Chapter 4 Hello Little Monkey

Last chapter Logan & Mya tied the knot in a private ceremony presided over by yours truly. After breaking several household appliances she was redeemed by getting a positive result on her pregnancy test. After an eventful honeymoon night it was time to get back to the real world and back to round the clock working and skilling as is the life of a Legacy family especially in the early generations.

Although prego’s needs were skyrocketing into the red faster than the speed of light she still chose to take a position in the writing career. A lawn may be a perfectly acceptable place for a bachelor Legacy founder but her potential heir would be raised in a proper home and to achieve that goal they needed money. With two Sims needing computers for work we really needed that level 2 career reward!

As a second form of income, and to get started on her aspiration Mya harvested several lemon trees around the lot and started her own garden. Achieving aspirations and topping careers is harder in a Legacy family and I began noticing that very quickly with Mya.  Sometimes you get lucky but others traits just don’t match up well with a career and in Mya’s case nothing matches up well with her aspiration either. I guess I’ll go with her obsessive need  to be the perfect mother means going organic.

Mya’s bonus trait that comes with the freelance botanist aspiration is collector. The collector trait is supposed to mean she finds rare valuables more easily than other Sims. I haven’t really noticed much of a difference yet but I haven’t done a lot of collecting outside of the rocks that spawn right next to our lot.

Mya “Can we click the aspiration changer button, pretty please?”

Nope! Against the rules. All this gardening on top of your writing isn’t exactly easy on me either! As you can see, fishing isn’t Mya’s favorite activity but we needed fish to fertilize 10 plants.  Ultimately, most were fertilized with minnows.

This is the perfect pregnancy portrait, if you can bring yourself to look past the fact shes on the toilet!

Mya “Notice anything different about me?”

Logan “Uh, did you cut your hair?”

Mya “Nope, not even close!”

Logan “Whitened your teeth?”

Logan remains blissfully unaware of the new life growing inside of his wife. The observant trait is clearly missing in this one! Do they even have that in TS4?

This picture is really just to show off how adorable Mya’s baby belly looks in her work outfit. She’s all skilled up and we’re really hoping to score a promotion today. If all goes as planned by the end of the day we will achieve 2 promotions giving us enough money to build a very small house.  In Legacy families of the past lawn living was usually over the same night as the honeymoon but that pesky Pinstar had to add the rule banning spouses from bring any money into the household. I do like the added challenge though.

Kaching! It’s no Legacy mansion but through blood sweat and a river of my tears as I tried to navigate TS4 build mode, we now have a home.  Logan also brought home that amazing couch as a career reward. I can’t bring myself to sell off any of the rewards they earn no matter how badly we need the cash.

It looks rather pathetic from the outside but walls are walls I suppose! If it still looks like this at the end of generation 2 you will then be allowed to judge me.

Seeing Mya is rather far along in her pregnancy and her hubby hasn’t even noticed he’s about to become a daddy it was time to break the big news. I realize there is now a bassinet in their bedroom and apparently that was also not a big enough clue.

Mya “Honey do you have a second? I have some pretty big news!”

Logan “Ok but your sixty seconds start now. I have some major forum trolling to do! I found this site today where a bunch of Sims players post their Legacy updates and I’m gonna go in and make really mean comments on every one of them! Been looking forward to this all day! Oh you only have forty second left.”

Mya “Ok I guess I’ll get right to it then. Honey, we’re pregnant!”

Logan “Perfect,  A new Legacy has been posted! Wait, we’re whatnant?”

Mya “Pregnant! Isn’t that wonderful?”

Logan “Whyyyyy?”

I’m sure once the shock sinks in he will be tickled pink.

In Ts3 a pregnancy wasn’t official until the posting of the obligatory kissing the porcelain throne shot but this may be the only one to grace my blog for the entire 10 generations. This is just….nasty! Even late into her pregnancy poor Mya was hit with morning sickness several times a day.

Mya “It says here that it’s common for a woman’s breasts to go up a size or two during pregnancy.”

Logan “Is that right? Huh, maybe this baby thing isn’t so bad after all!”

Logan “Yup!”

Mya “What are you looking at?”

Logan “They are definitely bigger!”

Mya “I think I felt something!”

Mya “Something most unpleasant!”

Mya “Alright, jokes over I no longer want to do this! I know, I’ll just head into work and this will all just go away.”

True story! Mya went into labor just before her work shift. I didn’t realize that to give birth I had to click on the bassinet and select to have the baby so when it was time for her shift to start she actually went to work and stayed there the entire day! Now that my good friends is dedication! Or really poor game programming take your pick.

By the time she came home I had sorted out how to actually give birth and it was baby time!

Welcome to the family little monkey! I am pleased to introduce my first ever TS4 baby and potential heir, Gabriel Starsze.

After feeding little Gabe and tucking him into his bassinette the days events caught up to his exhausted mommy.

Logan arrived home from work to find his wife drooling on the floor and a new little bundle in the bedroom.

Logan “So you’re my son huh? Am I holding you right? I don’t know much about this daddy thing so you’re gonna have to take it easy on me alright little man?”

Logan “You’re either about to fill your diaper or you’re smiling at me. Please oh please be smiling!”

What trait will the new little man roll? Who will he take after? Will we see some competition for the heirship or did childbirth scar Mya for life? All that and more coming soon to a chapter near you but until then, happy Simming!”


3 thoughts on “Chapter 4 Hello Little Monkey

  1. lol I’m glad that Logan was fairly unperturbed by the fact that his wife was passed out drooling on the floor when he came home. It’s cool, man, it’s cool. I’m sure she’s fine. She just, you know, GAVE BIRTH, lol.

    On that note, yay! A little baby boy! I’m excited to see what he ends up looking like ^_^


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