Chapter 3 Bow Chica Wow Wow

Welcome back to another exciting chapter of The Fate In Our Starsze. Last chapter was focused on our founder’s first date with Mya Ricci. All I have to say is, she’s lucky Logan seems to like her so much because I was not at all impressed by her public snubbary at the library on his very first day in town. I suppose her red hair also makes it a bit more easy for me to overlook.

Her dance skills however cannot be overlooked. I kid you not…….she is dancing.

Logan, being a gentleman, just smiles and plays along trying to copy her moves like they are actually real moves or something. This gives a whole new meaning to the phrase dance like no one is watching!

All jokes aside they had such a good time on their date Logan decided to ask Mya to meet him back at his place later that evening.

It was about now that I started wondering why I didn’t get any pop ups letting me know if I earned any medals for the dates they have been on. While I plan to wait for a popularity Sim to try earning gold medals for all party types I went through a lot of effort on these dates and wanted gold medals to go toward my score. Finally, I realized that my notification wall was full. I falsely assumed that hitting x cleared them out but it couldn’t be that easy now could it? Lesson of the day folks, pay attention to your notification wall.

Mya arrived later that evening as planned and things started heating up before she ever stepped foot on our still very bare lot.

With no one else around but a half empty chip bowl Logan decided to show his new beloved how deeply he had fallen for her.

Half Empty Chip Bowl “Bow chicka wow wow!”

A good time was had by all 🙂

The following morning Logan woke up bright and early to work on his dream of becoming Chief of Mischief. The requirements to get to the second set of goals were rather high in my opinion. He had to do 20 mischievous or mean interactions, be disliked by 3 Sims, and earn some skill points in mischief. He was so excited to get started he didn’t even bother changing out of his jammies.

Jenny from the gym was the perfect victim and as luck would have it, she happened to be strolling right past the legacy lot.

Logan “Oh hey there Jenny, fancy meeting you out here!”

Jenny “Ugh, what do you want?”

Logan “Well, I just wanted to let you know you won’t be seeing me for a while on account of me blasting off into space today and all.”

Jenny “YOU are an astronaut?”

Logan “No, but if I told you about my real job as a criminal mastermind I would then have to plot your untimely death and I do hate to get my hands dirty before breakfast.”

Jenny “You’re crazy, you know that?”

Logan “Oh yeah?”

Jenny “Yeah!”

Logan “Well at least my mother wasn’t a llama! That’s right! Your mother is nothing but a big, ugly, hairy llama with a big fat butt all traits she passed right down to you!”

Jenny “I am SO out of here!”

Logan “So sorry about your wife mister.”

Elderly Cowboy Townie (who isn’t important so I forgot his name) “You know my Bessie?”

Logan “No sir I don’t but it looks like Don Lothario sure does! I’ve seen her sneaking in his bedroom window every morning this week right after Ms. Caliente leaves for work.”

Elderly Cowboy Townie “Sob!”

The fake look of concern is just the icing on the cake. Let’s just leave this guy be before you give the poor man a heart attack.

After a fun day of mischief and mayhem sprinkled with another promotion (which explains the new desk) Mya stops by for a visit.

I am finding the chemistry between these two to be rather unique. They really aren’t one of those couples that you look at and just think lust and sex appeal. They are really quite different in personality and traits but I think that is what makes them work. When Mya is around, Logan can’t wipe that boyish grin off his face and Mya always has that look in her eye that says is he going to kiss me or attack me with the hand buzzer? He keeps her guessing, she never knows what to expect and that intrigues her. Logan could probably fit in with a classroom full of four year olds which is a stark contrast to Mya’s smart and sophisticated persona.  After watching them interact over the span of several sim days I just can’t see my Logan founding his legacy with anyone else. We all know the life of a Legacy wife is not for the feint of heart, and both Logan and his almighty watcher think she’s up for the challenge.


(Please ignore the white mini plumbob thing ruining one of the biggest moments in my Legacy. As if the regular plumbobs are not annoying enough to work around they go and add in another.)

Logan “Knock Knock!”

Mya “Who’s there?”

Logan “Marry.”

Mya “Marry Who?”

Logan “Marry me?”

Growing up Mya had always fantasized about this moment. A whirlwind romance ending in the perfect proposal. Her dreams had never included being asked for her hand in the form of a knock knock joke but the reality was greater than all of her fantasies combined.

Of course she said yes!

In true Legacy fashion they chose to wed immediately. Building a home was much more important than spending what little funds they had on a lavish ceremony.

Logan wears his heart on his sleeve, the love and adoration for his bride are written all over his face. Mya is hoping the ring was paid for and not gained by nefarious deeds.

By the power vested in me I now pronounce you husband and wife!

Welcome to the family Mya! Mya “Ricci” Starsze is a snobby bookworm  (who knew?) who will not stand for an untidy home. She aspires to be a freelance botanist which means she will be spending a lot of time gardening. I was also really excited to see that she and Logan are the exact same age! They will get to celebrate their adult and elderly birthdays at the same time! Tell me that isn’t fate! Following Pinstar’s new rules Mya did not bring in any money to the household so it will be a little bit longer before we have walls but with two breadwinners in the family we should be able to start something small soon.

I now present to you Mya’s first official act as a Legacy Foundress! Don’t think I don’t see those shifty eyes missy!

And then……this

But all is forgiven because of this 🙂

Will the first child of the Legacy (and my 1st ever TS4 baby) be a boy or a girl? Which career will Mya choose? Will there be walls? All very important questions and they will be answered very soon but until then Happy Simming!


7 thoughts on “Chapter 3 Bow Chica Wow Wow

  1. Hello, found your blog through the sims forums so I decided to drop by 🙂 I love reading and writing sims legacies/stories so thanks for sharing! Btw I think this chapter was so sweet- I kinda liked Jenny in the first part but I’m so glad they ended up together!


      • my blog is and I’m currently doing a Disney Princess legacy! I would love if you checked it out and told me what you think 🙂


  2. Love how he proposed with a knock knock joke! You’re really great at giving each of them a very unique personality. And the fact that their personalities are so different is what makes them perfect together.


    • Awwe thank you! Their opposite personalities really compliment each other in my game. I found it very fitting that he should propose with a knock knock joke as it’s the way he won her heart. I don’t even think he realized how romantic it really was, he’s such a kid at heart!


  3. LOL that dancing was SO sad to behold…and hilarious. I literally laughed out loud, especially at the picture of Logan “copying” Mya’s dance moves. Amazing XD

    I really enjoy the interactions between those two, and I have to imagine it’s even more entertaining watching them interact with one another in game. As it is though, I’m already entertained! Like Ally said in a previous comment, you’re great at giving them each unique personalities. It makes the characters really come to life in my opinion and makes this blog really enjoyable to read. I’m glad I came across it on Boolprop! Hooray for sim social networking sites! *throws confetti* …which reminds me…BABY TIME!! *skips off to next chapter*


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