Chapter 15 Liquid Bravery

Welcome back to The Fate In Our Starsze! Last chapter Tayler announced her pregnancy to Gabe and he was ecstatic to hear the news. Abby decided to take a chance and call Sterling over to test the waters and Gabe was the ever overprotective big brother and plopped his butt right between them as they tried to watch a movie. Sterling ended up passing on due to old age just moments after Abby left for work. Logan blamed the evil sink for Sterling’s demise and  sabotaged every sink in the household and that about sums it up!

Edit*** I started writing this chapter literally months ago! Life got crazy with job changes and I haven’t been able to play Sims in forever! I thought about starting a new Legacy from scratch but I already put so much work into this one and I am determined to stick with it so please bear with me as I get reacquainted with my Sims and used to blogging again! I also have sooooo much Legacy reading to do so please bear with me, I will catch up on all of your amazing stories!

As her pregnancy progressed Tayler found the new demands on her body to be more than she had bargained for. As a painter she was on her feet for a majority of the day and by the time she arrived home her ankles were swollen to the point her shoes were leaving blisters on her feet.

She constantly had to pee and had to literally run to the bathroom several times a day to avoid having an embarrassing accident.

Her growing bump caused her to waddle like a duck and made her back ache.

There was one silver lining and that was the food! Maintaining the perfect figure had always been important to Tayler and she was always very careful about what she ate and how much. Being pregnant meant she could splurge and feel no guilt about going back for seconds or sometimes thirds.

Tayler “What are you doing here?”

Candice “Is that any way to greet your mother?”

Tayler “Oh right, where are my manners? To what do I owe this lovely visit?”

Candice “Can’t a mother drop in to check up on her first grandchild?”

Tayler “Sure, but that sounds nothing like MY mother.”

Candice “Well someone sure is a gwumpy pants today aren’t they? You won’t talk to your grandma like that now will you?”

Candice “Looks like you’ve done pretty well for yourself, handsome hubby, beautiful home, baby on the way. So tell me, how was the wedding that you didn’t invite your own mother to? He didn’t make you sign a prenup did he? And please tell me you made sure he has updated his will”

Tayler “Well you haven’t changed a bit now, have you?”

Candice “I’m only looking out for your best interests darling! Let’s face it, beauty fades and you don’t want to be left penniless and on the streets if that rich hubby of yours decides to trade you in for a new model.”

Tayler “OWWW! Oh…My…Goddess!

Candice “I know it’s unpleasant but us women need to consider these things you know.”

Tayler “N-no, it’s not that it’s OWWWW! Baby….coming…NOW!”

Candice “You’re breathing is all off dear.”

Tayler “GET OUT!!!!”

Tayler was relieved when her mother stormed out of the room without another word and she was able to focus on the task at hand.

Two hours later she was finally cradling her perfect baby girl, Amaya, named after her grandmother. Tayler hoped that the gesture would at least help toward showing Mya how much she cared about her new family, and that she was not the enemy.

After a long day of fishing, Gabe got the good news from his father the moment he walked in the door.

Logan “Congratulations son, she’s beautiful!”

Gabe “She? It’s a girl? I can’t believe it!”

Gabe “Hi there Amaya! I’m your daddy and I’m going to take good care of you! You sure are a pretty little thing aren’t you?”

Gabe loved little Amaya more than anything in the world but that doesn’t mean his patience wasn’t tested when she had him up every two hours for a feeding or a diaper change. Since giving birth, Tayler seemed over exhausted and a bit on the emotional side so Gabe was the one who had to tend to her needs most of the time. Gabe had read all of the pregnancy books though and he knew that her hormones were all out of whack. Things would get back to normal soon, he was sure of it.

Abby was thrilled that her brother was so happy to be a dad but a new baby meant soon there would be a child in the house. Children could be so annoying, always talking and asking why, why, why about everything. Just thinking about it made her tense.  A nice strong mixed drink was great for taking the edge off.

Drinking at home alone didn’t seem to do anything to lighten her mood and Abby soon found herself seated on a barstool across from an extremely attractive bartender. His name-tag read Perry, which she found a very fitting name for what had to be the finest male specimen she had ever seen.

Perry “What’s your poison?”

Abby “Muscles..”

Perry “I don’t think I learned that one in bartending school, what’s in it?”

Abby “In what?”

