Abby, you’re a great Sister!”

Letting someone in on her secret fears felt liberating, like a huge weight was lifted off Tayler’s shoulders. She actually felt a little silly even thinking that Gabe would somehow love her less just because of her mother’s unsavory behavior. Mya thinking that Tayler must be just like her mother hadn’t helped, but having her own children Tayler was now able to understand. A mother’s job is to worry about pretty much anything and everything where their children are concerned.

She opened up and told her husband everything from her childhood to her fears about being a bad mother to her own children. Knowing the torment Tayler had been going through for years broke Gabe’s heart but he was also thrilled to find out that it wasn’t him. If they still had love between them he knew they could conquer anything. They both knew that there was no miracle fix and they would need to divide and conquer Tayler’s fears one step at a time but the hardest part was admitting her fears and she felt so much better knowing she had her life partner by her side to help her through. When things felt rough all Tayler needed to do was remember Abby’s words, that she was part of a real family now and they loved her.

With the giant boulder lifted from her chest, Tayler even found herself laughing and best of all flirting with her husband again.

One aspect they had discussed working on was putting the spark back into their marriage but they both quickly realized that had never really left. Finally, there was a night without fighting in the Starsze household. Let’s hope things start looking up from here on out!

Time sure flies when you’re having fun and before anyone knew it the little broken baby aged up into a very confident and self assured young lady. Lacey Starsze is a little girl that could care less what anyone thinks about her. She feels good about herself and if she wants to wear a sweater with a big old lizard on the front with bright pink knee high boots and adorn her head with an owl no one is going to stop  her.

Gabe “Why are you wearing those glasses? Your eyes are just fine.”

Lacey “Because they are just me, and no one else as school would dare wear bright yellow glasses, someone’s gotta do it dad!”


Gabe “I’m sorry I just don’t get it. And did your mother say you could wear those pants to school? It looks like you rolled around in your mom’s paint palette.”

Lacey “It’s best you don’t try to understand me daddy. I’m a one of a kind original! And I did roll around in mommy’s paint, the pants were far too boring so I had to Laceyize them a bit.”

Now that Lacey had grown up a bit, Amaya was slightly more tolerant of her sister. They both had the Whiz Kid aspiration so at least she always had someone to play chess with. Maybe her aunt had been just a little bit right after all, but only a little. Amaya didn’t see herself ever being the best of friends with her sister, instead she was determined to be better. She wanted to achieve her aspiration, and secretly hoped her sister failed, that would surely make her the best and front runner for taking over the helm as heir one day. What she failed to notice is that Lacey could care less about some silly aspiration. She just did whatever suited her that moment and felt good about her carefree way of life.

Both sisters were however, very interested in the moving van they had seen pull up to the mansion across the street that morning. The mansion had been standing there long before their grandfather, Logan, had even moved to Oasis Springs yet no one had ever actually lived in it.

It wasn’t long before the family got their first glimpse of their new neighbors. They seemed very different from most families in town. For starters, the mother and teen daughter both wore the exact same outfit and it was not exactly appropriate attire to be wearing outside ones closed doors. The girls felt sure the lady of the house had some nipping and tucking done, she didn’t look a day older than her daughter who had to be at least 18 years younger. To be completely honest, you can’t even tell them apart!

Gabe “So uh, I’m uh, not quite sure how to put this, but I have young children that play out here and I was thinking that just maybe you wouldn’t mind uh, covering up a little.”

 Maeve “Excuse me? I will have you know my husband, the surgeon, poured his heart and soul into creating this body and I intend to be a walking billboard of his greatness!”

Lacie C “Mommy, there you are!”

Maeve “Sweetie, remember what we talked about ok? You are to call me Mrs. Cavanaugh in public. I certainly can’t be seen as old enough to have a child of your age now can I?”

Lacie “Of course not mo-er- Mrs. Cavanaugh.”

