Chapter 9 Trouble With a Capital T

Last chapter Abby completed her childhood aspiration and dumped her lunch tray on the cutest boy in school. Gabe aged up without completing his, at least he gained a fitting trait. His new aspiration of Angling Ace is in progress and I am determined to achieve it and redeem myself. The adults are plugging along with their aspirations but the milestones and promotions are getting much harder to achieve. I am hoping I can achieve them before their elder birthdays as I like to let my Sims live out their glory years on free will, but only of they earn it! For anyone interested I have put up character bio pages that will be updated as events happen 🙂

Maverick “Morning Mrs. S!”

Mya “Go ahead in dear, she’s in there somewhere. Probably making a mess…sigh.”

Abby “I don’t have money to buy you new shoes if that’s why you’re here.”

Maverick “Nah, I wanted to thank you!

Abby “Thank me? Why?”

Maverick “I hated those shoes! My mom said I couldn’t  walk around in old flip flops anymore and I needed respectable shoes. Respectable shoes sure are ugly!.”

Abby “Oh, well in that case you’re welcome!”

Maverick “Mind if I stick around for a little bit?”

Gabe “So this is the boy you dropped your tray on huh?”

Abby “Shut up Gabe!”

Gabe “I’m sure she would love it if you stick around. Just the other day she was saying…”

Abby “Don’t you dare!”

Gabe and Abby are still close friends but now that he’s a teen he can’t help but torture his baby sis just a little bit!

Gabe “I don’t think I’m ready for this! Sure today it’s just hanging out but next thing you know she’s sneaking out the window to go play sucky face in the back seat of some guy’s car. Then I’ll have to go teaching him a lesson and we all know I hate confrontation. What’s a big brother to do?”

Maverick spent the day playing chess with Abby and they quickly became good friends despite the annoying hovering of a certain overprotective big brother.


Abby “Um, dad? I think Gabe is talking to that tree over there.”

Gabe “Open sesame? No? Ok how about abracadabra? Ummmm, Knock Knock?”


Gabe “Sweet!”

Sylvan Glade is absolutely stunning! I really love all the little fluttering fairies and the glowing red eyes. I was a bit disappointed that there weren’t many collectables around but there are rare fish and frogs. Truth be told I wasn’t really after any of that anyway though the fish were a bonus. The trip to Sylvan glade was for one major item that I read could be found here and Gabe is just the sim to get it for me.

He didn’t disappoint!

Gabe “Oh the things I could do with my very own Cowplant!!”

Don’t get too excited yet! I haven’t decided exactly when we will plant this little baby but I wanted to make sure I had the seed in case the mood strikes.

Having a boatload of confetti tossed in my face the moment I roll out of bed isn’t exactly my cup of tea either but yay, birthday!

Abby makes a super secret wish and says goodbye to childhood.

Throughout her childhood Abby gravitated toward the arts, as a teen she decided to take that creativity a step  further and see what sort of concoctions she could come up with in the kitchen. Abby just knew she was destined to become a Master Chef.

She began to notice that being around children made her extremely aggravated. She couldn’t quite put her finger on exactly what it was, to her it seemed like pretty much everything about them was suddenly annoying. The heirship still up for grabs, the thought of carrying on the family line suddenly became a lot more scary as it would mean she would need to have children of her own. She hoped if she were to become the heir that things would be different if the child were her own biological offspring.

Another big change she noticed was in her figure. Her brother ate like a horse and didn’t gain an ounce but for her every bite seemed to add on another pound. Used to being active and fit she asked her parents for a treadmill for her birthday.

Abby “I’m bored, let’s go do something.”

Gabe “Like what?”

Abby “They just opened up a new outdoor pool in Willow Creek, we could go check it out.”

Gabe “But Fern only has about an hour left before giving birth and I just have to see if it’s a girl or boy!”

Abby “Come onnnnnn! Isn’t your real flesh and blood sister more important than a pregnant pixel in your game?”

**Crickets chirp**

Abby “What’s HE doing here?”

Chris Wilder “Damn girl! Look who grew up lookin all  fine!”

Abby “Tee hee! He thinks I’m fine! And when did he get sooooo hot?”

