Chapter 7 You Are My Sunshine

Last chapter we got acquainted with Gabe and learned that underneath the social butterfly exterior lurks a very sensitive little guy. We also learned that Christopher Wilder is a big old meanie and clearly has issues at home. Mya gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who we will get to know a bit better in this chapter. I also promised a birthday party, which I was totally unprepared for as it was my first TS4 party. So, let’s get started shall we?

The newest little family member quickly stole her daddy’s heart. Little Abigail Starsze already has him wrapped around her tiny finger.

Unfortunately, the rest of my pics of Abby as a baby seem to have gone missing but I assure you she was well cared for and showered with love. I think that I am going to move all of my pics to another folder after each play session from now on until I can figure out why they are disappearing.

We are working hard on everyone’s aspirations. Mya’s aren’t as fun to document as Logan’s mischievous pursuits but for formality sake she works on her garden in her very limited spare time. Right now to move onto the final milestone she just needs to reach level 8 in gardening. For some reason she skills deathly slow in this area so it’s taking forever. The green thumb reward costs 4000 points so I am having my doubts that I will be able to buy that anytime soon.

Logan got himself a Voodoo doll and the only binding option we had was Mya.

Logan “Oh my love,  I can now cuddle you from afar!”

Mya “I can’t explain it, but I suddenly feel flirty all over!”

Logan “Ha! That doll is sa-weet!”

Mya “What doll?”

Logan “Oh, uhhh, you of course! That’s my new pet name for you, my sweet little doll.”

Voodoo is all fun and games until someone gets really ticked off. We learned the hard way that the craft of Voodoo should only be used in moderation.

Mya “I am SO angry! I just want to pluck the leaves off these stupid trees!”

Logan “My expression of love has backfired, whatever will I do?”

Logan “I know! I will paint the saddest painting ever painted.”

Our first ever Legacy emotion painting is titled Sad Voodoo for obvious reasons.

Gabe was busy working on his own aspiration and being cute as a button. Talking to Chris on the phone is much safer than in person so phone it is! I really wish I had seen the true Chris before investing so much into their relationship. Gabe needs a BFF and their friendship bar was half full within hours of them meeting but now that he has shown his true colors that meter is dropping into the red quickly.  You’re sister is growing up as we speak little buddy, hopefully she will be the BFF you’ve been dreaming of!

As promised, Abby’s alarming transition into a child was complete before Gabe finished his phone call. I hope poor Logan isn’t scarred for life after seeing this! It’s times like these I really want my toddlers back.

Abby “What are you lookin at?

Abby “Yeah, I know I’m cute!”

Abby rolled the slob trait, which is bound to piss off her neat freak mother. She aspires to be an artistic prodigy.

Christopher Wilder just had to rear his ugly head as Abby was trying to get a jump start on homework before her first day at school. Clearly his parents never taught him how to treat a lady.

Chris “Why is your hair such a funny color?”

Abby “It’s called red and if you don’t know that maybe you need to go back to kindergarten.”

Chris “Your eyes are too big and you dress like a boy!”

Abby “And your tacky tracksuit clashes with your ugly hat!”

Gabe the peacemaker heard the commotion and rushed in to find his friend and little sister engaged in battle.

Chris “You sister is a funny haired big eyed freak!”

Abby “Say it again! Go on I dare ya! I’ll pop you right square in the nose. A broken nose would probably make you look better anyways!”

Gabe “Come on guys, don’t fight!”

Chris “What are you a sissy boy? Come on, tell her what a freak she is!”

Gabe “No Chris, she’s my sister and I won’t let you talk to her that way! It’s time for you to leave…for good!”

Abby “Yeah scram!”

Gabe “Did you see his face when I told him to take a hike?”

Abby “I know, it was soooo funny!”

The siblings had a great time laughing at Christopher Wilder’s expense and quickly became BFF’s. Although Abby could hold her own, her confidence was just the push that Gabe needed to finally find his voice.

Mya “Do you see this floor? Does that girl think this is a pigpen?”

Mya “I don’t even want to know what THAT is!”

Mya “Guests are coming in an hour and she chooses now to destroy my nice clean bathroom?”

Ahh, the joys of having a neat freak and a slob living under the same roof!

Logan “Who’s ready to par-tay?”

It’s party time in the Starsze household! Logan & Mya are both blowing out their candles and will be transitioning into full fledged adults. This is also my first TS4 party so I wasn’t exactly prepared for the tasks. We had no bar or stereo so I found myself selling off fruit in Mya’s inventory to try and go for gold.

Logan went out to greet his guests while Mya put the finishing touches on their birthday cakes.

Logan “Jenny!!! Long time no see! And look, we match! I hope you’re not still angry about me calling your mom a llama and all, I really needed those aspiration points.”

Jenny “Water under the bridge!”

Logan “Right, well let’s head on inside then. My wife and I are going to blow out candles now.”

Jenny “Pffft! I should’ve been your wife.”

Logan “What was that?”

Jenny “I said you seem happy with your life.”

Mya “Something wrong mister pouty pants?”

