Chapter 2 Knock Knock!

Welcome back to the Fate In Our Starsze, the Legacy where the fate of ten generations rests on the shoulders of the guy that only wears shades at bedtime. Last chapter was your typical Legacy intro including lawn living, finding a job, striking out with the ladies, and peeing like a champion. This chapter picks right back up where we left off because if it didn’t then I fear you would feel as if you were missing out on important happenings.

Logan “My spidey senses are tingling.”

Mya “Oh watcher, please don’t turn around, pahleeeze!”

You may recognize Mya as the snob that wouldn’t give poor Logan the time of day at the library. They barely said a word to one another but apparently morbid curiosity got the better of her and she happened upon our lot to gawk at the train wreck.

Mya “Ha! He really doesn’t see me here does he? Ya know, from this angle the view isn’t all that bad, slightly enticing even!”

Logan “Knock Knock!”

Mya “Dammnit, you scared me!”

Logan “No, you’re supposed to say whose there?”

Mya “Umm, ok whose there?”

Logan “Truffle!”

Mya “Truffle who?”

Logan “Truffle with you is you’re so shy!”

Mya “Shy huh?”

Logan “Well why else would you be staring at me without so much as a hello?”

Mya “You know, you’re actually kinda funny.”

Logan “Yeah, my girlfriend says that all the time!”

Mya “Oh, so you have a girlfriend huh?”

Logan “Nah, I just wanted to see if you would look disappointed if I did.”

Logan and Mya were soon chatting it up like old friends and before they knew it the sun was starting to set and those pesky needs bars were starting to crash.

Logan “I’m starving and I haven’t picked up any groceries. Do you know of anyplace good around here to grab a snack?”

Mya “Yeah, I really like The Blue Velvet. They always play such great music too!”

Logan “That’s a great suggestion, we should definitely go!”

My boy brought his A game tonight and scored the very first date of the Legacy! They spent much of the evening talking and listening to the background music. I sat back in my chair and enjoyed watching their chemistry as they started to feel more comfortable around one another. Logan seemed to be mesmerized by even the smallest gestures like the way she covered her face with her hand when he made her laugh.

I thought I would really miss the way that chemistry was built into the prior sims games as I really like to let my sims choose their own spouse rather than forcing them to marry someone based on looks alone, or because they happen to be the first person they meet of the opposite sex. I guess in Logan’s case Mya was technically the first female he encountered but until she showed up on the lot I hadn’t considered she would be a potential love interest. I used to base my couples on how many lightning bolts they had or in TS3 who they were interested in after scoping the room.  I was delighted to see that although TS4 doesn’t have that type of scoring system you can still tell of they have that special spark between them.

Logan “Knock Knock!”

Mya “Whose there?”

Logan “Iguana!”

Mya “Iguana who?”

Logan “Iguana hold your hand!”

Mya “Ok my turn. Knock Knock!”

Logan “Whose there?”

Mya “Leena!”

Logan “Leena who?”

Mya “Leena little closer and I’ll show you!”

What started off with a knock knock joke ended as a romantic evening filled will smiles, laughter, and the very first kiss for this very special Legacy founder.

Will Mya be the one Logan chooses to have and to hold for better and for worse? And just who is Mya Ricci and what makes her tick? Tune in next chapter to find out and until then, Happy Simming!

****This chapter is on the short side but I wanted to keep their special first date in a chapter of it’s own so it doesn’t all run together into a super lengthy post. The next one should be much longer. Sadly there is a stomach flu making it’s way through my house and I am the only victim it hasn’t claimed (knocks on wood) Hopefully I will be able to have another post up before the weekend is over but if the evil virus does get it’s clutches on me I probably won’t have it ready until mid week.***


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