Chapter 10 A Day at the Park

Last chapter Abby became a teen and gained the hates children trait. Her new aspiration is Master Chef which I think is perfect for her! During a trip to the pool Abby ran into Chris Wilder and found herself oddly attracted to him and his bad boy vibe. Gabe, knowing the train wreck that would ensue, hired an old wino to distract the couple but the plan backfired. The adults were mostly skilling and working toward promotions so they weren’t doing much that I considered photo worthy. As of the start of this chapter, Logan is only 1 promotion away from topping the tech guru career. He is in the Start Up Entrepreneur branch because I really wanted that huge flat screen TV. He just needs 1 more skill point in mischief to move on to the final milestone. Mya is in the author branch of the writing career and has a couple of promotions to go. Mya needs to evolve 10 excellent plants, so far that count is still 0. I have several very nice plants but they seem to be stuck there. I was able to get her the Green Thumb reward trait but I don’t see any difference so far.

Before we catch up with the family I wanted to share some pics of the house and how far we have come. I’m not loving the layout. I have been just plopping rooms down and not really thinking about the floorplan so from the outside it isn’t anything to brag about but when the next heir takes over I plan to move things around to fix that. I am finding the ability to go “shopping” for designed rooms from inside the game is one of my favorite new features. I admit that I am not the best at interior design so I am loving using the pre made rooms and adding in some of my own touches.

This is the outside. Like I said, I haven’t really thought out the layout and made it look pretty from the outside yet. I have been adding and updating rooms as funds are earned but this will be a priority when I have enough money in reserve. I did change the front deck after taking this pic as for some reason no one could climb the stairs to get in the front door.

View of Mya’s garden

Mya’s new office complete with her career rewards for inspiration.

Logan’s office with focusing décor.

Logan & Mya’s bedroom complete with romantic lighting to put them in the mood.

Abby’s Bedroom

Gabe’s bedroom complete with his angelfish and his greatest catches mounted on the wall.

Main bathroom. We won’t tell Mya I posted it before she had a chance to clean the tub!

Logan & Mya’s private bathroom. I did go in and add some deco items after taking this pic. I do plan to add a breathtaking master bath when I have enough money saved up.

Kitchen/Dining room. I downloaded this room from the gallery and changed very little as I love it so much!

Living Room

Another view of the living room showing the bar area.

This is how the living room looked pre makeover. It’s the only pic I have that shows the entry area in the front so I figured I would still include it.

This is a walls down pic just to give you an idea of the layout. As you can see the house has come a long way in less than 1 full generation! We have made quite a profit on Mya’s produce and Logan is quite successful at hacking in addition to a well paying job. Now that we have had a nice tour of the house let’s catch up with the Starsze family and see what they’ve been up to!

Logan “This used to be such a nice respectable neighborhood.”

Logan “HEY YOU!”

Logan “There is always an out, you don’t have to live like this.”

Charlie “I don’t think I understand where you’re going with this.”

Logan “Oh come on! The tattered clothes, sleeping on a park bench, the pounds and pounds of caked on tacky eye shadow. All tell tale signs of what my mother used to call a woman of ill repute. Of course that’s just a classy name for your run of the mill streetwalker.”

Charlie “I just don’t know where things went wrong!” One day I was my class Valedictorian and the next, well let’s just say I had the misfortune of falling for the wrong guy.”

Logan “Textbook case my dear.”

Charlie “Oh I’m so ashamed! My mother would just roll over in her grave if she knew what I have become!”

 Logan”It’s such a shame to see such a beautiful young woman led down the wrong path.”

Charlie “Y-You think I’m beautiful?”

Logan “Instilling with fake confidence one hooker at a time!”


Abby “Funny bumping into you again! I totally had nooooo clue you would be here. Really, I didn’t I swear!

Chris “Are you feelin alright?”

Abby “Never been better!”

Chris “Ok then, I was just headed to grab a burger so I guess I’ll see you around.”

Abby “What a coincidence! I was in the mood for a burger too, so I guess I’ll join you!”

Abby “So, did you really go joyriding in the principal’s new car?”

Chris “Not my fault the old baldie left the keys in the ignition.”

Abby “Maybe Next time I could ride shotgun,  I could be like, the Bonnie to Your Clyde!”

Chris “This Clyde rides alone, I don’t need no Bonnie!”

Abby “But I just thought that…”

Chris “You can stop the thinkin right there! Last thing I need is another chicken-head clucking around my coop if you know what I mean.”

Chris “Later!”

Poor Abby. It’s like history repeating itself. As with Gabe, Chris was nice as can be and they had an awesome time together at the pool but the next time they saw one another he was a huge jerk. I guess that’s what you get with those bad boys Abs.

In another are of the park someone was all smiles and it isn’t because Abby and Chris appear to have gone down in flames.

