Chapter 14 The Sink Did It

Before I start the chapter I have solved the mystery of my missing screenshots. I was going through looking for some pics I wanted to use but again, they were gone. I started poking around in my folders and low and behold there they were, in my video folder! Instead of hitting C I must have clicked V. Serves me right for playing in the dark. I wanted to share this in case anyone else had the same issue, check your videos!

Last chapter Gabe married his sweetheart, Tayler, in an intimate ceremony at home. Losing her baby boy to another woman was tough on Mya and she went digging for any info on the Burdette family that she could find. She pulled a background check and discovered that Tayler’s mother has a criminal record for swindling men out of their money. Abby gave Maverick the cold shoulder at the wedding and focused her attentions on Sterling, the elderly caterer instead. Last but certainly not least, Tayler discovered that she is expecting her first child which came with mixed emotions due to her conflict with Mya.

Tayler “Honey, we need to talk.”

Gabe “Awwe man! What did I do?”

Tayler “I guess that wasn’t exactly the best way to start off this conversation now was it? It’s just, well I have some news.”

Tayler “Surprise, we’re pregnant!”

Gabe “No way, really? Oh wow!”

Tayler “Are you happy? Please tell me you’re happy because I could really use some happy today.”

Gabe “Are you kidding me? I’m more than happy. I’m over the moon ecstatic!”

Gabe’s reaction to the pregnancy left Tayler in much better spirits and she was able to start feeling genuinely excited about the new addition to the family.

Mya “You’re looking mighty fine today husband of mine.”

Logan “You want to drag me to the bedroom and have your way with me, don’t you?”

Mya “Oh my, what a dirty old man you are!”

Logan “Rawr!”

Abby “Um, you guys do realize I’m sitting right here right?”

Sitting in such close proximity to her parent’s naughty exchange was a bit awkward but Abby couldn’t help but to smile. To be together for all those years and still be so in love is something not everyone is lucky enough to experience. While the thought was heartwarming it was also a reminder that aside from a drunken kiss she had no experience in the romance department. Her life had been centered around cooking and learning to mix drinks and she never bothered to get out and meet anyone. In a way she was afraid to commit to a long term relationship because most men her age hoped to have children of their own one day which  was something she didn’t think she would be willing to give. Just the thought of children and their very presence was enough to make her squirm. No, motherhood was just not for her, nor would it ever be. There was one person she could think of that wouldn’t put her in the predicament of having that awkward discussion about whether or not to have children. At his age children would most certainly be off the table. She decided maybe she should invite Sterling over to visit, just to see if maybe that spark she felt at Gabe’s wedding was real or just the result of the overly mushy wedding atmosphere.

Sterling “So what’s this big cooking emergency”

Abby “Oh yeah, that. Um, I was trying out that chicken recipe you showed me and I totally forgot which spices you said to use. Silly me, so forgetful!”

Sterling “I see. And silly you forgot about the text messaging feature on your cell phone?”

Abby “Gosh, I sure am pretty silly aren’t I? Well, since you’re already here would you like to hang out and watch a movie? I don’t have to be to work for a couple of hours.”

Sterling “You don’t want to finish making the chicken?”

Abby “Well I would, but I just remembered that I forgot to pick up the roaster chicken when I was at the store.”

Sterling “Either you have an amazing sense of humor or you’re the most forgetful girl on the planet. Regardless, I would love to stay and watch a movie with you.”

Gabe “Oh hey guys! This seat taken?”

Abby “Seriously Gabe?”

Gabe “What? Oh I love this movie!”

Abby “Aren’t you missing prime fishing hours or something?”

Gabe “Nah! I’m sure the fish will still be biting after the movie is over and besides, don’t you miss hanging out with your big brother?”

Gabe “Sniff. The ending gets me every time, so romantic.”

Abby “I’ll give you something to really cry about!”

Gabe “Would you look at the time? You had better get heading to work sister dear! You wouldn’t want to be late.”

Abby “Haha yeah, time sure flies when you’re having fun doesn’t it? I’ll see you again soon Sterling?”

Sterling “I could never say no to a damsel in distress and maybe next time you will remember to buy the food!”

Abby took off for work making a mental note to kill her brother later. Less than five minutes later…..

Logan “Sir? Are you feeling alright? Sir?”

Mya “Honey, is everything alri… oh my!”

Mya begged the Reaper to spare the life of the man that lay dying in her living room but her pleas fell on deaf ears.

Gabe “This is so not my fault!”

Logan  “WHYYYY? I was having a perfectly lovely afternoon and then BAM! Next thing you know my daughter is hanging out with a man old enough to be her father and he has to go and drop dead in my living room!

Logan “What’s that? The sink did it?

Logan “They all think I’m crazy, going senile, but I’m onto you! But how did you do it? Probably triggered a heart attack using some electrical pulse from the television didn’t you?”

Sink “Drip”

Logan “You’re not telling huh? Typical! Well I have ways to make you talk!”

Logan “Say hello to my little friend!”

Logan “And don’t think there isn’t more where that came from!”

Logan “Well, that’s the last of em!”

Gabe “Alright dad, step aside, I am fixing the sink.”

Logan “Fine, be my guest but don’t you dare say I didn’t warn you!”

Gabe “And I appreciate the warning, really I do but I think I’ll have to take my chances on this one.”

Logan “And mop up this mess while you’re at it!”


Next chapter I promise, there will be a baby! How will Mya take the big news? Will Abby ever find romance or will Gabe continue to intrude on every attempt she makes? He really is such a protective older brother! Until then, Happy Simming!


4 thoughts on “Chapter 14 The Sink Did It

  1. Yay, I’m so glad that Gabe took the news so well. Tayler really needed that little boost of happiness ^_^

    Also, Sterling dropped dead in their living room RIGHT after Abby had decided that maybe could be something between them!? Spark, or no spark, that’s totally awful D: Poor things, both of them!

    I was glad for the Logan sink-sabotage scene at the end there. Sure made me laugh! Every picture in that sequence had me cracking up so much. BAD SINK. You deserved what you got! You’ve traumatized poor little Abby for life!!


    • Sterling’s death came as a huge shock! When I heard the music I thought it was Logan’s time as his life bar has been full for a while now so I got really nervous! I had no clue what to do with Sterling’s grave either so right now it’s sitting in Gabe’s inventory.

      Logan’s sink sabotage was extremely fun for me. He really gets into it and looks so smug when the sink breaks, then he freaks out because of the mess LOVE it!


  2. I love this legacy! I read all the chapters in one sitting, you’re amazingly talented at writing. It will be great to see Gabe and Tayler’s baby, and hopefully Tayler and Mya work out their problems. It could be very interesting if they have to raise the next generation with those two not getting along. Logan’s obsession with sinks is so funny, his poor family doesn’t know what to think xD Poor Abby, she’s not having much luck with her love life huh? She needs to find a nice guy with the Dislikes Children trait to settle down with. Anyways, lovely legacy! I can’t wait to read more 🙂


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