Chapter 6 A Little Boy Named Gabe

Last chapter little Gabe aged up looking very much like his father. Logan squared off with the mail carrier hoping to distract her from delivering the bills but she ultimately had the last laugh. Mya was secretly turned on by his naughty shenanigans resulting in another pregnancy. Gabe met several new Sims at the park and even made a new friend in Christopher Wilder (ugh, Christopher)

Although the pending arrival of a new family member is highly important and exciting I would like to take some time to focus on another household VIP, a little boy named Gabe. Gabriel Starsze is a boy that loves his mommy. Mommy is always there to remind him to brush his teeth, to never eat sweets before bedtime, and taught him to always look both ways before crossing the street. She is the family anchor and the center of his entire universe. Mommy is the one person he knows he can always count on to keep him safe and help him make the right choices even if he doesn’t always like them.

Not to say he doesn’t test her every chance he gets. A growing boy needs to push the boundaries but with Gabe only just a little.  He would never go as far as to actually go to school in his pajamas, unless his mommy said yes.

Gabe thrives on social interaction. If he could introduce himself to every sim in town, he would. Sometimes there just isn’t anyone around but he has his trusty bear, Barffly, for exactly those occasions.

Gabe is still learning boundaries and limitations. When he has something to say (which is pretty much always) he must say it immediately. There is no inappropriate time or location in the world of Gabe Starsze. Clearly his father thinks otherwise.

If you were to meet Gabe on the street you would think, my what a cheerful child but he sure is a chatterbox! That would be a pretty accurate assumption but there is another side to Gabe that most don’t see. That would be his extremely sensitive side. Gabe absolutely can not handle anyone being upset or displeased.

Even the slightest negative interaction makes Gabe very sad.

After befriending Christopher Wilder at the park the boy became a daily visitor at the Starsze household.


Chris seemed like a perfectly delightful little boy. He always laughed at Gabe’s jokes.

He washed up his own  dishes.

He even took out the trash!

When Chris was found using Logan’s computer without permission and long after Gabe had gone to bed Mya began to think that something was not quite right.

Mya “Chris, did Mr. Starsze say it was alright to use his computer?”

Chris “Ummm, yes ma’am.”

Mya “Are you sure you’re telling me the truth? That computer is for his work, he doesn’t even allow Gabe to use it unless he is supervised.”

Chris “I’m sorry, it won’t happen again I swear!”

Mya “It’s getting very late, you should be getting home before your parents start worrying.”

Chris “Home? Oh please don’t send me home Mrs. Starsze!”

Mya “Why don’t you want to go home darling?”

Chris “I want this to be my home! Didn’t you appreciate the chores I did for you? I could do that all the time if I lived here with you.”

Mya “As wonderful as that sounds, I’m sure your parents would miss you very much. I’ll just give them a call and let them know you’re on your way.”

Chris “FINE! No one appreciates ANYTHING! You’re just like all the rest of them aren’t you?”

With that Chris stormed out the door making sure it slammed loudly behind him.

Logan “What the???

Logan “Just wait till I get my hands on that boy!”

School the next day did not go well for Gabe. A classmate (Probably Chris) was trying to copy his answers on a test. He chose to keep quiet and not tell the teacher but he felt bad about it all day. He didn’t want his peers to think he was a tattle tale and to Gabe being well liked socially was more important than doing “the right thing.”

A visit from Chris did nothing to help his mood. Chris mocked literally everything he said.

Chris even laughed at him, and not in a good way. Gabe laughed along but inside he was heartbroken. He couldn’t suppress his true trait for very long, Christopher Wilder is a very mean Sim.

One thing that Gabe was getting super excited about was the arrival of his new brother or sister. He had none of those fears about the baby taking his place as he knew his parents would still love him very much. The new baby would be just like a best friend that he could play with whenever he wanted. The big event would be happening any day and Mya was more than ready.

Um, Mya?

Mya “That did NOT just happen!”

That is unfortunate.

Mya “Alright baby, mommy is serving your official eviction notice effective immediately!”

Immediately ended up being about 3 hours into Mya’s work shift. At least this time she was sent home.

Mya “Logan did this to me and he will pay!”

Luckily this time around I knew what to do and Mya’s labor was over with minimal huffing & puffing.

The pain of childbirth was quickly forgotten the moment Mya laid her eyes on her beautiful little girl.

Next chapter, the first birthday party of the Legacy! Will we see more of Christopher Wilder? What is the new baby’s name and will she be the BFF Gabe hoped for? I am almost caught up to where I’m at in game so I plan to get it up very soon so I can actually play again 🙂

On a side note, is anyone else having issues with pictures taken in game going missing? I have some pics that I took  that are missing from my screenshot folder. When I go into my  folder to upload everything to photobucket I end up with way less than I thought I had but I assumed it was just me but now I am positive as I had at least 5 shots I took of a particular event and every singe one of them is gone. If this has happened to anyone else and you have figured out what the issue is please let me know.


3 thoughts on “Chapter 6 A Little Boy Named Gabe

  1. Ooh, I just loved this chapter! The little narrative was really fun to read. I see why Christopher is an “ugh” now! Turns out the whole “nice boy” thing was just an act!

    I love Gabe, by the way, especially after this chapter. So adorable. He needs to stand up to that mean boy though! No more getting in trouble for things that he didn’t do :X

    Lastly, yay! A little girl! I can’t wait to see what interesting new personality you craft for her ❤

    As for the screenshots, I don't own TS4, so I couldn't say, but I remembered other TS4 writers having the same issue, so when I saw you were also having that issue, I admit I got curious and did some searching! On my quest, I found this thread:

    One person said that they simply put the picture folder in "Date Order" and they suddenly all appeared! It's apparently something to do with the funny way in which they're named.

    I hope that helps for you too!! ❤


    • I’ll look into that, thanks so much! I’m so glad that you like Gabe. He’s such a sweet little boy but so sensitive so he’s no match for the likes of Christopher Wilder. The newest little one has quite the personality. I really hope I can do her justice in the next chapter!

      Liked by 1 person

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