Best Legacy Scorecard Ever!

The official Legacy challenge site made a post today regarding a new score sheet and it is spectacular! It makes tracking points and understanding the rules a breeze! Thank you for sharing this with the community Drew! This scorecard has to be the best I have seen to date. If anyone would like to check it out and use it for their own Legacy the post can be found here

There are sections for just about everything so you can also use it to go back and get info about all members that have ever lived in your Legacy household along with traits and any additional info you may want to document. I found it to also be very user friendly.

The scorecard is in excel format. I don’t have excel but I was able to find a great program that allows you to open, create, and edit spreadsheets. I downloaded it tonight and it works just like excel but it’s free! It did not install any sort of ad toolbars or annoying programs like some free programs tend to do so I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to use the new scorecard but does not have a program installed to use it. The software can be found at Kingsoft Software


So far my score is 2 🙂


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