Chapter 19 The Plastics

Last time we took a walk down memory lane and said goodbye to our founders. It was a sad day but I learned from my friend, Cathytea, that life can and does go on after death. I doubt there is a Legacy lover out there that doesn’t know the Goofy Love Legacy but if you haven’t read it yet please check the link on my home page. You won’t regret it! The topic of death actually is a touchy one for me as I am playing for points. I have Drew’s score sheet that I update frequently and one of the point getters is death types. Old age is easy, a fire may happen that is beyond my control, but some of them require creator intervention. could I really do that for points?  If anyone can clarify for me, must the deaths just be on my lot or do they have to be family too? If I can get the points using Sims outside the family maybe just maybe I could go for it.


Tayler has been holding back a secret from her husband. Her mother is a childish materialistic gold digger and her wears those traits like a badge of honor. In her younger years she had constant male suitors, all from wealthy upstanding families. Most were in their glory years and easily fell prey to the beautiful younger woman who made them feel young again. After they passed she inherited everything they had and she managed to survive like this, without ever needing a job. With so many men in her life, accidental pregnancies were bound to happen. She saw her children as an inconvenience when it came to finding her next prey as a result they were neglected and left to fend for themselves. As a result Tayler doesn’t know how to be a real mother and has distanced herself from the children that desperately need her. Her fear is turning her into the one person she never wanted to be, her own mother.

Abby was so close to her brother, Gabe, that she remained in the family home even after he was declared the heir. She began noticing a drastic change in his cheery demeanor and it didn’t take her long to pinpoint what was troubling him. The sounds of the late night fights between Gabe and his wife carried through the house and were heard by all. She bit her tongue and fought the urge to butt in but when things weren’t improving she knew she had to at least try and get through to her sister in law.

Abby “Want me to whip you up a cocktail?”

Tayler “Abby, it’s not even noon yet.”

Abby “Well, I hear it’s 5 o’clock in Midnight Hollow so that’s good enough for me! Anyways, I’ve kinda been wanting to talk to you about something, have a minute?”

Tayler “Sure, what’s up?”

Abby “I hate to pry but it seems like you and Gabe aren’t getting along so well lately. I don’t know if you know this but he’s very sensitive and things affect him a lot more than most Sims. It kills me to see him moping around all the time. He really loves you ya know so whatever it is you guys are fighting about, is it really worth it?”

Tayler “He just, doesn’t understand. Everything is all about my hormones, he says it will get better but h-he just doesn’t get it!”

Abby “Are you sure you’re not suffering from post partum?”

Tayler “It’s not that.”

Abby “Well what is it?”

Tayler “Abby thank you for caring, it’s really sweet of you but I just don’t want to talk about it.”

Abby “So you rather keep it bottled up inside and ruin your marriage? Is it worth that? Is it fair to my brother? We are your family Tayler, and family supports one another. There is absolutely nothing you could say that will change how we feel about you, I hope you know that.”

Tayler “If you must know I never had a real family ok? I don’t know what a real family is or does! I raised myself and my little brother while my so called mother was busy shacking up with anyone on their death bed that she thought could add to her bank account! That’s why your mother hated me, she thought I was just like her and I can’t seem to make anyone happy so maybe I am!”

Abby “Oh Tayler no! Don’t say that, you’re nothing like that at all!”

Tayler “The day Amaya was born, my mother showed up. She thought I married into a Legacy family for the money and ever since then I just can’t get her out of my head. When I married Gabe I thought I was finally free but I know now I’ll never be free. She will always be there even just in my head to ruin everything. I can’t even be around my own children, I just know I will ruin them like she did to me. What right do I have even being a mother? I just don’t know how!”

Abby Tayler, you may not have had a family before but you do now. And you have a husband that would move heaven and earth for you if you asked him to. You’re right, you will never be free if you keep this all bottled up inside. It will just eat away at you but if you let him in I promise you will feel a lot better.”

Tayler “Or I could tell him and he will divorce me on the grounds I’m a total nutcase.”

Abby “Does that really sound like something Gabe would do?”

Tayler “No, I guess you’re right. I’ll talk to him. Thank you Abby, you’re a great Sister!”