It turns out the Cavanaugh’s also have 2 children about the same age as the Starsze girls. A daughter named Lacie and a son, Damien Their names are irrelevant to the Starsze girls though. They just call the entire family the plastics for obvious reasons. (The neighbor sharing a name with one of my girls is a bit inconvenient, I will do my best to remember to use either an S or C initial if both girls are mentioned)

The Plastics aren’t really so great at playing pirate ship. Lacie C is too afraid of getting her pretty pink dress dirty and Damien doesn’t understand the mechanics of the cannon.

Lacey does think Damien is a cutie but that information is to be kept top secret and classified. She doesn’t want anyone to know about her secret crush on one of the Plastics, it would result in endless torment from her older sister.

He’s not a great pirate but he is really good at picking out cloud shaped animals in the sky and giving them goofy names.

Lacie C “Hey guys, can I play?”

Lacey S … Crap, she saw me! Maybe if I stand still enough she’ll think I’m a statue and go away

Lacie C “MOOOOMM! Damien and Lacey won’t play with meeeee!”

Maeve “What did you just call me?”

Amaya “Welcome to my house! Now who are you and why are you here?”

Maverick “Is Abby home?”

Amaya “She’s at work, but you can go inside and wait for her if you want to.”

Abby “Worst day ever! I spend hours upon hours making excellent dishes and no promotion? Who do these people think they are?”

Maverick “Hey Abby! I’ve missed you!”

Abby “NOT a good time Mav!”

Maverick “There’s never a good time with you! I have called you every day for a month and not once have you thought to return my call! Our relationship panel says we’re sweethearts, does that not mean anything to you?”

Abby “Look, I don’t want to fight with you. I had a really bad day at work and all I want to do is crawl into bed and forget this day ever existed. Now is not the time to discuss our relationship panel, with the mood I’m in it won’t end well for you!”

Maverick “Ok, ok I’m sorry! I’ll go but would you please at least call me tomorrow?”

Abby “Yeah sure, I’ll give you a call when I get up.”

Abby “Let him in when I’m not home? I hope you don’t mind me taking my aggression out on your precious little dollhouse then! Let this be a lesson to all, you don’t mess with Abby Starsze!”


Next time, how are things going with Gabe & Tayler after their discussion? Will Maeve ever put on clothes? Will Abby actually call Mav? And another little surprise!

A few side notes. Abby & Mav’s relationship panel lists them as sweethearts but they haven’t kissed since Logan’s birthday party. He does stop by almost daily while she’s at work though. What I find hilarious is their panel also lists their relationship as “it’s awkward” I love it! Also, I downloaded a bunch of families from the exchange to populate my towns and I noticed tonight that Maeve and her teen daughter must be walking around in their undies due to me maybe not having downloaded their custom outfits with them. Their listing shows them in proper attire. I love them but when I saw the women walking around like that and the kids looking so perfect I couldn’t help but label them the plastics. They are very interesting neighbors indeed, so thank you to whomever uploaded them! Lacey rolled self assured for her childhood trait which I think suits her perfectly! It’s a trait I’ve never had before and I’ve really been missing out!

Chapter 18 Memory Lane

Good news! I cleaned the dust bunnies from the PC and it isn’t overheating anymore! That’s the only good news you’re going to get in this chapter I’m afraid. Tayler’s talk with Abby and meeting a child Lacey isn’t even going to happen just yet because the events I need to share deserve their own special chapter. Let us begin our walk down memory lane…

Logan Starsze, a young man with chipmunk cheeks and a mischievous streak set out to start a Legacy of his own in Oasis Springs.

He started out with only a few essential belongings placed in the middle of the biggest lot available but that was ok by him. One day a mansion would stand in this very spot and everyone in town would know the Starsze name.

Little did he know he was sitting across from his future wife when he first laid eyes on Mya Ricci at the library.

Her dance moves were horrendous but if you ask Logan this is one of his favorite memories.

Logan & Mya shared their first kiss that very same night and from that moment on they were hooked on each other.

