Chapter 11 They All Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

I apologize it has taken me so long to post this. I got really sick and I am finally interested in sitting at the computer again. I have also been super tired and most of my simming is late at night so the kiddos don’t drive me crazy! I could have written this yesterday of course but I downloaded bejeweled 3 off Origin when it was free and I was on a mission to beat quest mode. I am  pleased to announce my victory!

Jumping right back in, last chapter Logan tormented a hooker in the park, Abby was rebuffed by Chris Wilder, Gabe met Tayler Burdette, Maverick boozed it up, and Gabe had his adult birthday party.  A lot of events for one sentence! The next generation will be taking over very soon but the heir will not be known until we see what Abby rolls at her next birthday. (I don’t think I mentioned, but the party was another silver because Abby couldn’t make a roast chicken. I am really starting to think my game likes messing with me!) If she rolls ambitious she takes the heirship. If not, Gabe as the eldest will take the reins and lead us into the next generation.

Before I get started on the update I have a very sad announcement to make. Hirondelle, you may have noticed Jenny was missing from the last birthday party. When I went to invite her she wasn’t in the list of available guests. I searched and searched and it looks like Jenny has become the latest victim of disappearing townie syndrome. Sadly this is the last pic I have of Jenny, it’s like she knew what was coming. I will be setting up a Go Fund Me page for donations in hopes that we can find a cure. It’s too late for Jenny but hopefully we can save others from this fate.

Jenny, you came so close to co founding this Legacy and you totally rock that banana dress! You will be missed.

We will now return to our regularly scheduled program in which another Legacy birthday is taking place.

Logan “No, I won’t do it. I refuse!”

Mya “Aging isn’t optional darling. If you don’t blow out your candles it’s still going to happen.”

Gabe “Please don’t mind my parents Tayler, they grow on you I promise.”

Maverick “Ahhhh, a fully stocked bar!”

It looks like poor Mya is having second thoughts herself. She’s looking at that cake like it’s going to jump up and bite her face off!

Mya “I can’t look, how bad is it?”

Logan apparently decided he was going to age up on his own terms and blew out his candles before I could take a pic. It also looks like Abby and Mav are three sheets to the wind already!

Abby “For He’s a jolly good fellow!”

Logan “I think my back is out, immediate assistance required!”

Maverick “I’ll have another round please bartender!”

Abby “Yeah lady, keep em  flowin!”

Abby “So, you come here often?”

Maverick “As a matter of fact I do!”

Abby “I happen to be a regular too, I don’t know how I didn’t notice someone as handsome as you before.”

Maverick “Must be the suit!”

Abby “How about one more drinkey-poo and then we can go hang out somewhere more private? “

Maverick “Gulp, y-yes please!”

Abby “You’re hot, I’m definitely hot we should totally make out!”

Maverick “It’s happening! I can’t believe this is finally happening!”

Gabe “Don’t mind me, just cleaning up over here!”

Maverick “Way to block man, geez!”

Abby “Holy llamas, what have I done? I-I don’t feel so well. Heading to bed bye now!”

Gabe “And my big brother job here is done!”

Logan “Curse this old man bladder! I’ll just have to stop here and see if I can use the bathroom.”

Logan “Much better! Now to just leave them a parting gift!”

Logan “Would you look at this mess? What kind of filthy people live here?”

It appears that Logan has gone slightly senile in his advanced age.

Logan “Excuse me, but have you seen how disgusting your bathroom is? You should really clean it once in a while!”

Logan “Oh there you are Mya, I was so worried!”

Mya “Worried about what dear?”

Logan “The end is coming!”

Mya “The end of what?”

Logan “Only of all life as we know it! Just today a bathroom sink tried to kill me! It’s the appliances Mya, they are striking back and they want to take over our planet and make us their slaves!”

Mya “Exactly how many of those have you had?”

Logan “How many of what?”

Mya “Don’t you act smart with me mister! That isn’t your first drink now is it?”

Logan “Drink? I haven’t been drinking! The bar, it must be one of them and it’s trying to frame me!”

Mya “Oh dear…”

Gabe “Thank you for the boost of confidence my little fishies! This is going to be the best date ever and it’s all because of you!”

 I think someone is getting a little too close to his fishy friends but I suppose I can’t blame him as fishing does eat up most of his time. Gabe doesn’t even have a job, he eats, sleeps, and breathes fishing. I am hoping when the new careers come out in December there is something that suits him as there are no career choices that do currently.

Gabe “Tayler! Thank you for coming. Gosh you smell good!”

Gabe “What’s wrong?”

Tayler “Gabriel Starsze is that fish I smell? You told me this date would be perfect.”

Gabe “And it will be, you got here a little early is all. I’ll just finish washing up and we can have dinner.”

Gabe “My sister is quite a cook huh?”

Tayler “I personally would’ve used an extra dash of sage, it really perfects the dish, but this is still very good!”

Gabe “You know what I think is perfect?”

Tayler “What?”

Gabe “You.”

Tayler “You’re too sweet!”

And there is that look again. I can’t get over the way he looks at Tayler, I could take a million pictures of it and they would all make me smile!

Gabe “A perfect rose for my perfect girl. At least I’m hoping you’ll be mine.”

Tayler “How could a girl say no to that?”

The new couple seals the deal with their very first kiss.

Before I end the chapter I have 2 very exciting announcements. Well, exciting to me at least. First, This picture was taken when my Logan topped the Tech Guru career. Great job!

Here he is enjoying the fruit of his labors, the colossal flat screen TV.

And here he is retiring so he can focus all of his energy on becoming the chief of mischief. He needs to clog a few more drains and max out the mischief skill, so close I can taste it!

Here is Mya finally achieving the freelance botanist aspiration. This one was NOT easy. And yes, Logan likes to do  push ups while his wife gardens, somehow I don’t think that is at all surprising.

Next chapter Abby ages up and the new heir will officially take over. Was her kiss with Mav a drunken mistake or something more? I’m sure we will be seeing more of Tayler. Some of you may have guessed at least 1 of her traits already what are the others? Next chapter may even bring a wedding! Until next time Happy Simming!


2 thoughts on “Chapter 11 They All Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

  1. Aah, I love elder!Logan! The outfit he aged up into cracked me up, and his crazy rants about the appliances trying to kill him were hilarious. Mya will have a lot on her hands with him!

    Also, yay Maverick and Abby kissed! It’s a shame Gabe appeared and ruined her mojo though. Poor Mav, can’t catch a break, can he? Maybe some day!

    Looking forward to finding out who the heir will be 🙂 Do you know already?


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