Letting someone in on her secret fears felt liberating, like a huge weight was lifted off Tayler’s shoulders. She actually felt a little silly even thinking that Gabe would somehow love her less just because of her mother’s unsavory behavior. Mya thinking that Tayler must be just like her mother hadn’t helped, but having her own children Tayler was now able to understand. A mother’s job is to worry about pretty much anything and everything where their children are concerned.

She opened up and told her husband everything from her childhood to her fears about being a bad mother to her own children. Knowing the torment Tayler had been going through for years broke Gabe’s heart but he was also thrilled to find out that it wasn’t him. If they still had love between them he knew they could conquer anything. They both knew that there was no miracle fix and they would need to divide and conquer Tayler’s fears one step at a time but the hardest part was admitting her fears and she felt so much better knowing she had her life partner by her side to help her through. When things felt rough all Tayler needed to do was remember Abby’s words, that she was part of a real family now and they loved her.

With the giant boulder lifted from her chest, Tayler even found herself laughing and best of all flirting with her husband again.

One aspect they had discussed working on was putting the spark back into their marriage but they both quickly realized that had never really left. Finally, there was a night without fighting in the Starsze household. Let’s hope things start looking up from here on out!

Time sure flies when you’re having fun and before anyone knew it the little broken baby aged up into a very confident and self assured young lady. Lacey Starsze is a little girl that could care less what anyone thinks about her. She feels good about herself and if she wants to wear a sweater with a big old lizard on the front with bright pink knee high boots and adorn her head with an owl no one is going to stop  her.

Gabe “Why are you wearing those glasses? Your eyes are just fine.”

Lacey “Because they are just me, and no one else as school would dare wear bright yellow glasses, someone’s gotta do it dad!”


Gabe “I’m sorry I just don’t get it. And did your mother say you could wear those pants to school? It looks like you rolled around in your mom’s paint palette.”

Lacey “It’s best you don’t try to understand me daddy. I’m a one of a kind original! And I did roll around in mommy’s paint, the pants were far too boring so I had to Laceyize them a bit.”

Now that Lacey had grown up a bit, Amaya was slightly more tolerant of her sister. They both had the Whiz Kid aspiration so at least she always had someone to play chess with. Maybe her aunt had been just a little bit right after all, but only a little. Amaya didn’t see herself ever being the best of friends with her sister, instead she was determined to be better. She wanted to achieve her aspiration, and secretly hoped her sister failed, that would surely make her the best and front runner for taking over the helm as heir one day. What she failed to notice is that Lacey could care less about some silly aspiration. She just did whatever suited her that moment and felt good about her carefree way of life.

Both sisters were however, very interested in the moving van they had seen pull up to the mansion across the street that morning. The mansion had been standing there long before their grandfather, Logan, had even moved to Oasis Springs yet no one had ever actually lived in it.

It wasn’t long before the family got their first glimpse of their new neighbors. They seemed very different from most families in town. For starters, the mother and teen daughter both wore the exact same outfit and it was not exactly appropriate attire to be wearing outside ones closed doors. The girls felt sure the lady of the house had some nipping and tucking done, she didn’t look a day older than her daughter who had to be at least 18 years younger. To be completely honest, you can’t even tell them apart!

Gabe “So uh, I’m uh, not quite sure how to put this, but I have young children that play out here and I was thinking that just maybe you wouldn’t mind uh, covering up a little.”

 Maeve “Excuse me? I will have you know my husband, the surgeon, poured his heart and soul into creating this body and I intend to be a walking billboard of his greatness!”

Lacie C “Mommy, there you are!”

Maeve “Sweetie, remember what we talked about ok? You are to call me Mrs. Cavanaugh in public. I certainly can’t be seen as old enough to have a child of your age now can I?”

Lacie “Of course not mo-er- Mrs. Cavanaugh.”

It turns out the Cavanaugh’s also have 2 children about the same age as the Starsze girls. A daughter named Lacie and a son, Damien Their names are irrelevant to the Starsze girls though. They just call the entire family the plastics for obvious reasons. (The neighbor sharing a name with one of my girls is a bit inconvenient, I will do my best to remember to use either an S or C initial if both girls are mentioned)

The Plastics aren’t really so great at playing pirate ship. Lacie C is too afraid of getting her pretty pink dress dirty and Damien doesn’t understand the mechanics of the cannon.