They married in a private ceremony, a knock-knock joke sealing their vows

Not long after getting married they welcomed their first child, a baby boy to the family.

That cheerful boy with the sweet smile would one day grow up and take over the heirship of the Starsze family.

They were doubly blessed again with the birth of their beautiful baby girl, Abigail.

Logan & Abby were as close as brother and sister could possibly be despite being as different as night and day.

Logan loves a good prank and was lucky enough to achieve his lifetime wish of becoming Chief of mischief. Many laughs were had along the way.

His wife, Mya, also achieved her dream of becoming a Freelance Botanist. Her garden will provide fresh fruits and vegetables for the Starsze family for generations to come.

In their twilight years Logan & Mya still looked at one another like a young couple on their honeymoon night.

It is with deep regret that I announce Logan Starsze passed away from old age with his loving daughter by his side.

Two short days later his wife Mya joined him in the afterlife.

She left this world for the next with her family by her side.

They leave behind their daughter, Abigail Starsze

Their son, Gabriel Starsze and his wife Tayler

And granddaughters Amaya and Lacey Starsze

In honor of their beloved founder the family asks that you turn to your nearest sink and beat it into submission with the nearest wrench.


How I will miss my fun loving mischievous Logan and the woman who kept him somewhat grounded. They both achieved so much in just a short generation and the Starsze house won’t be the same without them. Sadly, I will be seeing many more beloved Sims pass throughout the Legacy, but Logan will always be extra special. I have to add, Mya probably would have passed before her husband but she drank her 1 allowed potion of youth. She was 1 promotion away from topping her career and Logan had achieved all of his goals so I let him be free to do as he pleased. Poor Mya passed the night before she would have received that last promotion 😦

Chapter 17 The Broken Baby

Last chapter we learned that Tayler fears failing as a mother due to her own upbringing. Instead of facing her fears head on she has emotionally distanced herself and seems totally unaware that her daughter is suffering because of it. Amaya interrupted the Legacy to make sure we all knew how traumatized she is after walking in on her parent’s doing the hoo. Not long after, Tayler revealed that she is expecting her second child and Amaya was not pleased. Gabe completed his fish collection and achieved his aspiration of Angling Ace a while ago. I haven’t chosen a new one to work on but I am thinking about the Curator because he has the collector bonus trait. I probably won’t have him start a career because nothing really fits him aside from opening a retail shop maybe. I didn’t mention it but Abby achieved her Master Chef aspiration so I chose Master Mixologist to see if I can get another point out of her. It’s fitting because she’s really into the booze nowadays. She still doesn’t seem to have really strong romantic feelings for anyone but I am hoping to have time to send her on some dates soon, she deserves to meet her soul mate. Mav still hopes it turns out to be him by the way!

The results of the pregnancy test were not as Tayler had hoped. She was petrified of screwing up the child she already had, how could she possibly have another?

Gabe “I don’t understand why you’re so upset. Having another baby is great news!”

Tayler “Sure, it’s great news if you actually want another baby.”

Gabe “Please don’t talk like that.”

Tayler “Like what? Gabe, I didn’t want anymore children. I can’t help how I feel I’m sorry.”

Gabe  “You’re hormones aren’t allowing you to think clearly. Just give it some time and you’ll be just as excited as I am, I know it.”

Tayler “Did you seriously just say that to me? Why does everything have to be about hormones to you?”

Gabe “Because maybe I refuse to believe that my wife actually dislikes her own children!”

Gabe “I didn’t mean that, what I meant was.”

Tayler “Oh I heard you loud and clear!”

Gabe “Honey, please…”

Tayler “I swear if you say one more word you’re going to be sleeping on the couch tonight Gabriel, I mean it!”

Abby “Cleaning again?”

Amaya “Yeah, mommy and daddy are fighting about the baby again so I needed a distraction. Can’t we just call the stork and tell him we don’t need a new baby?”