Abby “Oh, ummmm… I’ll take a Granny Smash please.”

Ugh, some smooth recovery Abby! A Granny Smash?  She thought.

Perry “And to think I had you pegged as a Sweet and Spicy kinda gal!”

Abby “That sounds much better, I’ll have one of those please.”

Perry “I don’t think I’ve seen you here before, do you live around here?”

Abby “Yeah, I guess I don’t get out all that much.”

Perry “I find that hard to believe!”

Abby “Oh? And why is that?”

Perry “A beautiful lady such as yourself has to have guys lined up begging for the chance to take you out.”

Abby “Ha, I wish! Actually the last guy I showed interest in just stopped returning my messages. It’s like he fell off the face of the earth or something.”

Perry “I’m sorry to hear that.”

Abby “It’s ok, we weren’t actually dating or anything. It was foolish of me to think a man his age would ever be interested in me anyway.”

Perry “How old is he? If you don’t mind my asking.”

Abby “I’m not sure exactly, but I think he’s only a couple of years younger than my father.”

Perry “You’re guzzling, it’s either really good or you’re looking to get really wasted!”

Abby “I’ll go with a little of both I guess.”

Perry “You’re witty, I like that in a woman! Look, my shift ended ten minutes ago and I really need to head home but I hope I’ll be seeing you again.”

 Feeling a little liquid bravery, Abby wrote her phone number on a napkin and slipped it across the bar. She didn’t actually think he would ever call, especially after she admitted to being interested in a man old enough to be her father but it was worth a shot.


I think this is a good place to leave off and I promise I will be updating again soon! Next chapter Amaya grows up and we get a deeper look into the changing dynamics of Gabe & Tayler’s marriage now that they are parents. Also, will Abby ever hear from Mr. Muscles?

I have gone through all of my pics and remember what I had planned out so I think getting back into the swing of things will be a lot easier than I had expected. I’m excited to be back ❤


6 thoughts on “Chapter 15 Liquid Bravery

  1. Oh yay!!!! I’m so glad you’re back! *tackles* lol. I’m really glad that you decided not to start a new legacy from scratch because I think you’ve done an awesome job with this one so far and I’ve enjoyed the characters you’ve created so much! Though I did need to go back and quickly refresh my memory as to who’s who, going back reminded me just how awesome this blog is, so yay for continuing it! ^_^

    WOW Tayler’s mom sure is something—criticizing her daughter’s breathing WHILE SHE IS IN LABOR. Oiy, and she wonders why she wasn’t invited to the wedding.

    Aww, little Amaya! I really like that name ❤ Hopefully Gabe is right and things will “get back to normal” with Tayler. Of course, him stating that “he was sure of it” made me a little nervous! Eep!

    Aww, Abby. That is definitely one FINE specimen of a man, hoo boy! OMG though she still doesn’t know Sterling DIED. Oh girl, he did not purposefully abandon you! Yikes, lol. Still, maybe she’ll have a bit more luck with love this time around….just as long as she keeps her new man away from evil sinks 😉

    Great update and once again I’m really glad that you’re back!! ❤


    • Thank you!! I was really on the fence but I’m so attached to the Starsze family I decided I couldn’t just leave them suspended in Sim space.

      Abbys family seems to have forgot to mention what happened to Sterling so as far as she knows he’s ignoring her. Hopefully she’s luckier with Mr. Muscles but I don’t even know how that will play out yet, I like to let my Sims take the lead with romance. She should consider meeting him outside the house seeing Gabe tends to intrude on all of her romantic attempts.

      Gabe knows having a child can make for one hormonal wife, hopefully that’s all that’s going on as I’m sure he doesn’t want to hear the I told you so from mom. Being maternal may not come so easy considering how she was raised by a selfish gold digger

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  2. Ah!!! Look who it is!! This was so fun to find on my updates this morning.

    Welcome back. I’m excited for the nooboo and the next generation!

    Abby is such a funny woman! I really love her and the way she carries herself. And yay for Taylor and Gabe. Hopefully they can get into a new routine with the nooboo there.

    Ah! I’m just so excited to see you back here. Much love!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for the warm welcome back!! I’m a huge Abby fan myself, she’s so much fun to play in game. I’m looking forward to watching Amaya grow and see which traits she ends up with. I know her 1st trait and a bit about her current personality but that can all change with a wacky trait roll 🙂

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