Chapter 8 That Smell

Last chapter Abby aged up and proved she can hold her own against bully, Chris Wilder. Her confidence gave Gabe a much needed push to speak up and stick up for his little sister. Logan & Mya had their adult birthdays and seem to be feeling the effects of aging despite looking exactly the same. Everyone worked hard on their aspiration points although some are doing much better than others! Does anyone else feel like TS4 puts way too much pressure on the kiddos? Some of the aspiration goals are killer, add the goals for school and the poor things are working themselves to death. Something I have learned is to focus on the daily homework assignment and not push too hard to get an A. The aspirations seem much more beneficial. This first time around has been a learning experience as the Starsze family is the first and only TS4 family I have played. Point total is still a 2 as of the beginning of this chapter.

Abby Starsze may not pick up her own dishes or make her own bed but when it comes to making an artistic vision come to life she’s a natural. Her creativity table is her most prized possession.

The violin she got for her birthday comes in a close second. Abby has spent countless hours practicing. Her parents head for the hills the moment she picks up her bow but her brother cheers and claps for every song.

Abigail and Gabe are two peas in a pod, they do everything together. Most siblings so close in age have their spats but not this dynamic duo.

If you didn’t know any better you would probably think that Abby was the oldest of the two. Abby Starsze is fearless and confident while Gabe is more reserved and tends to be a little unsure of himself. Even at her young age, Abby takes every opportunity she can to boost her brother’s confidence. She knows she could zip across the monkey bars ten times before Gabe crossed once.

But she always lags behind and lets her brother win.

Abby “Daddy?”

Logan “What’s up squirt?”

Abby “Why do you wear sunglasses at the breakfast table?”

Logan “Why don’t you wear sunglasses at the breakfast table?”

Abby “Because it looks silly!”

Logan “Well isn’t that something? That’s exactly why I wear them!”

Abby “Daddy?”

Logan “No you cannot borrow them.”

Abby “Daddy! That’s not what I was gonna say!”

Logan “Oh, then no I will not buy you a pair.”

Abby “DADDD!”

Abby “Whatcha doin?”

Mya “Working on a new book.”

Abby “Cool! Can I read it?”

Mya “After I finish, which won’t happen if I can’t focus.”

Abby “But I’m bored.”

Mya “Do your homework.”

Abby “Finished it already.”

Mya “Pester your brother.”

Abby “Already did that.”

Abby “Soooo, how goes the hibernation?”

Abby “Still sleepin huh? That’s ok, I still love you!”

As you can see Abby has quite a bit of spare time on her hands which she’s using to pester family. I’ll show you why in a second but first…..

Do you see this?

I thought TS3 IF dolls were creepy but at least I knew they were alive. I had no clue this seemingly innocent stuffed bear was anything but a stuffed bear!

This right here is what nightmares are made of!

Back on topic, this pic signifies the reason for Abby’s newfound freedom. That’s right, I completed my first TS4 aspiration! Not only does she gain the creatively gifted bonus trait but she earns me Legacy point number 3!! Abby has also maxed the creativity skill.

Abby “Hear that readers? That makes me the favorite so you better remember this moment if there’s an heir poll!”

So far no one has rolled ambitious so it’s anyone’s game! If neither child rolls the trait heirship will either default to the oldest or I reserve the right to put up an heir poll.

Speaking of rolling traits, Mya has just put the finishing touches on Gabe’s birthday cake. They’re growing up so fast I can hardly believe Gabe is going to be a teenager!

Gabe takes a moment to wish for a fitting trait before blowing out his candles.

Now would probably be a good time to admit that I failed at the social butterfly aspiration. We made it to the last milestone but I just couldn’t get enough child/adult friends in time. I am finding having time to build close relationships in this game to be extremely difficult!

Gabe “Eat your heart out ladies!”

Gabe grew into a very dashing young man and gained the outgoing trait which suits him perfectly. Looks like that birthday wish came true!

His new aspiration is Angling Ace, which I am determined to complete because he deserves it.

Gabe’s first official teen action is to repair the toilet. He is going to need to max the handiness skill in order to catch the rare fish found in the Grotto.

With the way appliances seem to break in this house that shouldn’t take long at all!

Gabe aged up first thing in the morning so he was given the day off from school. As has become birthday tradition, a father son outing was planned. Gabe found a little fishing hole in the middle of the park while Logan focused on other pursuits.

Logan “Best prank ever! I am totally made of awesome!”

Logan then proceeded to break every single sink on the lot.

We were on the verge of hitting another aspiration milestone so the fun didn’t end with the sinks!

Logan “Oh, that feels better!”

Elderly Lady (that looks like Jenny but isn’t) “Galloping llamas, what IS that stench?”

Logan “WHO FARTED? It’s ok ma’am, it’s a natural bodily function you don’t need to be embarassed!”

Logan “I’m just so funny I can hardly stand it!”

Abby “Worst day EVER!”

Abby “My life is officially over!”

Gabe “That bad?”

Abby “The cutest boy in the whole school was standing right next to me, like two inches away!”

Gabe “Gasp! That sounds terrible!”

Abby “That’s not the bad part!”

Gabe “Oh, sorry. So what’s the bad part?”

Abby “Well, he said hi to me…”

Gabe “He said hi to you? Does that llama-head need to be taught a lesson?”

Abby “Gaaabe! It’s not funny stop teasing me!”

Gabe “Teasing is what big brothers are for squirt! So what exactly happened that was so bad your life is over?”

Abby “He said hi to me, and I got so nervous I dropped my lunch tray and my food spilled all over his new sneakers!”

Gabe “Ouch, that does sound like a bad day! Could be worse though. Try being out in public with dad while he passed gas in front of everyone at the park and tried blaming it on some poor old lady.”

Abby “He didn’t!”

Gabe “Oh he did! Then he almost gave her husband a heart attack! Went right up to him and zapped him with a joy buzzer. The guy had to have been almost ninety years old!”

Mya “I hear someone had quite a good time at the park today.”

Logan “Ummm, can’t say I know what your talking about. Nope, wasn’t me.”

Mya “Is that so?”

Logan “Wait, did someone call? Whatever they said they’re lying honey!”

Logan “Can I come out now?”

Mya “Say it!”

Logan “I, Logan Starsze, vow to never ever lie to my beautiful and trusting wife again.”

Mya “And?”

Logan “I will behave myself in public and never embarrass my gracious and forgiving wife again.”

Mya “You may come out now.”

In case you are wondering, Mya found out about Logan’s park shenanigans as she was working on her computer while the kids were chatting at the table. Being a reputable author now she’s in the public eye and such antics could result in her becoming the subject of neighborhood gossip.

Ok we all know Mya doesn’t really give a damn about that but she will not have her husband telling her falsehoods. A marriage is based on honesty and trust and Mya really just likes messing with her husband for amusement.

Next chapter, what will Abby’s teen trait/aspiration be? Will she roll ambitious and lead for heirship or will this battle end up fought out in an heir poll? A  surprising turn of events has also occurred in my game, one that I did not plan for but such is life!


2 thoughts on “Chapter 8 That Smell

  1. Poor Abby! Although I am curious about that cute guy 😉 they’re aging up soon, who knows what could happen when they’re teens? And well, it’s nice to see Logan goofing about again! Thanks for the great chapter as usual!


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