Abby “I think once the stork is on his way it’s a done deal. I bet your dad felt the same way about me but having a brother or sister isn’t really so bad. You always have someone to play with and if you break something you have someone to blame it on. Being the big sister gives you the upper hand when it comes to the art of framing you know.”

Amaya “Did daddy ever do that to you?”

Abby “More times than I can count kid.”

Tayler’s second pregnancy was much harder on her than the first. By her third trimester her stomach was twice as large as it had been with Amaya. She had very little energy and couldn’t stay on her feet for long periods of time.

Prior to having children her marriage to Gabe had been like a fairy tale but things were becoming very strained. His excitement over her expanding waistline was driving her crazy. She wished more than anything that she felt the same way he did, the way that an expectant mother was supposed to feel. She wanted to relish every small kick and daydream about who the baby would look like but all she felt was fear. She loathed her own mother now more than ever. Tayler had always felt despite her upbringing that she had made something of herself. Her childhood was in the past and she could be a happy healthy and most importantly a normal Sim. Foolish pride prevented her from opening up to her husband and sharing the real reasons she was afraid to have another baby.

Instead she took out the anger and frustration on the one Sim she was closest to.

Gabe is cheerful by nature but seeing his wife change so drastically over the last few years is starting to take it’s toll. Blaming pregnancy hormones makes it easier to rationalize but deep down inside he knows there has to be much more going on inside her head. He can upgrade any appliance and repair a broken sink like nobody’s business but fixing a broken Sim isn’t quite so easy but he was willing to try.

After doing extensive research online he realized what seemed to lacking in his marriage was communication. Never once had he asked his wife why she distanced herself from Amaya or why she was so upset about the new baby. Making up excuses was easier than learning the truth. What if he found out it was him? That she felt the marriage was a mistake or she just didn’t love him the way he loved her? The thought of hearing those words was too much to bear but so was living out the rest of his days arguing over every little thing.

Unfortunately, the conversation did not go as planned.

Tayler’s labor came on suddenly and instead of having a heart to heart Gabe found himself rushing his wife to the hospital.

Amaya “Is now a bad time to tell everyone how I feel about this new baby business?”

Despite Amaya’s protests to leave the baby in the hospital nursery for another family to adopt, Gabe returned home with another beautiful daughter. Welcome to the family little Lacey Starsze!

Amaya “Daddy I think you have made a horrible mistake!”

Gabe “Oh? And what would that be?”

Amaya “I think you need to call the stork and have him take Lacey back to the baby factory because she’s broken.”

Gabe “Broken?”

Amaya “Well, you said I was a prefect baby and hardly ever cried but all Lacey does is scream all day long. It’s starting to give me a headache and I know my health is very important to you daddy.”

Gabe “Nice try squirt but your sister isn’t going anywhere.”

Amaya “Fine, then I’ll just have to fix her myself!”

Gabe “What was that?”

Amaya “Oh nothing daddy!”

Amaya “Medical science never fails. I will create a potion to stop that crying if it’s the last thing I do!”

Amaya wasn’t lying, all Lacey does is cry. I’ve read of such a thing in other Legacy families but this is the first time I’ve ever had it happen in my game. She’s fed, changed, played with yet the moment she’s put down in her bassinet she screams. I think someone wants to be the center of attention!

With the strain on his marriage and a colicky baby Gabe was feeling worn down. He did his best to hide it from his family but his younger sister had started to take notice. Finding him taking his aggression out on a pile of stereo scrap on her bedroom floor was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

It was time she had a chat with her sister in law.


My PC needs to be cleared of some dust bunnies so I will have to leave you hanging. I don’t want it to overheat 😦 I wanted to point out that it was never my plan for my poor Gabe to have marriage troubles but I always let my Sims be themselves, even if it isn’t what I had expected. That’s part of the fun of playing the game I think! As you can see from the 1st image, Tayler didn’t get that glow about her that other sims do when they find they are eating for 2. She was scowling and miserable her entire pregnancy and after Amaya and Lacey were born she didn’t rush to tend to them as many of my Sim mothers do. It’s funny how it all seemed to fit with the childhood I envisioned her having when I dug into her family tree.

