Chapter 12 Passing the Torch

Welcome back! Last chapter Gabe and Tayler became an official couple. Logan reached the top of the Tech Guru (Entrepreneur branch) career. He promptly retired top devote his time to achieving his aspiration of Chief of Mischief. Mya finally achieved her goal of becoming a Freelance Botanist. She is very close to topping her career as a writer as well. Gabe & Abby are also cruising along with their aspirations, I have some very productive sims! Abby kissed Maverick at her parent’s birthday party and may have taken things even farther had Gabe not interrupted. Mav was walking on air but does Abby really feel the same?

I can hardly believe that my last gen 2 baby is becoming a young adult. Abby chose to celebrate with only family in attendance. The events of the last party were still weighing heavily on her mind and she wasn’t in a hurry to see Maverick again so soon. She likes him very much but at this point in her life she is focused on her career and aspiration goals and doesn’t want a relationship holding her back.

After the candles were blown out it was time for a very important family discussion.

Logan “Let’s face it kiddos, your mother and I aren’t getting any younger so the time has come to choose who will carry on the family name. Becoming the heir to the Starsze legacy is a huge responsibility. When your mother and I first met I was living here on this lot with only a bed and fridge to my name. We have worked hard to build this lovely home and set aside a savings to ensure you are both cared for after we’re gone and our heir will have to work just as hard. Gabe, you have grown into such an outgoing confident young man and I couldn’t be any prouder to call you my son. Abby, you are a domestic goddess in the kitchen and I don’t think I’ve ever met a more creative sim. I am truly blessed to have you as my daughter. I wish I could choose the both of you but that’s not how it works so I have decided that the heirship will go to you Gabe, congratulations!”

Gabe “Oh wow, thanks dad!”

Mya “This day came way too fast! It seems like yesterday I was changing your little diapers and now both my babies are all grown up. Abby, I want to make sure you know that just because Gabe was chosen as the heir that doesn’t mean we love you any less darling. It was an agonizing choice but ultimately your father and I didn’t think you were ready to settle down and start a family of your own just yet.”

Abby “Are you kidding me? I don’t think I want a family of my own like ever! I’m relieved you chose Gabe, really I am! Congrats big bro!”

Mya “That went well!”

Logan “And to think you stayed up all night worrying.”

Mya “Well one of us has to worry about the fate of our entire legacy mister!”

Logan “It’s out of our hands now my love. We did all we possibly could to build a rock solid foundation and now all we can do is hope for the best.”

Mya “I think that has to be one of the smartest things you have ever said Mr. Starsze.”

Logan “Oh, I’m plenty smart woman!”

Mya “Are you now?”

Logan “You don’t wanna mess with me!”

Mya “And if I do?”

Logan “Then you leave me no choice, prepare for the ultimate tickle torture!”

Mya “No stop! I’ll pee myself I swear!”

Logan “That just makes it even funnier!”

Gabe “I’m just cleaning over here, don’t mind me!”

Logan “Now don’t tell your mother I told you this, she wouldn’t like me scaring you but you must be warned!”

Abby “Warned about what dad?”

Gabe “Oh gosh, this doesn’t sound good.”

Logan “Shhh! We must whisper, they don’t know I’m onto em yet.”

Abby “Onto who?”

Logan “The sink, and I’m pretty sure the oven is in on it too. It was looking at me funny this morning.”

Abby “Uh huh.”

Logan “I may be old but I’m far from crazy! You need to listen closely and find a way to beat em when the time comes. I’m pretty sure the sink is their leader so when it all goes down, go after it first.”

Abby “Daddy I have no clue what you’re talking about. Gabe a little help here?”

Gabe “I got nothing.”

Mya “Honey, I think maybe it’s time for a nice cup of tea, and maybe one of those blue pills the doctor prescribed you.”

Logan “Boo!”

Maverick “Uh, h-hello Mr. Starsze sir.”

Logan “Mr. Starsze isn’t home right now. Nobody here but us bears!”