Gabe “I know she’s totally cheating but I’ll just play dumb because she’s absolutely adorable!”

Gabe and Tayler got to know one another better over a game of chess.

They weren’t quite ready to part ways so they continued their conversation over dinner.

The sun began to set but for Gabe it felt as if time stood still. He had never really expressed interest in romantic relationships but judging by the way he looks at her that may be all about to change.

Maverick “Take that Chris Wilder!”

Maverick “Owwww!”

Meanwhile Abby was having struggles of her own in another area of the gym. Match made in heaven? Hopefully that bump on her head knocked some sense back into her.

Logan “Lesson one, it’s all about feeling the music, just close your eyes and let it flow right through!”

Logan “No no! That’s all wrong. Son, maybe you should sit in that chair and just observe for a minute.”

Logan’s epic moves on display? Must mean it’s time for another birthday party!

Abby, clearly haunted by hamburgers, whipped up a special cake for the occasion.

Hamburgers also remind Gabe of a special someone. I wonder what he’s wishing for 😉

Gabe “And I still look exactly the same!”

I actually think he looks like a blonde John Travolta! Gabe’s adult trait is neat and I noticed immediately it is dominant. He now literally runs around the house cleaning everything the moment it is messed up!

Gabe “What’s wrong Mav? You haven’t left that bar stool all night.”

Maverick “It’s like she sees right through me, I’m forever destined to be friendzoned sigh…”

It appears that Maverick has developed a bit of a drinking problem. I lost count of how many drinks he downed the poor thing.

Next chapter, a big celebration as the founders enter their twilight years. Will Abby ever see Maverick as he sees her or is she forever destined to chase after the bad boys? Is Tayler officially “the one” for Gabe and could she be the next Legacy wife? Abby has 1 roll left to bag the heirship by rolling ambitious. I have also decided that for this generation if she doesn’t win it by way of the exemplar rule as the eldest child Gabe will become the next heir. I do plan on having polls throughout the Legacy but this choice feels right given Abby’s hates children trait. As of the time of this writing she has 1 day until she ages up in game so even I don’t know 100% who will be heading up the next generation. I can’t believe there will only be one more chapter before the next generation officially takes over!


7 thoughts on “Chapter 10 A Day at the Park

  1. Wow, the house looks great! I too am not so great with decorating, so that download from the gallery function sounds really nifty.

    Poor Maverick–I hope Abby does come to her senses and seeks him out…preferably before he becomes a full-blown alcoholic!! I was, at least, relieved though that she didn’t continue to pursue that evil Chris Wilder. She’s so much better off without that tool!

    Lastly, oh my gosh! Gabe is such a cutie! If he ends up winning the heirship based purely on order of birth I’d totally be okay with that. That being said, I would honestly be okay with either of the kids being heir since you did such a good job with developing both of their characters! There really is no wrong choice here. Still, I can’t wait to see what unfolds! ❤


    • I am hoping I have seen the last of Chris but I have come to know him and he always comes back. Abby def was not herself when she developed that little thing for him normally she is not one to follow a guy around and keep trying to engage them.

      Maverick loves the bar! He is the only sim that can not seem to use it in moderation.

      I love Gabe more and more every time I play. When Abby was a child I was immediately hoping she would end up as the heir but my soft spot for Gabe right now is very squishy 🙂 I love the way his emotions shine through in his facial expressions and you could probably get a feel for his personality using just facial pics and no words. I was thrilled when he found Tayler and finally started thinking about romance.


  2. Aw, poor Maverick ): I really feel for him! Anxious to see if they get together- after all, I’ve been shipping Abby and Mav since day 1 heheh. Anyway, thanks for another great chapter, looking forward to an update 🙂


  3. Aah, I really like the house! It looks really well decorated and very cosy 🙂 And I have to echo the comments of others: I hope Abby and Maverick end up together! Speaking of Abby, I felt a little bad for her when Chris blew her off, but she was too good for him anyway so he did her a favour! And Logan and Charlie at the beginning made me chuckle 🙂


  4. Gah! it’s sooo weird how teens can drink-esp. at bars! xD My heiress did celebrate at one as a teen though. She’s got a huge crush on the Grim Reaper. Her traits are: Evil, Mean, and Hot-headed! I rolled every single one too! xD

    I can’t wait to see what happens next in your legacy! I also have an inkling that maybe Abby wouldn’t hate her own children but not sure. I know Don Lothario tried proposing to my legacy foundress and slapped the ring right out of his hand! xD


    • Wow, your heiress got all the difficult to manage traits, but I bet it’s going to be a fun generation! I can see why she would fall for Grim, that’s awesome!!

      The moodlet a hates children sim gets when around them is AWFUL! Abby gets so angry and really quickly.


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