Coming soon, how does the talk go and will it do any good? Lacey grows up and as a little spoiler I she just may be my favorite Sim to date. Will Amaya feel the same or will there be some sibling rivalry rearing it’s ugly head? We also have some new neighbors and their sole purpose in life seems to be to photobomb my Legacy!

Chapter 16 Childhood Trauma

Welcome back to The Fate in Our Starsze! Last chapter Tayler had an unpleasant encounter with gold-digger Candice, aka her mom. Amaya, the 1st little one of generation 3 was welcomed into the family and Abby found herself at the local watering hole schmoozing it up with Mr. Muscles. It appears that her family has neglected to inform her of Sterling’s demise so the poor thing thinks the age difference was just too much for him.

Little Amaya already has her daddy wrapped around that tiny finger of hers. His heart melts with every sweet smile and he can’t even remember what life was like before she came along.

 Grandpa is also enchanted with his first little grand-princess. As he gazes into her eyes he remembers when his own children were that small. It feels like just yesterday he was a mischievous young boy with a dream of starting a Legacy yet here he is cradling his granddaughter in his arms.

Abby “Alright kid, here’s how it’s gonna go… between the hours of 1 and 1o am there will be none of this crying business. Those are my sleeping hours so all crying should be done while Aunt Abby is at work. If you require a diaper change there are several family members to assist you, but I am not one of them capiche?”

Abby dislikes children but she loves her brother so she’s trying her best to come to terms with the new addition.

Being a new mother was not what Tayler had expected it to be. She thought she would feel somehow complete with Amaya’s arrival and it pained her when she didn’t seem to feel that instant connection that Gabe had with the baby. Gabe blamed it on hormones or a touch of postpartum but it wasn’t any of that. It was fear. She loves her child but the fear was holding her back from truly bonding so instead she disengaged. What did she know about being a mother anyway? Her own mother cared only about money and never the men she shared a bed with or the children she gave birth to. What if her worst fear came true? If she turned out just like her own mother Amaya would loathe her and that was something she just couldn’t bear.

Tayler felt the only time she could truly let go and express herself was in her painting. She spent countless hours at her easel painting the life she wish she could let herself have.

At first Gabe tried to brush things under the rug, pretend he was just being silly and that Tayler just needed a little more time to warm up to being a mother.

But how much time is enough? A little girl needs a mother, not an oversized stuffed bear to guide her through her most impressionable years.

Amaya Starsze grew into a beautiful young lady with her mother’s dark hair and father’s aqua eyes. Some would say she’s an old soul and seems to possess knowledge beyond her years. While most kids her age enjoy the monkey bars or the pirate ship Amaya would much rather be cleaning or studying. I guess you could say she’s an overachiever, a perfectionist without the actual trait. If she’s perfect, if she gets good grades and cleans the house, maybe then mommy will be happy and maybe even give her a hug.

Amaya “Nooooo! Not again! Daaaaadddddyyyyy!”

Gabe “What is it precious?”

Amaya “Just look! Someone smashed my dollhouse again!”

Gabe “Awe, it’s ok. Daddy will fix it.”

Amaya “Who keeps doing this? Why does everyone around here hate me?”

Gabe “Everyone loves you sweetie! Aunt Abby just has a hard time adjusting to having a child in the house. I’ve told you many times, it’s not you. It’s not her fault either, sometimes the trait generator just gives a good Sim a bad roll is all.

Gabe “And you know Grandma loves you! She plays chess with you every day after school.”

Gabe “And papa reads you stories.”

Gabe “And helps you with your homework.”

Amaya “He doesn’t really help me daddy. He always tries to give me the answers, and they’re all wrong! It’s a good thing I already know all that stuff!”

Gabe “You’re a smart girl sweetie, and it’s nice of you to at least let him think he’s helping.”

Amaya “And mommy?”