Maverick “Right, so sorry. Hello Mr. Bear sir.”

Logan “Rawr!”

Logan “Attention everyone, I have a very important announcement here! You may all now refer to me by the name Chief of Mischief. I have been granted the abilities to sabotage any appliance at will, those suckers and their little toaster armies don’t stand a chance now!”

Gabe “Apple pie, the breakfast of champions! Can’t miss the most important meal of the day on what’s only going to be the best day of my entire life! At least I hope.”

Gabe “I’ve been waiting for you. Come sit here next to me.”

Gabe “I’ve missed you Tay.”

Tayler “Awwe, you’re so sweet! But you just saw me yesterday silly!”

Gabe “Exactly, it’s been way too long since I’ve seen that beautiful face. I was thinking we could take a walk in the park, just the two of us.”

Tayler “I would like that!”

Gabe “Remember the day we first met, right in this very park?”

Tayler “I thought you would never put down that fishing pole! I walked by a least a dozen times hoping you would look up and notice me.”

Gabe “You did?”

Tayler “Mmmhumm”

Gabe “There is a reason I wanted to bring you back here tonight.”

Tayler “Oh? What’s that?”

Gabe “Tayler Burdette I never imagined in a million years I would meet anyone that could make me weak in the knees and give me butterflies the way you do. I never want this feeling to end and I never want to be without you by my side. Would you do me the great honor of becoming my wife?”

Tayler “Oh my gosh, it’s beautiful!”

Tayler “Of course I will marry you!”

Tayler “This ring is just perfect! I can hardly wait for the wedding, I can just see it now. All eyes on me as I walk down the aisle looking absolutely fabulous. Oh, and I’ll need to invite everyone I know, they will all be green with envy. No wedding will ever be able to compare I just know it!”

Next chapter, a wedding! Tayler’s traits will be revealed, she has 2 that are rather dominant and the third I don’t see so much. Maybe the start of gen 3? I really am starting to miss the pitter patter of little feet in the house. Abby’s YA trait was hot headed so I am interested to see how that works out with her hates children trait once we have a little one in the house. What will become of poor Maverick? Will Abby continue to avoid him or will the wedding joy rub off on her and cause her to rethink her current stance on relationships? I am getting those dreaded notices that time is almost up for Logan and Mya. How long until the reaper delivers me a crushing blow? Until then, happy Simming!


8 thoughts on “Chapter 12 Passing the Torch

  1. This was such a lovely chapter!

    I was hoping Abby would roll ambitious, but ah well, Gabe will do wonderfully as heir! The conversation at the dinner table was great 🙂 Also, senile Logan? Amazing. Before we have to say goodbye to him, I want him to have a full out war with a sink. It would be GLORIOUS.

    Tayler and Gabe make such a cute couple 😀 I can’t wait to see their babies!


    • Abby would have made a very interesting heir! Gabe’s traits are better suited but the most fun generations can be when you have a more unstable unpredictable sim at the helm. I’m sure that will happen sooner or later. I’m not so sure Logan is really senile, this is Logan so he has a grand time making people think that he’s lost his mind 🙂 He does seem to have a thing for those sinks though! He had to clog so many of them for his aspiration I guess it only makes sense they would want revenge.

      Request for epic sink battle noted!


  2. You did a great job with the first generation! Lots of goals met and an awesome family besides. I too find myself dreading the appearance of the reaper because I love Logan and Mya so much! Elder Logan especially cracks me up–poor thing XD

    Tayler and Gabe definitely seem sweet though, so I’m looking forward to seeing their lives together ❤ I'm sure they won't disappoint!


    • I’ve put off opening the game the past few days dreading the reaper coming. I had a scare last play session but all was ok. They have been awesome founders.

      Gabe is very sweet, I am really attached to him. I think I have a good read now on Tayler so you will get to see what type of sim she is. So far what I have included of her has been rather basic but I did throw in a couple of hints on what you can expect 🙂


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