Chapter 1 And So It Begins

Welcome to the Fault In Our Starsze, a Sims 4 Legacy! All of the preliminaries are complete and our founder is all moved into his large desert lot. It’s a new game so idk what’s obligatory Legacy fodder yet but I presume I should include photographic proof that we have purchased the  Knight of the Octagon Table decoration. It went into family inventory right after this shot was taken.

This fine gentleman is our Founder, Logan Starsze. His traits are ambitious, active, and he’s a total geek. His bonus trait is dastardly. His personality is modeled after my own little guy who has an overabundance of energy but loves him some video games!  He is also a mischievous  little fellow. As this is an exemplar Legacy the trait that wins the heirship is ambitious. I figure to carry on a family Legacy a little ambition goes a long way.

Logan aspires to be the Chief of mischief. Fake bad news? Fake boosts of confidence delivered with a splash of fake party invites? Check, check and check!

A glutton for punishment, I copied Pinstar, AKA the master, and purchased only a good double bed and the cheapest fridge for the quick meals. That left only $35.00 in the bank.

After selecting a job as a Tech Guru I sent Logan to the library to get started on his programming skills. The library is also a great place to meet a fine respectable young lady worthy of bringing home to Mom. No Logan of mine will be seen fraternizing with a woman of ill repute! Speaking of fine young ladies, the curvy red head seen here is Mya. The poor thing was trying to focus but Logan would not let her concentrate.

Logan “Yoo hoo! Hello? Can you hear me?”

Mya taps feverishly on the keyboard in a futile attempt to drown him out.

Futile indeed! My boy will not be ignored missy!

Mya sneakily sneaking out of her chair.

The empty seat was quickly replaced by Kristen who is absolutely adorable and perfectly happy to strike up a conversation.

From across the room Mya sizes up her competition as some random chick admires her ass-etts.

Despite distractions we did eventually get all of his programming requirements out of the way. By that time Logan’s hunger was well on it’s way to red so I sent him home for a quick meal and bed.

The following morning my little grouch woke up bright and early to get ready for an exciting day at the gym. He was on the verge of a bladder explosion so he wasn’t as excited about being able to have cereal and juice at the same time as I was. I think the multitasking is one of my favorite new features!

 While at the gym Logan continues his streak of annoying the hell out of women that are trying to focus.

Logan “What? I’m not bothering you am I?”

Jenny “Well, since you asked you’re kinda blocking my path to the punching bag that I now have an overwhelming desire to pulverize.”

Logan “I love punching bags too! I’m very active kinda guy, everyone loves an active sim,  that’s what my Mom always used to say at least. You even remind me of her, she wore glasses just like yours when she got old and couldn’t see so good anymore.”

Jenny “Did she now? Well I’m sure she was a lovely woman. Now if you could just excuse me…”

Poor guy just doesn’t seem to get it.

Jenny “Oh no he didn’t”

Oh yes he did!

Logan “I thought I lost ya for a sec!”

Jenny “Did your mother forget to teach you about a little thing called stalking and harassment?”

Logan “You left your cell inside. I know I would be lost without mine so I wanted to return it safe and sound.”

Jenny “Oh, wow thanks um what was your name again?”

Don’t let your guard down yet sweetheart, you might wanna make sure he didn’t install some sort of GPS tracking or something first.

Logan “Who me??


I would like to point out that  inside the gym Kristen was a sad panda. She seemed to be the only female Logan did not follow around like a love sick puppy.

Maybe it’s because he was too busy doing the walk of shame.

Random townie guy “Dude….”

Right about now all I can think of is that catchy little jingle…

Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go….RIGHT NOW

Not only did he pee, he peed like a Champion!

Feel better?

Logan “Oh, you have NO idea!”

After the most intense pee in sims history I sent Logan home to rest up for his first day of work. My boy managed to score a promotion on his very first day! I bought him a toilet and sink. If he’s on the prowl for a spouse we can’t have him doing the pee-pee dance out in public now can we?

Speaking of spouses, Will we ever manage to land him one that is actually worthy of the Starsze name and all important title of Legacy Foundress? Perhaps that shall be answered in the next chapter. Or perhaps not, I haven’t written it yet so stay tuned! Until then happy simming!

*On a side note, I noticed in IE WordPress seems to be hacking my words. Rather than bumping things to the next line if a word is long the second part of the word is bumped down. In my editor view this did not happen. I switched to Chrome and it looks fine. If you are reading in a browser where you see this happening I apologize. I tried to find a fix but nothing worked. If anyone else has has this issue and knows a work around please let me know. The only solution I found so far was to use Chrome to read the post.*


5 thoughts on “Chapter 1 And So It Begins

  1. I’m in love with your narrative, and Logan and his escapades are just too darn cute. I don’t know, I kinda like Jenny, I think they’d be perfect for each other, the fact that he “returned her cellphone” has got to count for something I guess.


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