Gabe “Mommy loves you very much! She has to paint a lot for her aspiration and her work is all. I was lucky to achieve my aspiration when you were just a baby so I have all the time in the world to spend with you.”

Gabe “It’s all fixed! Now we can get back to the adventures of the Buttersworth family.”

Amaya “You’re the best daddy in the whole world, thank you!”

“Stop the Legacy right there!!”


“Something has happened that will only traumatize me pretty much for life and I need to make sure it makes the chapter!”

Ok then, take it away!

“Daddy always tucks me in…ALWAYS! Imagine my horror when bedtime came and he was nowhere in sight! So, I went to look for him and what I found was just unspeakable! I will never be the same, never!”

I tried to look away but I had seen too much!

“I got out of there fast as I could! The only thing more embarrassing than seeing what I saw would be if they knew I saw it!”

“As if all that wasn’t terrible enough, a few days later mommy said she had some news. Mommy never has news, so I knew this could not be good, and it wasn’t! It was the absolute worst news in the entire world! She’s having another baby! How can she even think about having another baby? Needless to say I was not pleased.”

“So that about sums up how my innocence was shattered and my childhood was completely ruined! You can all go back to your Legacy now, I’ll just be hanging out here till my 18th birthday.”


Well, I think I’ll just leave off there then. Next chapter, will we see Amaya again  before she turns 18? How will Tayler handle another baby? The family founders are also getting up there in years, will the Legacy see it’s first family death? I hope not! Also, Amaya’s childhood trait is neat and she has the Whiz Kid aspiration. Both suit her perfectly!

I had nowhere to fit in my shining achievement so I want to share it here before I wrap things up. I have been working on some collections and Gabe finally gave me my first complete set of fishies!!

Chapter 15 Liquid Bravery

Welcome back to The Fate In Our Starsze! Last chapter Tayler announced her pregnancy to Gabe and he was ecstatic to hear the news. Abby decided to take a chance and call Sterling over to test the waters and Gabe was the ever overprotective big brother and plopped his butt right between them as they tried to watch a movie. Sterling ended up passing on due to old age just moments after Abby left for work. Logan blamed the evil sink for Sterling’s demise and  sabotaged every sink in the household and that about sums it up!

Edit*** I started writing this chapter literally months ago! Life got crazy with job changes and I haven’t been able to play Sims in forever! I thought about starting a new Legacy from scratch but I already put so much work into this one and I am determined to stick with it so please bear with me as I get reacquainted with my Sims and used to blogging again! I also have sooooo much Legacy reading to do so please bear with me, I will catch up on all of your amazing stories!

As her pregnancy progressed Tayler found the new demands on her body to be more than she had bargained for. As a painter she was on her feet for a majority of the day and by the time she arrived home her ankles were swollen to the point her shoes were leaving blisters on her feet.

She constantly had to pee and had to literally run to the bathroom several times a day to avoid having an embarrassing accident.

Her growing bump caused her to waddle like a duck and made her back ache.

There was one silver lining and that was the food! Maintaining the perfect figure had always been important to Tayler and she was always very careful about what she ate and how much. Being pregnant meant she could splurge and feel no guilt about going back for seconds or sometimes thirds.

Tayler “What are you doing here?”

Candice “Is that any way to greet your mother?”

Tayler “Oh right, where are my manners? To what do I owe this lovely visit?”

Candice “Can’t a mother drop in to check up on her first grandchild?”

Tayler “Sure, but that sounds nothing like MY mother.”

Candice “Well someone sure is a gwumpy pants today aren’t they? You won’t talk to your grandma like that now will you?”

Candice “Looks like you’ve done pretty well for yourself, handsome hubby, beautiful home, baby on the way. So tell me, how was the wedding that you didn’t invite your own mother to? He didn’t make you sign a prenup did he? And please tell me you made sure he has updated his will”

Tayler “Well you haven’t changed a bit now, have you?”

