Chapter 5 The Bedroom Escapades of Mister Irresistible

Last chapter marked the birth of the first baby in the Legacy, Gabriel Starsze. Mya started her career in writing and got her garden started although she doesn’t seem all that interested in it. A small house was built and said house needs a lot of work when we are able to save up some money. It’s not much but it’s home. According to my score sheet I currently have 2 points. I have a point for Mya’s unique primary spouse traits and the second point is the auto point you get for your founder being the first of generation 1.

Logan is still working on completing his aspiration. Today we are conducting a very important experiment. The question, will the mail lady deliver bills if we can manage to push her into a fit of seething rage thus distracting her from mail delivery? I always start out with instill with fake confidence and then move to the more mischievous interactions. As you can see here, our test subject is still smiling as she believes that Logan has paid her a compliment.

In addition to mischievous interactions Logan also needs to be disliked by 3 Sims. To achieve this I decided to go with actual mean interactions. While we all know that Logan has a mischievous side, he isn’t mean in an evil sort of way. He is only going along with these types of interactions for the sake of our experiment and the required aspiration points.

Logan “How did you even  get in here, someone leave your cage open?”

Mail Lady “Look mister, I was only trying to deliver the mail. You invited me in.”

Logan “I don’t appreciate your tone Princess Leia!  Oh, look at the time! You should probably get back to the zoo before you miss feeding hour.”

Mail Lady “Now that was just uncalled for!”

Logan “Girlfriend, you did NOT just point your finger in my face! I think someone needs to cool down!”

Logan “Here, let me help you with that!”

Mail Lady “You sir, are not right in the head!”

Logan “I’m busy now, can I ignore you some other time?”

Logan “I…am…soooooooo mad right now! She thinks she gets the last laugh does she? Well nobody gets the last laugh at Logan Starsze! Putting your stinky bills in my mailbox? Well you’ve got another thing coming!”

Mya “Is that your daddy I hear huffing and puffing? Did that mean old mail lady get the best of him?”

Mya “Mommy better go talk that silly daddy out of rigging the mailbox with a mouse trap. We don’t need any nasty old law suits do we? No, no we don’t!”

Mya “Logan Starsze, you are absolutely NOT going to do anything to our mail carrier!”

Logan “But she…”

Mya “No!”

Logan “And she…”

Mya “Zip it!”

Logan “Yes dear.”

Mya “What are you looking at?”

Logan “You know you find my devious side irresistible in the bedroom. It’s ok, you can admit it.”

Mya “Is that so?”

Logan “So tell me I’m wrong then!”

Logan “Ha! I knew it!”

Mya “Alright, you got me! But only a little irresistible.”

This would be the end result of the bedroom escapades of Mister Irresistible.

Logan “Ok little buddy this is how it’s going to work. Daddy is going to put you in your little bed and you may feel a little bit tingly but don’t be scared it’s all part of growing up ok?”

With those words of wisdom little Gabe transitions into a child. I really don’t know if I will ever get used to seeing a child popping out of the bassinet, it’s just not right!

Gabriel clearly favors his father in the looks department. He has Mya’s eyes but everything else is all Logan. Gabe rolled the cheerful trait with the social butterfly aspiration. I have seen this in other Legacy stories and it looks almost impossible to achieve but I’ll  give it a shot.

As it was Logan’s day off he decided to take his son to the park for the first time. Gabe really wanted to meet someone new and make a friend.

The boys had a great time defending their ship from the treacherous Logan monster.

After making sure Gabe was comfortable playing on his own, Logan set out to complete the last few mischievous interactions he needed to reach the next aspiration milestone. This time around he was careful to keep things light and not cross the line. Gabe was playing nearby and he knew Mya would kill him if he set a bad example.

It appears we have lack of adequate housing in town and homeless drifters are taking refuge on park benches at all hours of the day.

Gabe needed to introduce himself to 10 Sims for the social butterfly aspiration. The homeless guy woke up a one point or another and I’m totally creeped out by the way he is staring at Gabe.

He then proceeded to follow Gabe around the park. I don’t know what you’re after buddy but you will not be getting anywhere near my little monkey! Gabe actually rolled the wish to befriend this guy. Sorry Gabe but no way, not ever!

Eventually the creeper went away and Gabe went to play on the monkey bars with Christopher Wilder….da da daaa! That was my pitiful attempt at music of dread and doom. If you’ve seen the Croods just picture it being said like that cute little pocket monkey when the topic of the end of the world comes up. If you haven’t seen the Croods, please do, it’s adorable! By the end of the outing Logan and Christopher (da da daaa!) were friends and a great time was had by all.

Next chapter, what on earth could be so dreadful about Christopher Wilder? Will the new baby be a boy or girl? Will the social butterfly aspiration attempt be an epic fail? I have played a bit ahead and I am not allowing myself to play until I am all caught up to where I’m at in game. I don’t like getting too far ahead as I tend to forget things that happened so I plan to come up with a play/writing schedule but that can be so hard when you get really into the game and play for hours. I should be allowed to play again in about 2 chapters so I am going to try and get them all out quickly.


7 thoughts on “Chapter 5 The Bedroom Escapades of Mister Irresistible

  1. I continue to love this family! Logan is a riot, Mya is adorable, and now little Gabe is too! Good choice in not befriending creeper bench dude…he was definitely, well, creepy, haha.

    I’ve definitely seen The Croods, so I knew exactly what you meant with the “da da daaa!” That movie really is awesome. I remember when I first saw the previews for it I was like “um, no” and then I ended up seeing it after all and I was like “YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS SO GOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Further proof never to judge something right off the bat.

    But what IS dreadful about Christopher and what WILL the gender of their next baby be?! I must find out, so I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this blog. Once again, I’m really glad I found it–it’s great! ❤


    • Thank you so much for all of your wonderful comments!

      Oh Christopher LOL I will have a chapter out by the end of the weekend so you won’t have to wait long to find out more about him. I was the same way with the Croods but it’s one of those movies I can watch over and over and never get tired of it, so funny!!

      I love Logan so much! His personality is my 4 year old son through and through. I am finding Gabe has a totally unique personality and I can’t wait to start showing that off more in the next chapter.


    • Thank You! I always seem to find the most amazing Legacy blogs listed on the ones I currently read so I like to make sure I do the same so others can enjoy them too. It also makes it easy to catch up on my faves and stalk them for updates LOL


  2. Wow, those two are busy, they are on baby # 2 already!

    Gabe grew into such a cutie pie. I’m hoping the new baby is a girl, I’d love to see girl babies, I seem to have the (bad) luck of getting boys only, all the families I’ve played have sons.

    Back to your legacy, I really enjoyed catching up even though I’m a little disappointed that Logan didn’t end up with Jenny, I was hoping he would. But he and Mya seem solid, they have good chemistry and now two children. They look happy and I love seeing/reading their interactions. Looking forward to the next update!


    • I had 2 top choices as far as spouses go for Logan. Jenny was actually my top choice and the other was Kirsten. She was the cute little blonde in the library in chapter 1. Ultimately, Logan made the choice and it ended up being someone totally different than I had in mind. I have noticed in TS4 it’s hard to get relationships to friend status and ease into flirting and with Mya it all just happened naturally so I went with it. You will see Jenny again though 🙂


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