Oh Abby nooooo! He said your hair is funny and you’re eyes are too big, remember?

Against my better judgment, I let Abby do her own thing free from my control for a while. This is Chris Wilder so of course he will start acting like a major jerk and she will go right back to hating him right?

Abby “You have the nicest smile, I don’t think I noticed that before.”

Chris “Girl, you gotta lotta things I KNOW you didn’t have before!”

Chris “Shake it for me baby!”

Abby “He called me baby!”

Abby “Chris? Heeeelp?”

Chris “What the…?”

Chris “What’s wrong wit you man?”

Abby “Defending my honor, that’s hot!”

Drunk Pedo “I wasn’t able to woo her away from him, but thanks for the drink anyway kid!”

Gabe “I said create a distraction, there will be no wooing capiche?”

Drunk Pedo “Can’t blame an old dog for tryin.”

Gabe “This conversation is seriously over!”

Abby “hello brother! Almost ready to go?”

Gabe “For the love of llamas Abby, what were you thinking?”

Abby “Um, excuse me?”

Gabe “That guy is trouble with a capital T!”

Abby “People can change you know!”

Gabe “Not only is he mean, he’s materialistic! I would have hoped you would go for a guy with more desirable traits at least!”

Abby “Who even said I liked him anyway?”

Gabe “With the way you were prancing around here today no one needed to.”

Abby “I was not!”

Gabe “Ok sorry, do you like Chris?”

Abby “Do I like those chiseled muscles and deep puppy dog brown eyes?”

Gabe “More than I wanted to hear, let’s just go home.”

Next chapter, what is going to become of this newfound crush? Will Abby come to her senses? Since Abby aged up Maverick has been banging on the door daily but she hates children so he’s a person non grata until he ages up. Will he try to win Abby’s affections or are they destined to remain just good friends?  Is there a potential romance in the cards for Gabe or is he too obsessed with his fishing pole to even notice the opposite sex? Abby & Gabe each have 1 trait roll left, will either claim the heirship? I am also asking for your opinions. My original rules state of no one rolls ambitious the heirship goes to the oldest. They could still both roll it, in that case it would go to the oldest but I also reserve the right to hold an heir poll in either case. For anyone that wishes to offer their opinion, would you like an heir poll? I think it sounds like fun but while it runs updates may be slightly delayed as I will need to know who my heir is once they both age up.


5 thoughts on “Chapter 9 Trouble With a Capital T

  1. Abby and Maverick were super cute in this chapter!! It sucks that she hates children now and he’s off limits until they age up 😦 But then whenever I pair sims together as kids, I always found the period where my controlled sim was a teen and the other was still a child kind of creepy, so maybe it’s for the best! Abby and Chris tho! A case of opposites attract or just teenage rebellion? Hoping for the latter!!


    • Maybe it’s just that bad boy thing, hopefully she comes to her senses! I let my Sims choose who they want to be with and I really don’t know if I could handle a generation with him living on my lot of Abby is the heiress.


  2. I really shipped Abby and Maverick at the start of the chapter!! They are too cute together, and I can totally imagine them all grown up and married, joking about how she spilled food all over his shoes heheh. Too bad he hasn’t aged up yet!

    I can’t say I like Chris much- a leopard never changes it’s spots! I feel like they could get together but Abby may end up getting her heart broken by him ): As for the heir, I think it’s a really hard decision because I love the both of them but I think Gabe should be the heir 🙂 Gabe is so sensitive and protective, I think he’ll make a good father! I somewhat picture Abby as a more independent working woman, with maybe a partner or two! Sorry for all the long comments hahah


    • I love your long comments 🙂 You see Gabe/Abby exactly as I do so I’m really happy that I was able to convey their personalities as they are in game. I agree on the heirship too. Gabe would make the better more responsible heir while Abby doesn’t even want children but I guess part of the fun of a Legacy is sometimes things don’t end up as perfect as you would expect. Some generations are a hot mess LOL No matter who wins the heirship the other will be sticking around until they achieve their aspiration and maybe top a career so they will still be part of the everyday family dynamics for a while.


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