Candice “I’m only looking out for your best interests darling! Let’s face it, beauty fades and you don’t want to be left penniless and on the streets if that rich hubby of yours decides to trade you in for a new model.”

Tayler “OWWW! Oh…My…Goddess!

Candice “I know it’s unpleasant but us women need to consider these things you know.”

Tayler “N-no, it’s not that it’s OWWWW! Baby….coming…NOW!”

Candice “You’re breathing is all off dear.”

Tayler “GET OUT!!!!”

Tayler was relieved when her mother stormed out of the room without another word and she was able to focus on the task at hand.

Two hours later she was finally cradling her perfect baby girl, Amaya, named after her grandmother. Tayler hoped that the gesture would at least help toward showing Mya how much she cared about her new family, and that she was not the enemy.

After a long day of fishing, Gabe got the good news from his father the moment he walked in the door.

Logan “Congratulations son, she’s beautiful!”

Gabe “She? It’s a girl? I can’t believe it!”

Gabe “Hi there Amaya! I’m your daddy and I’m going to take good care of you! You sure are a pretty little thing aren’t you?”

Gabe loved little Amaya more than anything in the world but that doesn’t mean his patience wasn’t tested when she had him up every two hours for a feeding or a diaper change. Since giving birth, Tayler seemed over exhausted and a bit on the emotional side so Gabe was the one who had to tend to her needs most of the time. Gabe had read all of the pregnancy books though and he knew that her hormones were all out of whack. Things would get back to normal soon, he was sure of it.

Abby was thrilled that her brother was so happy to be a dad but a new baby meant soon there would be a child in the house. Children could be so annoying, always talking and asking why, why, why about everything. Just thinking about it made her tense.  A nice strong mixed drink was great for taking the edge off.

Drinking at home alone didn’t seem to do anything to lighten her mood and Abby soon found herself seated on a barstool across from an extremely attractive bartender. His name-tag read Perry, which she found a very fitting name for what had to be the finest male specimen she had ever seen.

Perry “What’s your poison?”

Abby “Muscles..”

Perry “I don’t think I learned that one in bartending school, what’s in it?”

Abby “In what?”

Abby “Oh, ummmm… I’ll take a Granny Smash please.”

Ugh, some smooth recovery Abby! A Granny Smash?  She thought.

Perry “And to think I had you pegged as a Sweet and Spicy kinda gal!”

Abby “That sounds much better, I’ll have one of those please.”

Perry “I don’t think I’ve seen you here before, do you live around here?”

Abby “Yeah, I guess I don’t get out all that much.”

Perry “I find that hard to believe!”

Abby “Oh? And why is that?”

Perry “A beautiful lady such as yourself has to have guys lined up begging for the chance to take you out.”

Abby “Ha, I wish! Actually the last guy I showed interest in just stopped returning my messages. It’s like he fell off the face of the earth or something.”

Perry “I’m sorry to hear that.”

Abby “It’s ok, we weren’t actually dating or anything. It was foolish of me to think a man his age would ever be interested in me anyway.”

Perry “How old is he? If you don’t mind my asking.”

Abby “I’m not sure exactly, but I think he’s only a couple of years younger than my father.”

Perry “You’re guzzling, it’s either really good or you’re looking to get really wasted!”

Abby “I’ll go with a little of both I guess.”

Perry “You’re witty, I like that in a woman! Look, my shift ended ten minutes ago and I really need to head home but I hope I’ll be seeing you again.”

 Feeling a little liquid bravery, Abby wrote her phone number on a napkin and slipped it across the bar. She didn’t actually think he would ever call, especially after she admitted to being interested in a man old enough to be her father but it was worth a shot.


I think this is a good place to leave off and I promise I will be updating again soon! Next chapter Amaya grows up and we get a deeper look into the changing dynamics of Gabe & Tayler’s marriage now that they are parents. Also, will Abby ever hear from Mr. Muscles?

I have gone through all of my pics and remember what I had planned out so I think getting back into the swing of things will be a lot easier than I had expected. I’m excited to be back ❤