Logan “Does blowing these things out mean I have to actually act more grown up?”

Mya “Only if you want to.”

Logan “Oh, ok then but you go first!”

Mya blew so hard she went cross-eyed.

Mya “I look fabulous! Not a day over twenty five if I do say so myself!”

Abby “Mooom! Stop you’re embarrassing me!”

Logan “Bravo darling! Just don’t forget I can say you’re technically older than me now.”

Logan “Hummm, what should I wish for?”

Logan “I’m stumped, I really just do not know!”

Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk,
I’m a woman’s man: no time to talk!

Mya “A little help here please?”

Shake it fast

but watch ya self!

Shake it fast

Show me what’cha workin’ wit!

Really Jenny?

Jenny “I’ll show him! This was supposed to be MY Legacy!”

After selling off the fruits in Mya’s inventory I was able to purchase a bar. All party milestones but making drinks had been completed so Mya got to it but apparently I don’t know how to read the party meter correctly and the party ended at a silver medal right after the first drink was made. Next time I WILL get gold of that I assure you!

Logan “That’s it, life’s over I’m officially old.”

Mya “You’re not a shriveled up prune just yet. Not until the next birthday anyway.”

Logan “I’m pretty sure I have a wrinkle forming. Fortunately I’m too poor to have a mid-life crises.”

Mya “You better watch what you’re saying mister! I am officially older than you now.”

Logan “Yup, I can see that new grey hair all the way over here too!”

Mya “If you ever plan to hoo with this old lady again, you better say something to make up for that comment!”

Logan “Oh, I got this!’

Logan  ” You are my Sunshineeee! My Only Sunshinheee!

You make me happyyy when skies are greyyyyy!”

“You’ll never know dearrr!

How much I love youuuu!

Please don’t take my sunshine awayyyyyy!”

Mya “That was um, well it was the cheesiest thing I have ever heard.”

Logan  “But am I redeemed?”

Mya “Yes Mr. Simatra, redeemed. And I love you too.”

I apologize for Logan’s terrible hacking of the song, he really sounds like that I swear!

Next chapter brings Gabe’s teen birthday! What will his new ambition be, and did I actually achieve social butterfly?  More adorable brother/sister bonding and we will dig deeper into what makes Abby tick. I’m sure there will be other goings on as well but I haven’t actually played them yet so it’s a surprise even to me! Until then, Happy Simming!


6 thoughts on “Chapter 7 You Are My Sunshine

  1. Wow, what a great update—AGAIN! 😀

    The Sad Voodoo painting, although sad, totally cracked me up. Poor Logan XD His little plan backfired hard, lol.

    OH WOW though at the photo of Abby transitioning into a child. That’s the most horrifying thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Like, the baby just comes WHIRLING out of the crib like a tire off a semi and bounces into being as a 3 foot tall child. That’s…that’s the stuff of nightmares, man. Seriously. I can’t unsee that.

    On the bright side, Abby is adorable, so maybe that’ll clear my mind of its recent trauma. She did definitely have me laughing! “I’ll pop you right square in the nose! A broken nose would probably make you look better anyways!” LOL what a firecracker, I love her!! And good on Gabe for telling him to scram! Good riddance and goodBYE, Christopher “ugh” Wilder! Gabe and Abby make a wonderful duo!

    Also, LOL at the conversation between Jenny and Logan. “Pfft! I should’ve been your wife.”….”What was that?”….”I said you seem happy with your life.” Bahahahaha, yes he is, so back off, Jenny! XD Him and Mya are perfect together ❤

    What a funny party! Those pictures of the sims dancing just about killed me. Excellent song choice there, LOL.

    I think I've said it before, but I'll happily say it again: I'm seriously so glad that I found this blog! I love it!! ❤


    • Thank you! I really enjoy reading your comments, you have me cracking up every single time!

      Logan is dangerous with that voodoo doll! He sneaks it out when I’m not looking and gets himself in so much trouble! All of a sudden Mya & Logan are storming around all upset from a voodoo misfire.

      Abby is quite the firecracker! Normally the older sibling looks out for the younger but with Gabe & Abby those roles are reversed.

      When I took those pics those songs were playing in my head so I had to use them LOL I’m so glad you are enjoying my Legacy! I was a little unsure on documenting it but I’m glad I decided to go for it!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Really enjoy reading your legacy, I love the way you narrate and the dialogue between the sims 🙂 That sad voodoo painting cracked me up hahah, and I’m so glad they stood up to Christopher 🙂 Abby aged up well, I hope the siblings get to be bffs!

    Okay, I’m gonna keep catching up on your chapters now 🙂


  3. Yay! There were a lot of kids like Christopher in my neighborhood when I was a kid-except they’d suck up to my mom then be mean to me. Childhood was still awesome though!

    Abby and Gabe are too cute! How’d you get the voodoo doll?


    • I was able to order the doll from the computer. It was around $900 or so. I also know they can be found as collectables but I haven’t seen any and Logan needed one right away. I regret it though, he makes Mya so mad with that thing!


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