Lacey does think Damien is a cutie but that information is to be kept top secret and classified. She doesn’t want anyone to know about her secret crush on one of the Plastics, it would result in endless torment from her older sister.

He’s not a great pirate but he is really good at picking out cloud shaped animals in the sky and giving them goofy names.

Lacie C “Hey guys, can I play?”

Lacey S … Crap, she saw me! Maybe if I stand still enough she’ll think I’m a statue and go away

Lacie C “MOOOOMM! Damien and Lacey won’t play with meeeee!”

Maeve “What did you just call me?”

Amaya “Welcome to my house! Now who are you and why are you here?”

Maverick “Is Abby home?”

Amaya “She’s at work, but you can go inside and wait for her if you want to.”

Abby “Worst day ever! I spend hours upon hours making excellent dishes and no promotion? Who do these people think they are?”

Maverick “Hey Abby! I’ve missed you!”

Abby “NOT a good time Mav!”

Maverick “There’s never a good time with you! I have called you every day for a month and not once have you thought to return my call! Our relationship panel says we’re sweethearts, does that not mean anything to you?”

Abby “Look, I don’t want to fight with you. I had a really bad day at work and all I want to do is crawl into bed and forget this day ever existed. Now is not the time to discuss our relationship panel, with the mood I’m in it won’t end well for you!”

Maverick “Ok, ok I’m sorry! I’ll go but would you please at least call me tomorrow?”

Abby “Yeah sure, I’ll give you a call when I get up.”

Abby “Let him in when I’m not home? I hope you don’t mind me taking my aggression out on your precious little dollhouse then! Let this be a lesson to all, you don’t mess with Abby Starsze!”


Next time, how are things going with Gabe & Tayler after their discussion? Will Maeve ever put on clothes? Will Abby actually call Mav? And another little surprise!

A few side notes. Abby & Mav’s relationship panel lists them as sweethearts but they haven’t kissed since Logan’s birthday party. He does stop by almost daily while she’s at work though. What I find hilarious is their panel also lists their relationship as “it’s awkward” I love it! Also, I downloaded a bunch of families from the exchange to populate my towns and I noticed tonight that Maeve and her teen daughter must be walking around in their undies due to me maybe not having downloaded their custom outfits with them. Their listing shows them in proper attire. I love them but when I saw the women walking around like that and the kids looking so perfect I couldn’t help but label them the plastics. They are very interesting neighbors indeed, so thank you to whomever uploaded them! Lacey rolled self assured for her childhood trait which I think suits her perfectly! It’s a trait I’ve never had before and I’ve really been missing out!


2 thoughts on “Chapter 19 The Plastics

  1. Woot! Go Abby! I’m so glad that she stepped in and gave Tayler the push she needed to open up. It looks like things are improving between her and her husband 🙂 What I would love to see now is Tayler reaching out and trying to connect with her daughters. I can imagine it may be difficult and awkward at first, but I remain hopeful that she’ll be able to do it.

    Lacey is so cute and funny! I can see why you said before that you liked her so much. It’s still a bit early to be calling favorites, but she definitely has an instant soft spot in my heart.

    The Plastics sure are interesting neighbors! I’ll looking forward to seeing what else happens with them, especially since Lacey has her eye set on one of them! Hehehe. That photo of them watching clouds together is so cute.

    Also LOL I didn’t know that the relationship panel could say things like “It’s awkward.” That’s such a funny little addition xD Well, maybe that’ll change now?? I guess I’ll just have to see what happens! 😉


    • I didn’t know the panel could say that either! It reminds me of a Facebook status LOL I love both girls but they are soooo different. Amaya is more mature and knowledge excites her and Lacey is a free spirit. Lacey reminds me of Aspen from Goofy Love Legacy in a way. I see her as just wanting to be Lacey and not caring about aspirations or being best at anything. The Plastics crack me up! When they first came over I was so confused because I know I didn’t download anyone wearing only underwear. They NEVER change clothes either. Lacey hit it off with Damien quickly but not so much with Lacie C. I imagine she doesn’t relate to the girly girl type and she’s more like one of the boys. Goodness, my sims have such big personalities in my head!

      Liked by 1 person

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